Sadly, not Lee Marvin. But I was very,very happy to open the door to the Iceman who did cometh.

Our fridge didn’t seem as cold as it ought to have been.And the freezer was icing-up alarmingly.The biggest concern was that the wine took ages to be drinkably cold!

Having been ,shall we say, a little ticked off with the payment arrangements of the crew who replaced my oven door (basically, they wanted payment to the workman who was sent to do the job.No invoice, no receipt and no facility for card payment.Do I have feckin’ eejit stamped on my forehead?) * I was not about to hire them.

But I still had the number of the chap who replaced the fridge door seals a few years ago and one brief phone call later…he said he’d order new seals, call me when the seals arrived and also check the other workings of the monster then. We had a holiday looming.Still tied to the Palace apron strings, Australia declares a holiday, in June, to celebrate the Sovereign’s birthday.Which is in April, but never mind the logistics…

So the shopping/cooking malarkey was trimmed to daily purchases and rather a lot of stuff was dumped from the freezer. Baked beans on toast, anyone? 🙂

All was well: the seals arrived the day after the holiday and were installed the day after that. Iceman defrosted the iced-up lumps with a dead-handy steamer gizmo.

Much quicker than a hair-dryer! And the thermostat was pronounced “fine” and that was that. Iceman has a hand-held card validating thingy which printed a receipt and I turned my attention to wielding a can opener…**

We’ve been having showery weather on and off for weeks.Gardens, of course, are romping away.As are the rotten weeds. But it’s not all bad news! Cursing a particularly tenacious weed and burning from the sun, I called a halt and came indoors for a cold drink and a little blog-reading.First up, Marie, over in Harlem…BINGO! She’s been foraging and look what’s edible! Yes, I’ve had a little nibble of the raw leaves. A bit too fuzzy for my liking, but I’ll definitely make use of it, lightly steamed. How hairy? About the same as older leaves of the herb borage So, if you have Galinsoga taxing your vocabulary, try sending it to the kitchen, not to the inner circle of Hell.

Trimming the ferns and jasmine back from the edge of path is a constant task.It’s easy enough and sometimes I have help…


Geiger, being “helpful.”  She’d taken a short cut through the ferns and scattered petals all over the path.


And the jasmine.  J.officinale, I believe.


It’s Saturday in my world. And that means that in a few hours a happy Band of Brothers    Bloggers will be converging on The Zeddary.  Unable to make the trip this year, I’ll be drinking   thinking of you.Cheers!

* I refused to comply with this idea and drove over to their office the following day and paid.

** Not really. I keep pasta in the pantry and linguini-and-tomatoes with salad saw us well-fed.

13 thoughts on “THE ICEMAN COMETH…

  1. that foliage looks like Biblical Jasmine aka Jasminum samba and just looking it up on google now I understand why it doesn’t do that well down here in Sydney, it’s a tropical jasmine! Geiger is looking very fabulous and sleek I do like Borage flowers in salads & good to know that weed is edible too!


    • Probably a poor photo, Mo! I do have J.sambac as well and they’re quite different, up close.This one suckers like crazy, probably cos it’s under the roof’s drip line!
      And when I had borage all over the place I used to chop young leaves in green salads and old leaves into mashed potato.A slight cucumber flavour.


  2. I can just imagine how your weeds are growing because ours are out of control and we don’t have your warmth. My bulbs have vanished in the long grass so I desperately need to take action. Geiger obviously thinks your paths need a bit of confetti, she knows how pretty she looks wandering through it. Tradesmen – not my favourite people at the moment, due to mucho garden destruction…


    • I’v e just done an hour of pulling weeds around the patio area.Found two more patches of Galinsoga-yay!Also “found” a bloody sensitive weed and now have bloody fingers!I believe caffeine is the recommended treatment…


  3. Our weeds too are out of control. I have however found ripping and tearing at vegetation remarkably cathartic. And some (small) sections of the garden are no longer out of control.
    Tradies? A rule unto themselves. Patronising expensive toads too often. I am glad that your Ice man came – and did.
    And love the Geiger image. She obviously knows just how beautiful she is.


  4. I have out of control grass… I’m glad I’m not the only one out of control. I have a neighbour who puts me to shame, her grass verges look like a putting green.
    Does that Jasmine smell lovely?


    • Yes, Ms Scarlet, it is a lovely fragrance.But the one scrambling through shrubs and up trees is a real knock-out.Are you allowed to grow wildflowers on the verge? If so, give it a haircut, drag a rake through it and scatter some seed s there ready for next summer.


  5. Garden: gorgeous, as always *jealous* cat: elegant in basic black tradesmen: not in my house, it freaks me out steamer thingie: MUST OWN NOW. The humidity here always makes the interior of my freezer-despite it’s having seals so tenacious that I have to fight them to open the door – looking like a still photograph of Peary’s Race to the Pole.


    • FirstNations, not fuck the right free the web. That was ME. FirstNations. I said all that pithy shit. WTF.


      • Hahaha! I knew it had to be someone I know, then I saw the email.:-) I think it’s the climate that makes our poor fridges work so hard.Mind you, this one is the best I’ve ever had and certainly worth the cost of repair.


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