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…though, mercifully, this stopped after only four hours! I did hobble* up to the back fence to look at the neighbour’s drain; it looks clear. I also picked a few flowering stems that had been snapped by the wind and rain.

So…a bit of lull in blogging.That’s because I still have books to finish and I am still somewhat at the mercy of unreliable deliveries. Supplies, from lavatory paper and dog food to wine and pasta all reach us here in the North, via fleets of trucks, along the great Bruce Highway (and at the very mention of the name I think of Monty Python. Don’t you?).

But that route was been closed due to flood damage far to the south. (image from Gympie Times web page) 

Some supplies are coming through. But not haberdashery supplies. Which means that I must either wait for the thread colour I need…or change my chosen thread. I know. Small potatoes.

But, while I waited for some glue to dry I thought I’d join the floral parade over at Jane’s blog. Not much in my garden is pickable, but today I have some Ixora, Duranta and a ground orchid and some rather battered Angelonia.

Duranta “Geisha Lady”, Angelonia and an almost-spent Spathiglottis.








gratuitous cropped shot



* Hobbled because I have a sore foot. Not quite sure why and as the bills mount I think I’ll just mutter something about the passing years and try not to spend too much time on my feet.



Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!

24 thoughts on “MORE RAIN…

  1. I too have a hobbled foot…from pushing mother’s wheelchair up and down curbs when with her in December.
    I’m treating it with a nano whatever cream for horses…does wonders…for about half a day


  2. Hmm…so far, the best strategy seems to be reducing the inflammation by elevation and cold compress. That and “fizzyotherapy.” 😉


  3. Delighted to see you again. Sorry about the foot and the rains. But I must say the hobble was worth it. The flowers, battered or no, are beautiful to my eyes that see grey shies and feel cold winds/

    Thanks for bringing some color to our winter.

    xo Jane


  4. Foot still bothering you, Bruce? Bother!
    love Bruce


  5. Owww! That foot is taking a while to heal. The flowers are lovely, amazing that they’ve survived the rain. Hope the Bruce is soon back to work and your thread arrives. You people up north have really been put through the mill over the past couple of years.


  6. I can’t tell you how many times I had a ache or pain, ignored it, and it simply went away with no apparent long-term damage. Best healthcare plan ever.


    • Well, that’s my usual strategy, but I plan to do some walking so thought I should have it checked. Cab fare home could prove expensive, especially if I can’t drive. 😉


  7. Eek. Steady rain. As you know, we get our fair share over here but I’ve been spared the terrible flooding. Love your drawings.


  8. At the mercy of the weather. i could probably live without most of those provisions, but lavatory paper is a bit of a necessity. i’ve been diligently ignoring a sore elbow that has begun to get in the way of ‘doing’. probably a tendonitis sort of thing. i hope. but i should probably find out. or not. (sigh)

    Hoping the sun is out soon, and you can get back out and about.


    • As I type…/it’s drizzling again after a brief but heavy shower an hour ago.
      And if my foot is, as I think, just an old-lady thing I might have to go shopping for more shoes. But not the high-heeled ankle straps of yore!
      …wonders if Piggy has enough pennies for Gucci loafers…


  9. I love that yellow with the deep blue vase. Yummy colours.
    As a long-term sufferer of foot trouble, I recommend chasing the doctors mercilessly demanding results – generally I’m with the wait and see group but feet do tend to get persistent problems which can’t be helped easily when they’ve been around for a long time. Do you know any sport physio types? They are often very knowledgeable about things that affect mobility.


    • That “vase” began its life as one of the currently fashionable water bottles! And I do love my blue and yellow combo. Must be my Swedish blood!

      In a couple of hours I’ll find out what the doc has to say…maybe she’ll send me to be worked on by some tall, blond demi-god called Sven.Ooh! more Swedish goodness, perhaps? 😉


  10. Loo paper – do you scrunch or fold? Am doing a survey.
    Hope the foot is better now… I just put my feet in wellies and dream of flip-flops.


    • I no longer have wellies. But I’m beginning to wish I’d kept Ziggi’s spares!
      And I’ve answered your survey at your place. Good grief! Don’t the chaps at Andrex have better things to do!


  11. I’ve missed so much here and am looking forward to exploring your book art. What miserable weather you’ve had this summer, I think of you when I’m tempted to complain about ours.
    Love the flowers. How I’m missing flowers.


  12. Can I interest you in some snow? We’re about to have a surplus…


  13. Thanks for visiting my blog, Diane…I always find my way back to yours like that. I wish you could come to France in October too. You’d qdd a lot to the ambiance.

    You guys over there on the other side of the world seem to get the most dramatic weather events! How’s it going this week?


    • Hello, Nancy…been following my trail of crumbs again?
      The rough stormy events have moved further south. We had lightning and a couple of showers last night, but back to sunshine today .With chance of a cyclone later in the week which may generate some interesting weather. Hey-ho!


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