…well, in blog terms, at least!

So, what have you missed? Not a lot. We had some extremely hot, dry weather which had most of us rushing about with hoses.That would be the daft buggers! The rest of us conducted ourselves in a calm and exemplary manner.We took very good care of our synovial hinge joints. Which, in turn, supported vintners in fire-ravaged  and drought-stricken areas.

You see, your humble blogger does have a social conscience!

We’ve had a little cyclonic disturbance here! By cyclone standards it was pretty ordinary.Well, we all expected much worse from Dylan, as the boffins named it. I think they chose the name as representative of that dopey hippy rabbit on Magic Roundabout!

And now we have good, soaking rain.The gardeners will be happy…

I wandered down to the beach on Friday with a little camera in my pocket.

A casuarina wrenched from its position above the tide line;roots twisted and broken.


Casuarina roots torn is the storm




There’s a slipway somewhere under that!

Looks like a juvenile sooty tern.But not sure


This poor chap didn’t make it!It might be a juvenile sooty tern, but I don’t know. 

I met people from beach-front houses filling sandbags.A tad late, I thought, given that the King Tide had been and gone!

From Sunset Beach, I walked along Mango Avenue…

Mango becomes a lorikeet feast


Where, predictably, mangoes littered the road and became a feast for birds.

Mango after the feast


A mango seed after lorikeets had had a party.



If you click the picture, you can see sooty terns (I think!). Usually, the only seabirds we see up here are a few terns and maybe once in a blue moon, a seagull, probably a silver gull. Different story down at Harbour Beach, The Marina and even , sometimes, CBD. Free-loaders and thugs!

Back home, somewhat damp and salty, I snapped a couple of rude (as in: not polished!) pictures of some Cananga odorata stems. That’s the source of ylangylang perfume,in case you’re wondering. A branch had been knocking against the house roof for ages and The Man was concerned that Dylan might use it as a sort of can opener. So, with a pruning saw on a long handle, he cut the branch. Fortunately, that tree has very soft wood! I brought a couple of stems indoors, but it’s not really a picker. The kitchen smelled nice, though!IMG_4253

Cananga flowers.About as close to Forsythia as I can get in this climate!

Now, the rain has stopped so maybe I’;ll take a load of snapped branches, palm fronds and prunings up to the dump. Glamour queen, that’s me!



18 thoughts on “IDLE TOO LONG…

  1. Glad to hear Dylan was feeling too laid back to do much ravaging! We’re enjoying reasonable temperatures (unlike the rest of the country) but little of our usual rain. Mmm, the smell of ylang ylang in the evening…


  2. Ah the Magic Roundabout! One of our faves in this house. Did you know that it was made by the French, and when they sold it to the BBC, they did so without the sound i.e. no actual script! So the Beeb had to look at the vision and just make up the story lines! Which may I say from watching with the sound down aren’t all that obvious – although they do involve a lot of turning in circles for some reason.


    • Yep! A few minutes (maybe 10) walk from the house. And we all take a basket when walking in mango season.:-) Actually, a few years ago, some newcomers complained to the City Council about the rather “ripe” smell of fallen fruit and when Council said they’d remove the trees…well, let’s just say it came to the brink of war. Should have removed the plaintiffs!
      You should bring the family for a visit some time.


  3. i’m also a bit neglectful in the blogging department – sometimes life gets in the way of the storytelling, doesn’t it?

    glad that the storm was gentle. perhaps it was more reflective of Bob Dylan and his ‘mellowed with age’ persona. He was selling cars during the Super Bowl this year!


  4. Always enjoy reading your blog and great pictures and I like the “slipway” action one. I didn’t realize the ylang ylang tree grew locally and I bet the house was nice as am partial to the perfume.


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