Interesting title, you think? Well, maybe. I’ve mentioned  “some chap/bloke/fellow in the pub” on several occasions. And I’m sure we’ve all come across him.I suspect he’s really an early experiment in cloning. Where do you think Ira Levin got his idea?

Who is this fellow? Well, if you believe him, he is a font of knowledge on myriad topics. And almost always knows the best place to get something at the best price (sometimes off the back of a lorry, but  we wont delve into that here.) And he either knows or is a close personal friend of someone who knows someone else. You may insert any colourful expletive here.

Over the years, I’ve heard the bloke in the pub claim to:

know a GI who was actually with Sean Flynn when he was captured by the Vietcong.

have been drinking in a pub in Chelsea with Lord Lucan the night of the murder

have the “inside track” on whatever racing classic was due to start.

Strange, but I doubt I could pick this bloke out of an identity parade; his appearance is, shall we say, amorphous. What I am absolutely certain of is that he had a damn good method of getting someone else to buy his round!

The debonair Mr Musgrave has honoured me with an award. Apparently, for “being fun down under ” and I can tell you right now I’ll be keeping a sharp eye on incoming spam. Well, you never know…

Anyway, I am to show my badger..oh, sorry, that should read badge  

This is the badge.

Reality Blog award

And then I am to answer some questions…

1     If I could change one thing in my life, what would that be?

Well, that’s a bit silly! As Sav has already said, when you change even one thing, that will affect/change everything else.

2    If I could repeat any age, what would it be?

Oh, please! I wander through childhood re-inventing myself all the time! Of course, the question might be using the word age to mean a certain period in history. Hmm…a tricky one, innit? Let’s shoot for early human development. Or being a six year old, because Mr. Milne made it such fun!

3   What really scares me?

I’m a bit of a sook about heights. Let’s be brutally honest – I’m too scared to go to the top of Very Tall Buildings. Flying doesn’t count.


4  If I could be someone else for a day, who and why?

Oh, I think for the novelty and the freebies, I’d be that bloke in the pub!


Now, I have some paper to measure and cut and some labels to paste on some packages and then….some books to send out into the world.

But before I go, I have to dob in    nominate some other poor buggers   worthy bloggers. Five, apparently. Well, some  have already been targeted, some are unwell, on holiday or don’t like these  games. But here goes my pick of three.  (and I hope they don’t hate me.)

Guyana Girl



What? You expect stunning photographs of an eye-catching garden? How about  some lethal weapons?

blades after first dip


Some of my rusted blades after soaking in  this…

strong tea


Not creosote – tea. Sorry, no biscuits.

28 thoughts on “ABOUT THAT BLOKE IN THE PUB….

  1. Well, if you change your life enough to visit Costa Rica…let me know!
    The stone throwers have succeeded in making the president withdraw the toll road proposal – not very graciously…so life returns to normal.


  2. Such a deserved award.
    What really scares me? The Prime Minister we are likely to be lumbered with. One of my brothers is that bloke in the pub – or at least he always knows everything about everything anyway.


  3. Does tea get rid of rust? Or does it make things rusty? If you are me, you’d like them to be rusty. Gee, I know all those blokes in the pub! Especially the one who can get it for you wholesale – or off the back of a truck.

    Thank you for not picking me. I’m hopeless at those things and try not to do them. But because I don’t have to… I don’t think I’d change one thing in my life; I don’t really want to repeat any age though I must admit these grandmother years are pretty good; I am scared of having to make small talk – just hopeless at it; and who would I be for a day? Hmmm… maybe a garden designer because I could combine art and gardening.


    • The tea is an old rust removing trick. But it needs to be strong. Those blades were in a dreadful state, but a dip in the tea loosened most of the rust. A bit of a rub with steel wool and they were much better.

      Thanks for your responses anyway. (I knew you’d decline !)


  4. Thanks for the award! It’s my first on Dragonlane. Pearl used to get awards when she was with us! Good to know about the tea/rust removing trick, too. I never knew this.


    • Oh, thanks for going along with this, Kim. The tea trick is OK for smaller things (like blades), but doubt it would be practical for BIG ITEMS! Of course, things probably need sharpening after the dip.


  5. Get yourself some new blades, dear. I did the question meme too, but I forgot to nominate others. Forgot the badge, too. Now you all know who you’re dealing with!


    • These WERE new blades! But a monsoon can play merry hell with such things. I should have kept them in oiled cloth (I now do); same with metal etching plates.
      Vaseline isn’t just for door knobs! 😉


  6. The pubs round here are full of blokes like that, amazing what a pint or ten can do for a man.

    I didn’t know that about tea, my scalpel blade has rusted to the handle, it’s so damp around here.


    • Very true!I have a theory … instead of the hideous nail-pulling and water-boarding torture techniques, “they” could simply offer a few beers, then ask the questions! 😉


  7. I’ve noticed that a lot of old men are like that bloke in the pub [sorry ol’ fellers, but it is true]
    Those are tough questions! As tough as Math! Will I get an award too? Another 🙂
    I’ll start working on it now so I can post it as soon as. I still feel guilty about the music meme, which I think about often 😦


  8. That bloke in the pub, he’s nothing to do with Them, is he? You know whom I mean, They who cause grief? On second thoughts, he’s probably just that friend of a friend who knows someone who knows someone.

    Nice to meet you, Dinah.


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