…probably doesn’t make much sense unless you’re a regular over at Jane’s place. And it probably doesn’t make much sense to attempt a bouquet in this season. But when did Dinah display much sense!

So, despite drizzle (now rain), I scrabbled around and came up with…



“Apricot Nectar.” Artfully turned so you can’t see what that damned katydid did!

And, one rosebud being a bit lame, I picked the yellow Justicia, which, like the rose, is a survival story. It, too, was struggling against greedy palms and barely had the strength to survive myriad bug attacks. So I dug it up, trimmed stem and roots, potted it in some decent potting mix and, on signs of healthy growth, put it back in another part of the garden. This is my reward…



And, today’s weather being so dismal, I’m going to cheat  and post some of the flowers I had ITH when I was over at Marie’s place. So there!

rose and clematis 2


Marie’s “Abraham Darby” was being threatened by the clematis.

Jane will have more links and it’s pretty much a given that they’ll be ‘way ahead of my offerings!

17 thoughts on “FITH…

  1. Yay, here you are I was hoping you’d show up. Well I don’t see a think wrong with that lovely rose and I’m intrigued by the Justica is it?

    what is it?

    And flowers from the terrace? Always welcome.

    xo Jane


  2. most roses that are purchased at the florist these days are devoid of scent! bred for the beauty of the buds, they don’t always open either! i miss those… the only way to get that is to grow my own, i suppose!


    • You are right on the nail there, Daisyfae! Same with carnations. Yes, you could grow your own…all you’d really need is a someone to water them if you’re off ballooning/scuba diving/cycling/racing around.
      But I should warn you – roses can be addictive!


  3. A single flower that works to bloom, survives the odds and is such a pretty color deserves to be brought in and enjoyed even if it is only a day or two. Just lovely.


  4. Gorgeous roses – I think the last one is getting extreme clematis love but the apricot nectar is gorgeous and the name makes my mouth water.


    • Yes, Mig, they are all lovely. There is a nice story about Boerner, the breeder, responding to a claim that it didn’t have much scent. Mr. B. cut a flower, put it on his head, then put hid hat over it for several minutes. When he removed the hat, the rose’s scent was vastly increased by the warmth. 🙂


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