Not only have  I been hampered by the weather I have been side-lined by back injury. As it turns out, not as dramatic as first thought, but it’s certainly slowed my progress.

So I’m a tad late with posting these pictures. What are you going to do? Sue me? Don’t bother – I’ve spent all my money!* hahaha!

Pi has been in the news lately. That film “Life of Pi” scooped some well-earned plaudits in Hollywood. And Pi is also a mathematical constant.

A few years ago someone decreed March 14th International Pi Day and mathematicians, cooks, book artists and  well, anyone, really, celebrate the day. I always say I’ll make a pie for Pi. And I always forget!

But not this year! To celebrate the day and to perpetuate a silly running joke Chez Dinahmow, I made this…

Pie are square 1A square pie, with the TT symbol on the lid.Filled with apple and apricot and very tasty, according to The Man. And the joke? Little boy comes home from school and says his teacher don’ know nuffink. “She told us pie are square an’ we all know CAKE are square an’ PIE are round!”

Moving on…I think I’ll just make it for Jane’s  Monday Flowers In The House.

Apricot NectarThe beautiful old rose, “Apricot Nectar.” Plagued by grasshoppers and, recently, battered by storms, I was delighted to see one new bud swelling. And then the birds zoomed in, chasing bugs and snapped the stem. I waded in with secateurs and performed a mid-season pruning.The wind eased, the rain worked its wonders and the rose put out three more buds. The grasshoppers, meanwhile, had had their own reproduction orgy. So I picked the remaining bud and here it is. Want to see what else people have in their vases? Pop over to Jane’s blog

Those of you with sharp eyes  and good memories will see that the vase is on top of my mini-piano. Only for the photo shoot!

Good grief! I didn’t realise the time had flown. It’s Wine O’Clock. Time for fizzyotherapy.   Salut!   🙂

*Most of it on medical bills!

30 thoughts on “STILL PLAYING CATCH-UP…

  1. Oh ow! Sympathy for the back injury – but so pleased to hear it wasn’t really serious after all. Had my own problems with my back and can still remember… Glad you’re making a recovery, Dinah!

    I’m trying to Catch Up a bit too – haven’t had much time for blogging or commenting recently… But I’m here now!

    I love the Pi(e)! Would have liked to try that – apple & apricot sounds yummy indeed!
    And the rose is very pretty. We have quite a few rose bushes in our garden and one has flowers of a similar colour to that. Very cheery on a dull old day. I suppose it’s getting into autumn/fall with you – it’s supposed to be getting to spring here, but I don’t think anyone told that to the weather angels – it’s freezing and misty and horrible again today (though we had a lovely sunny afternoon yesterday & I wished I had hung the sheets outside!). My niece told me that the long-term weather forecast for the summer is awful… I can’t remember the last Summer we actually had – for the last 3 or 4 years, it’s mostly been like that day we spent in Cambridge last year… No wonder brightly coloured raincoats are serious fashion items nowadays!

    Hope your back continues to improve and that you are feeling fit before winter time (though do you really Have Winter where you are, or does it just get cooler and wetter?). X


    • Hello, Lizzie! Yes, weather is altering its patterns everywhere. Our monsoon was a little late, but oh boy! And it aint over yet.
      I really hope your niece is mistaken as I’m winging my way home from NY via England in June!


    • It’s as easy as baking a pie! And, yes, that is a beautiful rose and a good “doer” in most conditions. In the former garden, I had it in a big tub which I could move to the lavender patch then bring back to the house garden.Amazing fragrance!


  2. So sorry about your back; adding my good wishes for a full and speedy recovery. I adore that rose — pale apricot has got to be my favorite rose color. I do hope it keeps blooming on ahead of the bugs! The the pi/pie pun is delightful! (And looks delicious.)


  3. Fabulous rose and magnificent pie.
    I hope your back injury is of the very short-lived self healing kind and that there is enough money left over for a little (that’s intended as an understatement) more fizz.


  4. I hope your back’s healing nicely. My brother in England tends to have back trouble, so I know how it can be.

    I saw The life of Pi in Florida, it was wonderful! The song at the beginning…bliss.

    And now I want some pie, mmm, with tea. Even though I’m stuff from dinner. Oink!


    • I loved the music in “Pi” too. And I can vouch for the authenticity of a tiger’s “pissability.” The tiger in London Zoo sprayed us and we were behind the “safe distance” rail! ;-(


  5. Hey, the pie looks good, The Man was lucky. I was just wishing there was something interesting to eat here and now all I can think of is pie. Which doesn’t help much. And because we have daylight saving and you don’t, it’s not quite fizzO’clock yet, so I’m hanging out for that. It’s a bit autumnal here but no colour in the trees yet and it rains each night, hard. Better than in the daytime though so no complaints. Or not many…


  6. The rose is enchanting. Love it. Scented?

    I hope your back continues to improve. They are truly treacherous things. And really let you know when they are not happy.

    And the pi/pie looks good. I am not going to show his high and skinniness because I don’t want to make one. I have been mucking about with a complicated recipe for curried leg of lamb and he will have to settle for that. Three different marinades, layered. And it should marinate for the next two days. Sigh. And will then smell the house out while cooking.


    • Mmm…that curry sounds divine. How about I come down and bake the SP a pie in exchange for a curry dinner? 😉

      And Apricot Nectar is among the best for fragrance. Bred by Boerner, there is a story that, when someone said he(she?) could not detect much scent, Boerner put a cut bloom under his hat for a few minutes and when he took off his hat, the warmth had released the fragrance. No cut flowers do well in my house, but I just had to cut that last bud!


  7. Ouch! back injury sounds serious and is a very good reason for slowing down on just about anything. I hope you’ll fully recover!

    Square pi pie, squaring the circle, eh? 😉


  8. yikes, sugar! i pulled a muscle in my back the other unloading the damn dryer (front loading, too) and thought i was gonna die!! hope you’re feeling better now! it took me days to feel as if i could stand straight without grimacing! xoxoxox


  9. ahhh – your pie ARE square! lovely! i’ve been playing ‘catch up’ too — projects and playtime have kept me away from my blogmates! hoping to catch up soon! hoping your back heals quickly and fully! cheers!


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