…is because I always honour them. If I don’t make ’em I can’t break ’em. Or something like that.

I thought that this would be a year of catching up on things at home. Boring stuff, mainly, but stuff that needed doing. The house needs cleaning. I mean cleaning beyond the regular Hoovering. Repainting, maybe. The garden! Well, that had become a jungle, and a very scruffy one, at that. Other things, too. I thought I might draft some new pattern blocks and start sewing again. And the only keyboard my fingers touch these days is this one. And various art and writing projects that I’d started and then lost my focus. And things I had agreed to do, assuming I had plenty of time.

Funny  how the things one thinks seem to rearrange their order, quite independently.. .

Suddenly, a trip to New York seemed, then was, doable. New York! What a mad, magnificent place. I was on a ‘plane to JFK ( with further bookings to England and France!) before any more dust had had time to settle. Or maybe it did settle and I just didn’t notice!

Back home in July, I thought I’d tackle the overdue art projects (only 3 of them;piece of cake, really.No great rush.)

And suddenly, I was fastening my seatbelt for landing at Vancouver!

And now the shops and lamp posts have tinsel and ho-ho-ho-ing* Santas and I’m still nowhere near that fabled land of Allcaughtup. Where the hell IS it? Not even Google Earth has co-ordinates.

But…I promised. So these things will be done.

Now, back to domestica. We share our home, our lives,  with cats. But you know that. Mostly, they are good cats, discounting Geiger’s sworn intention to shred every shoe and all upholstery, not matter what deterrents we apply. But they do use their litter trays.Oh yes. Not so the cats that wander the streets at night. There’s a tom who, almost every night, sprays the wheels of the car. And they do not have litter trays…

Some of the tamarind pods were knocked off the tree when the casuarina was felled. I picked up as many as I could see amongst dead leaves and mulch. Remarkably like dry cat turds…*

Tamarind 2


While my neighbour has been away I  have been watering his garden. I regard it as an extension of my garden! The other day I took the camera and was glad I had.

Koel in palm 2 crop

Not very clear, but he was rather a long way up a very tall tree and I was standing on a delicate wrought iron chair and trying to avoid a garden sprinkler. It’s my friend, the Koel. A lot of people think his call is annoying. It doesn’t bother me, but I think there is an audio clip in that link (if not that link, I’m sure google can find one!) so you can determine whether he’d  annoy you.

And the header? It’s a Cedar Bay Cherry.Yummy! Birds had already pecked at the fruit so I ate what was left and planted the seeds.

2013-10-28 05.34.26


And now, having kept that promise (to write a blog post) I had better do further hose duty. If the Met chaps honour their promise (rain) I might be able to get on with other unfinished symphonies. Geiger is still on about the comic strip…


*you don’t want to know how to tell the difference!

* why does Santa say that? Doesn’t he know he could be arrested?



  1. I hear you on the all caught up front. It is several galaxies away from me. And I would love some of that wet stuff. And someone to detruffelate my garden. And weed it. And repair recent plumbing damage. And book someone to replace the gutters. And, and, and…


    • There is always something! But it’s therapeutic(well, some of it!) and keeps me, all of us, probably, chugging along. Not the boring “chores” of course. Dashing away with a smoothing iron doesn’t do it for this gal. 🙂


  2. you certainly had a globe trotting year, you caught all those planes on time! What matters is that you’re doing what you like, what makes you content, and you’re not feeling pressured to do stuff that doesn’t matter a fig. The best sort of plans are infinitely changeable. Or maybe house work just doesn’t interest me! When you spreading those wings again eh? X


    • Linda, you speak words of great sense! My plans are of the extremely flexible kind. As to when I next spread my wings…who knows? Destiny is wonderfully rubbery stuff.I could be pulled in any direction…


  3. I think perhaps I should jet off around the world instead of cleaning the bathroom; I can imagine myself saying: sorry the sink is grubby but I had to fly to New York and the chores went to heck…. how cool is that?!

    P.S Lovely to see you this year.


    • Oh! Your day will come, my friend! For years, I had, or thought I had “obligations.” When your girls are a little older, the world will still be calling you.And anyway, you have New York!And art auctions!


  4. I met an 86 year old man (father of a friend’s husband, so not an intimate acquaintance) when he visited us from the UK out of the blue in March: he said he’d looked out of the window, decided he didn’t want to mow the lawn, and booked a flight to Sydney then and there! Here’s to ignoring the dust and having adventures,as you have done this year, Di. Cheers!


  5. When Leo was so ill we decided to do what we wanted to do while we could…so grabbed every opportunity going.
    Oddly enough the opportunity to clean up and organise things in the house was not one of the opportunities grabbed.


    • I’ve never thought of that as “opportunity.” I could not live in the appalling squalor of some places I’ve seen, but rumpled sofa throws and technical magazines (cars and cameras, in our case) and stacks of books and grotty windows are queued. Sometimes,it’s rather a long queue!
      You and Leo are inspirational! Despite some dreadful setbacks you are truly “living well.”


  6. I’m ignoring everything today and reading blogs! It’s my rest-stop after doing and doing and still not finding that fabled land.

    Is that sweet or sour tamarind? Sour tamarind can be used when cooking!


    • GG, good to see you taking a break! The tamarind? Well, I’ve been sucking a few of the seeds and it’s very tamarind-y, but then, I’m not much of a sweet tooth.I gave The Man one and his face puckered and he suggested curry! I’m not sure how to deal with them;Google probably knows…


  7. Yes, Google knows, or thinks it knows, everything. Di, somehow we seem to be missing each others blog posts! I’m going to delve back and see what I’ve missed. I think I’m more up to date with you Geiger and Sporran than I am with you… Life here has been very hectic, if not more than a bit nerveracking so today I’m trying to relax. Certainly not doing housework.


    • Well, I hope people in the burned-out areas are able to relax. You folk have had a horrendous start to the season.
      Loving your cicadas, by the way. Hey, everyone – go to Carol’s place and see!


  8. i believe that Allcaughtup is somewhere near Atlantis. i don’t think i’ll ever find it either! usually, when i’m presented with an opportunity that would take me further from Allcaughtup, i ask myself – “which will i regret more? not having the closets organized, or missing a chance to meet up with a friend in NYC?” well, at this point, i don’t even bother asking myself! i’ll work on that closet when things start falling on my head someday…. now, off to catch up on blog posts!


    • Yep! I’ve seen those fridge magnets that say “only boring people have tidy houses” and yesterday, in the car park at the shops, a hulking great SUV with the slogan “adventure before dementia” and that is not a bad mantra!


  9. My father did the ‘later’ thing, and died suddenly when he was 59. I try to take every opportunity, though I haven’t managed it as fabulously as you do. Not yet, at any rate.


    • Spot on! Oh, wait…they wouldn’t have any spots there, would they? Yesterday, I did the spare room windows…it took nearly 2 hours and cost several finger nails. I gave up after that…


  10. what a delightful post! At least your travels enrich your memory cache or maybe I should call it the life cache. I never thought before about the possibility of Santa being arrested 🙂


    • Kim! I owe you a letter…see how easily I fall into the pit! I have a really good idea about washing walls, etc…why don’t you come over here and we’ll make some sushi and think about re-staining my floor….:-)


  11. Wondering what colour food that cat has been eating – but you’re right, I don’t really want to know.
    Promises promises. I don’t often make them either, just in case.


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