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Possibly interesting. Possibly not. At all.

First, to set the scene, as it were…I should  tell you that I have, over years of probable aural abuse, developed a degree of deafness. Both ears.OK? So what I think I hear is not always what is being conveyed.

I’m not a lover of “the great choral works.” Like Handl. But I was in here, doing  a few things while the washing machine did its thing. The radio was on. What I heard went something like this:

I cannot tweet. I cannot tweet the day’s delights ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah I can …not…tweet.

I thought it was a spoof on Handl’s “how can I stay, when love invites” (I think from Samson and Delilah), but hey! I’ve already said I don’t care for this sort of music. Anyway, I turned it up (but still couldn’t clearly make out the words, thanks to the washing machine’s competition) hoping to learn that it was clever chap (or woman, and why not?) doing a number on George Frederick.

Being somewhat disappointed , I wondered if any of my readers might care to rise to the challenge….write a  “new version” of a classic.Not an entire opera. Just something along the lines of what I thought I was hearing. Go on! You know you can do it!*

Put it on your blog and link back to this post. No prizes, I’m afraid, but we do like a bit of fun, don’t we.

Right! Laundry’s done so I’m off to market, jiggity-jig.


* Look, Mig! An asterisk!   It’s so I can add that the reason I’m not re- writing lyrics is because I have too much real work to do. But if something pops into my head I might share it. But I do not tweet. I never tweet. Oh. No. I Neh-ehehe-eh-ver tweet.

Should probably put in a pretty picture…and an example of fortitude and endurance in the face of great odds. (That would be me, with the pruning gear)

Wisteria's newest revival

Wisteria’s newest revival


Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!


  1. I love your wisteria revival. I have just discovered that a wisteria that I thought died five or six years ago is sending shoots across the bed beside my laundry. Where it has been in the intervening years is a mystery.
    I think this challenge is beyond me – but look forward to other people’s magic.


    • Your wisteria has very likely been on an underground tour of your street! A few years from now entire houses will be swathed in the beautiful brute and you’ll have policemen directing tour buses every spring…


  2. I have wisteria flowering, too. Why I can’t imagine, with some days scorching every flower that dares to pop up.
    I’ll need to give Handl or someone similar a bit of thought. Not that I’m promising anything, of course. At the moment my head is busy being full of cobwebs.


  3. This reminds me of the Abba song which has the line: When I saw you last night in Tesco’s.
    I can’t remember the song I mean though.


  4. My hearing is shot, too. I hate it. If I’m in a crowded room with a lot of conversations going on, I can’t pick out the one that’s directed at me. I just nod my head a lot. It’s annoying.


  5. All that comes to mind is the various rugby club versions ……


  6. Hey ho there…up at 5:30AM? That’s a bit of extreme flower love…I suppose it’s too hot to water by the time the rest of us are getting up? Your wisteria is lovely…your musical challenge way beyond my pay grade!


  7. Not only can I no longer hear but words I also can’t remember them, otherwise I’d certainly have a go. I do remember a Mozart tune that went a lot like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star though.
    *I don’t tweet either, that’s because I don’t quite understand what it’s for. But asterisks – Oh yes, I understand them!!


    • I think the Suzuki Method uses that tune for violin beginners. 4 year olds scraping away at quarter-size fiddles…twinkle, twinkle…
      Asterisks are handy, aren’t they? I like that they can suggest rudery for things like ****ing tweets. 😉


  8. Dr. QuAckLY did my left ear in when I was a child…I can still hear from it but not too well.

    I have two lines, they’re not mine, but they’re funny…I will blog and link back as soon as I finish writing about an *almost* disaster here. There, two asterisks.


  9. i’m at a loss — not particularly well versed (see what i did there?) in classical music. as a child, however, i always thought that Credence Clearwater Revival sang a song about a “Bathroom on the right”…


  10. thanks for stopping by, sugar! for me, it’s jazz standards, not classical. autumn in new york sounds just like moonlight in vermont *i’m still laughing over la dona e mobile here*
    (how’s that? italics AND asterisks)


    • Some people are just so darn’ clever! (And I see similarities between those songs;especially very late at night, when the music’s turned down low and the lights even lower.;-))


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