I was all set to be ready, this month.Even if I had to resort to a “grocer’s bunch”…I was going to wow everyone with my Flowers In The House.

And then it rained. I mean, really rained.The sort of rain that whooshes down, drenching everything, then goes out to sea and we all dash about washing the curtains that got wet and rejoicing in the lovely, soft, damp earth that makes weed-pulling a picnic in the park.

And then it rains again.Look, not to bore you, but we have had quite a few rainy days.And some thunder storms.

So…back to the “grocer’s bunch.” Um, no. I think someone left the grocer’s would-have-been contribution out in the rain!And the cheeky blighter was still asking half my housekeeping budget for the wilties!

So what does Dinah do? Calls on an orchid to step into the breach…IMG_4346


Phalaenopsis. It may have a cultivar name, but its label is long gone. The Man brought it indoors last week, fearful that the rain would mash its petals.Mostly, it sits on the dining table, looking lovely. No, this is NOT the dining table! This is a scruffy old table where we do all sorts of grubby things. Like mixing shellac, painting things and potting seedlings. But the orchid is indoors in the top picture.

I’ve done a massive amount of weeding and some more pruning and hope to get some things out of their pots and into this rich, soft chocolate-y soil. Soon, very soon. And I re vamped the herb boxes and put in some rocket/arugula which is coming along very nicely.I always have trouble with that in summer heat, but it’s looking good. If I can find a space that gets enough sun I might plant some chard(silver beet).

The orb spider’s cocoon is still under its leaf and tied back to a pole for safety.Another female spider is looking quite plump on her web, but the other one was gone yesterday morning. Still very slender, I think she became a snack. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Is it just me, or are other people struggling to keep up with blogging? I know some of you feel “empty” and I can understand that. But blogging , for me, was ย a comfortable way to write. And I felt connected.But lately? I find it harder to write what I think people might like to read. Maybe I’m being pulled in other directions? Yes, I do venture into Facebook’s waters, but that’s hardly “writing.”

I suspect that I’m getting a taste for gallivanting! Good thing I renewed my passport!

I’d better get back to the kitchen and show my Kerala coconut curry some respect…

Here’s my spider and her beautiful golden egg sac…020

IMG_4338 IMG_4341

If you click these pictures you will (should!) see that beautiful golden silk shining in sunlight.No wonder it was used on the raiments of the wealthy and clergy!

Time has passed…the curry was, indeed, delicious. As was the juice of the crushed grape. And, to top it off, we enjoyed a re-run of QI.



35 thoughts on “IT’S THAT TIME AGAIN…

  1. Well hello there, you made it! Welcome. We had but one day of the rain you’re describing and the peonies are still in shock.
    Weather, always a reminder that we control absolutely nothing!
    And yes, I feel as if my blogging mojo has petered out.
    all good things?

    xo j


    • At least you have peonies.I know some places where the mud cov ered them and gardeners despair of flowers this year.True about the weather and perhaps it’s a good thing – keeps us from being too complacent!


  2. My favourite orchid!
    Today my lovely golden orb weaver has vanished! There one day, gone the next but yesterday I was concerned that she had moved and her web was very frail. I’ve searched for eggs but can’t find the case. I don’t know if she just died in the cold night or whether she also became dinner for a bird. At least I know there will be more of her kind next summer… I had thought to collect her web when she no longer needed it but it has vanished. Do you think she would have ingested it before disappearing? All very mysterious and wondrous.


    • I love the moth orchids, too, Carol.As to the spider…was she nice and plump with eggs? She may have ingested her web as they do use rather a lot to make the cocoon and it’s protein, isn’t it? At least she wasn’t clobbered by a wussy teenage brat!


  3. I love your spider. A moment of silence for those eaten before her.

    I, too, have noticed a dip in blogging activity. People aren’t writing as much. Commenting is way down. Maybe it’s a seasonal thing or perhaps blogging is finally winding down.


    • Aw, Mark, what a sweet thing to say about a spider. Thank you.

      It seems this blogging malaise is more widespread than some of us realised. Well, you’ve led the charge with your art auctions post and I expect you’ll be out and about to bring us some NY summertime fun.


  4. What a lovely orchid. (Sadly, the gas in our firelogs seems to ‘kill’ all orchid blossoms, so have given them up – so especially enjoy seeing your!) the spider cocoon is wonderful – and totally alien to this girl. Thanks for sharing it. Know what you mean about not blogging so much right now. Usually I am dying to share, but somehow there’s no fire burning right now. Hope it’s just a phase.


