time to tease you again!

Yes, I know, when a writer has little to write about he or she falls back on childish devices.

And here’s mine! All you have to do is tell me what you think this is.


And because I like music to take off its black tie sometimes and get a little funky…I give you The Goat Rodeo. Enjoy. I’m off to be taxi service.


By the way…if any of you are scrabbling around looking for a new reader after the demise of Google Reader, then Old Reader, you could do worse than move to RSSOwl. I did and found it easy to set up and I’m only called “high tech chicky-babe” in jest!

Well, Carol guessed it was a Tawny Frogmouth (Podargus strigoides), some of you thought it was an owl. Man! I wish I had sixpence for every time I’ve heard these birds called owls!

They are not, despite the Latin strigoides in their name. They feed mainly on insects and most of the time, they just sit in a tree with their mouths open and catch their supper that way. Sometimes, they’ll come down to ground level for bugs.But, unlike owls, frogmouths have weak feet, totally useless for grasping and holding prey.So they are not raptors.

And why are they called “frogmouth”? I guess because they have  such wide mouths, a bit like frogs. This one is the first we’ve ever noticed in this garden.Mind you, they are difficult to see when they’re perched, camouflaged, on a branch.

Wiki has much more info here


26 thoughts on “time to tease you again!

  1. Will need to give it some thought but at first glance I thought owl, and then you mentioned RSSOwl, too much for a bear of such little brain! Gardener about to arrive so I’lll listen to Goat Rodeo later.


  2. I thought it was something in a pond before I read the post properly… and then all I could see was the side of an owl’s head!
    Has Old Reader gone too?
    I have Feedly and Mr Reader on my iPad but the best place to keep up is my Blogger dashboard where there seems to be a list of all the blogs I’ve ever followed.


    • Yes, Old reader will be for private membership from now on.
      I don’t thin k Blogger’s dashboard works over here, Blogger and WordPress being a bit like Republicans and Democrats!
      You’re half-right about a bird’s head, but it’s not an owl.


  3. i am late to the game – too much going on this week! i would have guessed “a bird”, as that was about as specific as i could get!

    frustraed with theoldreader, but they may come out of the ashes. may take a run at RSSOwl tomorrow…


    • Oh, I’m almost always late to the party, what with time difference…
      Bird would have been a good guess.
      Owl reader is OK, but if you still have Old Reader on your hard drive, sit tight as they have, apparently , got someone to run it.


  4. I’ve never heard of the Tawny Frogmouth, I’ll have to ask the Mr, he knows about such things.

    I desperately need to get sorted with a reader, and do have Feedly set up but haven’t used it for years. Terribly disorganised at the moment, but you’ve reminded me to get my finger out.


    • Well, what with my being away and the readers all collapsing…I was forced to do some “housekeeping” That was a good thing, but I seem to have deleted some links that I now want….sigh!

      Wiki has some good frogmouth info.


  5. What pretty little things. And the Goat Rodeo cd is now on my wish list. Or I might just buy it for Himself as I’m sure he’s like it too.
    I don’t use a separate reader, just link to my wordpress blog. I supose it’s an RSS feed? Seems to do the job.


  6. A frogmouth – how interesting! I must tell The Gardener, who, when very tired, forgets his chores like setting the table, and just sits on the sofa with his mouth open, waiting for his dinner……


    • Hahaha! I know exactly how he must feel!
      I’m still having a wonderful time in Vancouver and using Andrea’s laptop(didn’t bring mine 😦 ), but will email you when I’m home. Let’s see…that will be Friday evening Queensland time!


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