Once again (yes, I’m very boring!) I am battling rain n drains. With the very real possibility of a cyclone revving up …

But Carol sent me a link to some fantastic sculptures and I’m sharing it .http://www.crookedbrains.net/2009/11/design.html 

Those horses! 

Now, I must get back to work…well, as much work as I can do in this unfavourable climate.

“In tropical climes, there are certain times of day…”

27 thoughts on “RAIN AND MORE RAIN LIKELY.

  1. Is that something about mad dogs and New Zealanders? So tropical in the Tropics, you have my sympathy. Our sun is shining and may keep shining all week, just the mud to deal with here.

    Aren’t those horses something? I meant to put that into my latest post but forgot. Thank you for sharing them…


      • And I have an obsession with cool, grey days. Not too many though, I like a balance. Cool, sunny days.

        Those sculptors were wonderful. While looking at them, I think of all the idle people who sit around my town, twiddling thumbs, and all the creative work they could be doing, or the planting, or sewing.


  2. the best thing about rainy days is curling up in bed with a dog and a book and a cup of hot tea and saying “whatever”… far less effort than putting on the scuba gear to venture out!


  3. Wonderful sculptures Di. Thanks for sharing.
    As for the rain…. I thought last summer in the UK was bad. I was feeling sorry for them. I should have kept my sympathy for myself, at least they don’t have the humidity. :- {


  4. I like the flying figures!

    Not rainy here or in Belgium but it’s been sooooooo cold! Looks like a sunny day ahead but -1C at the moment, rumours of rising to double figures this afternoon – this may be Spring 🙂


    • Oh, I think you’re all due some Spring over there! Our rain is, of course, the monsoon, which in recent years has been a bit patchy, so we should not complain.
      I keep looking at the soggy garden and wondering if things will survive!


  5. Raining here today! We were just beginning to feel a tiny bit Springy too.
    Fabulous sculptures – I particularly liked the DIY in the garden.
    I hope your soggy bits of garden do revive.


  6. Every blog I read (or write) seems to focus on the weather, no matter where in the world. When are we going to get used to the chaotic weather systems that have appeared in recent years?


    • Oh! I don’t think we will get used to it. Besides, it’s our stock conversation topic! 🙂
      And as I type…the wind is lashing the palms and it’s trying to rain.Knew I should have washed linens yesterday….sigh…


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