…coming in a minute.

I have some more pictures from the Libris Awards.IMG_3774

  “Obsolete” by Gail Stiffe

Handmade papers, looking like crumpled and discarded wrappers with digital prints; a statement about profligacy. Approximately A4 , landscape orientation.



“Punctuation and Full Stops”   Lesley Kane.  These books are all approximately 4 or 5cms high.



Well, yesterday I asked for someone with gloves to turn some pages for me. The request had to be referred to  a higher authority, but, after waiting (Papal consultation ,perhaps?), a staffer appeared with gloves. And most of my photos were of quivering white-clad fingers and shadows!

Now, about those horses. And jockeys. Here’s what you need to do…

Place your horses back- to- back, one head facing left, the other, right. Now position the jockeys image.

Like this…IMG_3627

And what is this all about? Apparently, an exercise (for management types) in problem-solving.

Time to don my chef’s hat…


15 thoughts on “AND THE ANSWER IS…

  1. Oh and I had the horses standing up, facing opposite the the jockeys with a fold so they each sat facing the right way on a horse.
    Only in the head though. I think your way works better : )


    • The instructions were to do this without cutting or folding. (But someone did try to fold his jockeys!)
      Once I thought about the horse’s gait I could see how the legs should look and then it was easy. But by the next morning, I’d forgotten, and had to be shown. Again.Worrying, isn’t it? 😦


  2. Hello Dinah, I keep thinking you’ll be on your way on one of our world tours! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love that jokey and horse trick. I had that when I was a kid. Those kinds of puzzles are great for the old brain. Thank you also for displaying and linking the lovely books. Scrumptious!


    • Yes, puzzles keep the brain on its toes. But my brain’s toes like to sit down!
      I’ll be flying Stateside in 10 days! NY for a couple of weeks, then UK/France. But next time, I plan to get further north than Toulouse…


  3. i’ve always been pretty good at spatial relationships – but didn’t get too far with the horse/jockey challenge! but then again, i tried it sober… perhaps some beer and i’d have had more luck!


  4. Hmmm, so this is what you’ve been up to while I was struggling with a bad Internet connection, and often, power cuts for hours 🙂

    This is all so very exciting! Art excites me! Books excite me. I get all revved up and work on my manuscript. I hope, hope, HOPE, I get good Internet this weekend, then I can dig into the links on these posts.


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