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Yes, I  have been AFBWOL. Lots of things happening, many things NOT happening…shan’t bore you with minutiae.

A hell of a time for many people in recent floods. And today, I hear a similar weather system has parked its nether end above northern NSW. (Hope you’re stocked-up on chocolate and diesel, Sara!)

So, what with being up to my own nether end in snapping saurians, trying to finish stalled projects, fielding calls for help from various people, getting grumpy at not being able to walk far…I could do with a laugh.

I’ve been following Dan for some time now and I want to share this happy video with you all. Not only very clever, but funny as a sackful of monkeys. No, wait! That would be “dragons” wouldn’t it? (I love that his cat got in on the act. Oscar for best supporting actor, perhaps?)

OK…must dash. People to see, things to do, places to be…

Get yer dancin’ clogs on!


Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!

14 thoughts on “PARTY TIME!

  1. You are a hoot! Very funny person. Love your blog. Make the world a bit brighter.
    PS. And thank you for sharing my video. I’m really flattered.


  2. Love Dan’s dragons, follow him faithfully. This video is just inspired.
    Watch those snapping saurians, Di, floods bring them out. Yes, floods and bushfires on the news at the same time, could it be climate change 101?


    • Well, the nay-sayers will point out that the floods and fires are both seasonal occurrences in their respective zones. True, but still not much fun for those directly caught up in them!
      And it was dancing like that dragon that caused my foot injury! 😦 Fact.


  3. That was so good, thanks for sharing and making me smile!


  4. Oooh and aaah. I never met a dragon I didn’t love – and that includes that beauty. I would be more than happy to drink with a dragon.
    Thank you. And Dan. Lots.


  5. Who couldn’t like this fun-loving dragon. Wonderful!


  6. Oh isn’t that brilliant! So clever and funny.
    I hope something helpful is happening with your foot!


    • Thanks, Mig. Scans revealed nothing worse than arthritis! Mind you, I don’t consider arthritic toes a trip through the daisies! I’ve now added low-dose anti-inflammatory to my breakfast. sigh…


  7. thank you for a lovely start to my saturday morning… afraid i’m feeling a bit like Dan’s marionettes this morning! Fantastic, clever, and entertaining stuff!


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