And I note that my previous post, back sometime in the Iron Age * is called Flowers In The House. So I can’t really use that title.

But it is why I’m here. If Jane, with all the hassles she’s had, can manage FITH, well, the least I can do is poke a few chrysanths and carnations in a jam jar and head over to her place….

Well, not the only reason. My friend, Mig, who also has not posted for a while, reappeared today and I thought “Blimey! Someone else with an over-filled plate.”

Really, though I say I’ve been busy, my life is not quite as hectic as some lives. So here I am!

I continue to be distracted by the local wildlife.Nothing new in that! The other night we heard a possum thump-scritching across the roof and swishing down through the palms. First for quite a while. Still haven’t seen him/her, but there has been evidence.

And on Saturday I saw a “new bird.” Well, it was new to me.Turns out these are common , but I’d never noticed! Yellow Fig  Birds are or were a sub-species of the green ones. They look like this  

And the spider! I mustn’t forget Ms.Blue Eyes! I must have seen dozens of them, but only the other day did I see her in the right light to notice her eyes (well, some of them!) – like tiny blue diamonds! She has made her bronze-gold web in the carport and, so far, is safe from any birds that might fancy a snack. Here she is, in  the best image I could get without triggering a trap line. If you google you can find images of beautiful textiles made with her web.Well, not this one, of course, but some of her kin.

And, since I seem to be blathering about birds, bugs and suchlike, here is a short video of some Spangled Drongoes. We often hear them, calling, a harsh chit-chit-chee. Their song is much more melodious and on this occasion, we had three, in a palm outside our bedroom.

And now, for Jane, some Flowers In The House. 005 006


I’m off to Arlington to see who else has flowers…

The Iron Age…the ridiculously long time it takes me to get through a brimming basket of laundry.Probably because I so dislike the chore I put it off for as long as possible. I could do with a Laundry Lucy !


29 thoughts on “LOOK! A NEW POST!

  1. Yay, you made it! And it’s only what, Wednesday there? Never a time timit on FITH, we start on Monday and end whenever.

    I love your first arrangement. I made it larger to get a better look, it’s charming.

    Next time, be late but go big!

    Now, back to the laundry.

    xo J


  2. Hi! [waving from a million miles away]

    Love the cute little fig birds, and for some reason your blue eyed spider doesn’t trigger my typical response… The chattering drongoes are charming – and make me look forward to warmer weather when i can open my windows again! We’re not exactly in the tropics here, but i have a wooded area where birds congregate in the morning – and i miss the bird chatter waking me up!


    • You didn’t hate the spider! Oh, fantastic! She really is lovely and I was hoping others would see that. I wont push you too hard, but if you look at Facebook ( a few days ago, my page) ….


  3. Lots of new blog posts to read today. This makes Liz a happy small bear (who probably ought to write a post of her own).

    I love to see birds in the garden, although obviously the ones I see are considerably less exotic than yellow fig birds and spangled drongoes (what a great name!). You can keep your exotic spiders though! The office where I am currently working is next to some woodland so there are lots of squirrels dashing about and over the past few weeks, my time at the photocopier has been greatly improved by my view of lots of baby rabbits hopping around outside the window.


  4. Back with a vengeance. And a post filled with wonders – all of which I duely wondered at. Thank you.
    If I am feeling vicious later I might show the spider to the other two legged inhabitant of this house.


    • Hello, Mig! Well, for you it is spring;for me it would be autumn.If we had such a thing! As it is, we’re all tapsalteerie …our monsoon was late and is lingering and we have a cyclone warning further north! And I don’t have to water my potted herbs this morning because it’s raining! Go figure!


  5. I’m glad you put a link to the spider. I get a bit distressed when I scroll down and suddenly there’s one, staring at me with its multiple eyes! Gives me the heebie geebies instantly. But… I was able to go look at your picture and go “ew” without the usual heebies. 😉

    Love the birds and the flowers. Our snow is beginning to melt here. I heard that the ice on the river got to 38″ thick this winter. It still has a long way to go before we have greenery and lots of singing birds here in the Great White North!

    If you find a Laundry Lucy, could you please clone her and send one up here? I feel the same as you about clothes. 🙂


  6. Ponita! I thought you must have become a Snowbird! I’m glad my spider didn’t have too bad an effect.As for finding a Lucy…we might need to negotiate with Jane.


  7. Looks like you’re in for a lot more rain and all that comes with it. Batten down the hatches! You inspire me to go out and pick some flowers right now. Don’t think I’ve seen the yellow version of the fig bird – very pretty!


    • Thanks, Carol.All very calm right now, but I think we’re good.And those in the path are ready.It would certainly be a greater problem in a more populated area. And I don’t think you’ll get those figgies down your way.

      On 10 April 2014 09:38, Moreidlethoughts Weblog wrote:



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