    • Eeew! I remember that horrid gas from days before we were converted to North Sea lines. Even aspidistras suffered! And, yes, the golden cocoon is a thing of wonder.


  5. love your moth orchid & golden orb spiders are a favourite! I tried collecting the silk would onto card to make thread a couple of years ago after seeing that spider silk cape that Nicholas Godly & Simon Speers made it’s on the V&A website
    but gave up when a friend explained I would need 95 strands of spider silk to make one thread strong enough for sewing or weaving!
    & re the cyber sea, it’s in a constant state of change, it feels a bit unreliable and precarious at the moment with Typepad down again yesterday!


    • Wow! 95 strands! I knew it would take a fair bit, but 95-oof.

      And you’re another who’s felt the blogging current shift. Could it be that we all have such a wide exposure to other “news” we are somewhat overwhelmed? I’ll try to keep my little boat afloat, though I suspect it may just quietly beach itself somewhere…


    • Susan, I didn’t actually “grow” this – it was a birthday gift, several years ago and I’ve just managed to keep it alive! Provided you have somewhere sheltered to overwinter it if you live in a cold zone you should be able to grow them.


  6. The orchid is fabulous. And the rain, well, talk to me about rain! It’s sunny here now actually, so don’t.
    And yes, there’s definitely a tailing off in blogging. I shall be sad if blogging dies off and I can’t be doing with facebook type stuff (I talk too much). On the other hand, we won’t lose touch will we? So it will have served a purpose.


  7. Thank you ,Mig.Sunny here at the moment so I’m going to ignore the Weather Pixies.
    And, yes, we’ll stay in touch.Blogging has led me into some lovely friendships and madcap adventures!


  8. It might be that there is so much to do around this time a year that people have less time to blog. I, for one, am much busier than usual lately. The spider egg sac is very cool. I have never seen that before.


  9. I’m fascinated by your golden orb spider, and what excellent photos you have of her. Your orchid is beautiful. And I sympathize with your blog weariness. There does seem to be a bit of that going on. It’s hard to keep up sometimes!


    • Yes, Sharon, quite a few have mentioned their weariness.For myself, I admit to spending hours, wandering around with a camera or simply watching.Beats some of the stuff on TV! ๐Ÿ™‚


  10. We finally have some sun in the UK and elsewhere in the world the rain is torrential… actually it’s miserable again here.
    Blogging woes! My problem has been that I am indecisive about my blog… I am on a weird cycle where I think I’m going to give up, and then I start again because I miss it! I should commit to it and have done with it, rather than this frustrating stop/start routine I’ve gotten into. And time seems to whiz by…
    Anyhow, lovely orchid… and I’m sorry for the skinny spider too… even though I would have screamed and run away if I’d seen it alive.


    • I think we’ve touched on this before, haven’t we? Say we’ll stop dithering…then creep back. At least we are all admitting to it so no one feels guilt.:-)


    • Thank you, Heather. I still have only the factory lens on the camera so getting in close can be tricky.While I admire their engineering feats the thought of their eight other feets running down my shirt front…um, not so much!


  11. Lovely orchid. I think I might know how you feel about blogging. Something has changed lately. There’s less oomph for some reason. It’s difficult to explain… But we have spiders, and flowers, and these are good things.


  12. As usual I enjoy reading your blog. Love the orchids such a delicate pink colour. I will add a new one of hubby’s collection onto my blog. The choice of table to photograph them on gives a nice artistic feel , a natural setting.


    • Hahaha! Artistic setting! Yeah, gesso cat prints, motor oil, dollops of paint and shellac.I should probably get into it with a sander before we next eat lunch there!:-)


  13. We’re having zero rain in the rainy season! I hope it’s not a serious El Nino.

    How I loved rain in Oz!

    I need more plants in my apartment, I think I’ll get a palm. And I will work on the tiny verandah, make it very plantiferous [heh].

    My blogging mojo hasn’t gone, I want to blog but I keep thinking about the writer [I suspect] who came by my blog, read hundreds of pages and ‘borrowed’ a few ideas.


  14. GG…great to see you and I hope you keep writing, though I do understand why you’re hesitant.Maybe you should collect all th’ true true stories an’ put ’em in a book.!


  15. Have just said this to Small But Charming Jane too – decide to stop blogging for a while. Announce it to your readers. And then find that the ideas for blog posts come swarming in…. well, if not exactly swarming, decidedly not giving up!


    • Ah.that’s where I went wrong!I should have made an Official Announcement !
      I think you may have a point, Rachel.I do “other” writing, but lately that,too, has been difficult and I tried using the blog as my whetstone.
      Perhaps I need to heed your advice…thank you.


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