Despite being , technically, ahead of Jane on this side of the IDL, I always seem to miss posting for this.

And I’m only just squeaking in this time (see previous post about the rain)!

But, here we go and I offer absolutely no apology for my cheating!

In fact, I begin with a cheat! Some of you will have seen this photo in my Cyclone Dylan post last week.Well, another small branch of Cananga odorata came down, but, having learned last week that it does not do well in a vase, I’m re-posting this.

Canangra odorata, the source of ylangylang perfume.


Heliconias and variegated leaf Hibiscus;both quite rain-battered! And Hibiscus are not good pickers-within hours, they wilt,shrivel and turn quite goo-y.But hey! they are my house!

FITH Feb 002


In this old juice bottle we have 2 ground orchids,Spathiglottis; one bright purple, the other pale pink-mauve; one purple Angelonia and some Orthosiphon,”Cats’ Whiskers.” Again, not really grown for the cut flower trade, but handy when things are scarce.

FITH Feb 004


Ah! Now I’m really venturing into “cheats territory.” I had to nip down to the shops this morning and dang me! if the rain didn’t return! So I left the sunflowers and gerberas in a laundry bucket while I ran around, dealing with open windows.And by then it was lunch time.And now I’m whacked!

But these are , technically, in the house! Enjoy!

FITH2 001

28 thoughts on “FLOWERS IN THE HOUSE

  1. I have an azalea in flower that was given to me two months ago, and some primroses in pots. In the garden, there are snowdrops and aconites, but I haven’t picked any. It’s raining, but at least this area isn’t flooded.


  2. First you were baking in an oven, and now pouring rains … in some ways that’s worse than the deep freeze in the States. you get an extra star for venturing out in the downpour. pretty flowers, too.


    • Oh, Webb, I’m not sure it’s worse than your freeze! Rain is always beneficial, eventually! It’s the places like Adelaide I feel for…more than a month of temps around 40 deg.C That’s ‘way above 100 deg.F! Hopefully, you’ll have a reprieve soon!


  3. Hah! In the house and looking charming still in their wrappers! So glad others are late as well.

    I’m late, I’m late for a very important date, No time to say “Hello”, goodbye!
    I’m late!
    I’m late!
    I’m late! …The White Rabbit


  4. So nice to see your flowers. All I have in the house is greenery and one huge head of belladonna lily. It was too rain soaked to bear its own weight so I rescued it. Makes me smile every time I look at it. Do like your yellow gerberas and sunflowers…


    • I wouldn’t knock a belladonna.Right now,I have some crinums but they are rather soggy! And I never pick many flowers, preferring to leave my garden for the critters.A bunch from the grocer or florist is better. I did plant some asiatic lilies, but something ate the bulbs!


  5. Finally I’m home, bathed and fed so I can come and visit.

    What is commonplace in your garden is an expensive, imported flower for us. So I drink in your offerings, rain drenched as they may be, with thirsty eyes.

    Thanks for inviting us over.

    xo J


    • Thank you,Jane. It’s a bit of a mad house sometimes, but you’re always welcome here.You never know, food might even feature one day!
      I’ve been visiting some of the other Linkies and realise I should take better photos of my flowers!


  6. Wow – I’ve missed a lot here! You’re having inclement weather , too, eh? I have no flowers at all but I have noticed that the daffodils are starting to poke their little heads out and a few other early bloomers too. AP has promised that he’ll help me in the garden this year. Let’s see how that goes.


    • Well, quite a few areas are in a pretty scary situation, either fires , drought or floods.So far, our monsoon has been pretty tame.But last night I got up and closed some windows as the thunder rolled in…
      It’ll be good to have some help in the garden…get AP some bowyangs!


  7. Dinahmow,

    I “know” you from apartment sitting with Don Estorbo several years ago, and want to pass on a message of sorts. I know your are in Australia and it’s huge and you’re in Queensland, but a friend of mine is looking for a man in Australia – maybe Melbourne.

    Please read this post:

    and see if maybe you know someone. Jeanne writes a lovely blog and you might want to read it now and then.

    I know this is crazy, but isn’t that what the blog world is about – crazy women making contacts? Hope all is well with you and that it has finally cooled down. Be seeing you in Harlem. webb


  8. Wow, you do have some exotics there! Love the purples. The sunflowers and get eras will really be cheerful for you! Have a good week – weather permitting! Abby


  9. Well you still managed to pull together a nice grouping! I tried grabbing some poppies out of my front yard and they looked amazing until the sun went down. Once it was dark they closed up, and by morning all of the pretty little petals had fallen off. Oh well, they were pretty while they lasted. Here’s hoping spring time finds you soon!


  10. You have a great sense of humor. You made me chuckle at the end of your post. I have never seen Canangra odorata before. A very interesting looking flower. I bet it smells really nice.


    • Thank you for visiting, Christa. The canangra is a strange tree, given to shedding limbs as it grows, leaving a knobby trunk, but it’s worth it for the perfume.But I did plant it in the wrong spot! next time you’re in a fancy pharmacy, try ylangylang perfume.


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