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I was reading something on-line just a few minutes ago and and advert. popped up, telling me that every 68 seconds someone develops Alzheimers Disease. Really? Every 68 seconds? How the hell do they figure out that nerdy little statistic?
I don’t know whether to feel depressed or forget about it…*

In the garden, this morning. It’s what we call “fall” in the tropics.

Hibiscus mutabilis


Hibiscus mutabilis…by 2pm it will be a pale blush; deep pink by sundown and soggy tomorrow.


.A jasmine. No, can’t remember which one! Probably J.sambac.



Hoya. Again, I don’t know which one. Personally, I always call a it  **!## wonder, since the bugs (I suspect grasshoppers) always chew the flower stems. Look closely and you can see nectar dripping.

* I almost published at this point, then realised I’d look like one of the post-a-day twerps who just write 2 lines of twaddle X 365. I have  what’s left of my life to live. Blogging has enriched  that life, but it is still a far second to living.


Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!

27 thoughts on “OLD TIMERS’ DISEASE

  1. I’ll have to choose my two lines of twaddle carefully then. Nice Hoya, different to the couple I have down here. And I want an Hibiscus mutabilis! I keep seeing them in the country, can never remember what the name is when I get home. I hope the local nursery has one.
    68 seconds? That does sound a tad rapid. And if true, pretty damn scary… What was the name of that hibiscus…


    • Oops! I mean the bubble-brains who write “My second post.LOL” and that’s it.

      Don’t scour nurseries – I’ll send you some cuttings. They have to be cut back after flowering anyway.So…that will be…your late winter. If I remember! 🙂


  2. Would you believe that we will have a hard frost here in North Carolina tonight? Generally by the beginning of April we’re in the 70’s. So far it’s been more like February – days in the 40s and 50s and nights in the 30s. The lilies are up in the small garden (but not blooming, thank goodness). Wonder what will greet me in the morning.

    I stopped worrying about Alzheimers when I opened the refrigerator and there was my can of hairspray front and center . . .


  3. The comment I was going to comment fled my mind on reading how to reduce ‘belly fat’ which popped up betwixt post and comment box. Are you telling me something?!


  4. Ha Ha! Damn… I was only going to write one line for the 365 today… but actually I’m doing the now very popular 104 challenge.


  5. Develops or is diagnosed? And given the way that doctors pump patients through diagnose I can believe. (Yes I know, bitter and twisted.)
    Love your gardening gems.


  6. Lovely pics, dear. Still laughing at the cat haiku. Post-a-day looks like a goddamn job to me. I’ve already got one goddamn job and don’t need another.


  7. Our hoya lives in a front foyer window, SW, and thrives. When the flowers weep tiny aunts parade through the foyer in a little circle. In from who knows where, up the stand, collect the sap, down the other side and gone. We never see them any other time.

    We all have to die of something; alzheimers’s included adds insult to the process. The figure, however, sounds self serving.


  8. Envy you the Hoya: Railway Cuttings turned out to be too cold to even overwinter it indoors. A friend in the States has one virtually filling the kitchen.

    (I may save this comment for when I get stuck with my 365 🙂 )


    • But you can have currant bushes that are positively rampant.And lilac, don’t forget that. Ivor Novello’s the closest I’ll get to it!

      You may be onto something with the thing about comments – if I totted up all the comments I’ve left I’d be a shoo-in for the 365 challenge! 🙂


  9. Do not give diseases another thought. And how’s the back doing? I just pulled out the book you bought me the other day as spring is (apparently) around the corner here and it’s time to think about cleaning up and replanting the old garden. AP said he’ll help me this year.


  10. Oh, how I love that hibiscus!


  11. i’m a huge hibiscus groupie. mine are near death. i need to find something more robust, i’m afraid. i agree with the sentiment – living is first priority. i am struggling to get through my reader, and i WANT to catch up with my internetty friends. posting has become secondary to reading at the moment!


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