FITH. June

Updated to add Jane’s link

Clock on steroids.Again!.

Just when I think I can see through a gap in the mountain of work….C’est la vie

But, I am ready for Jane’s floriforous frolic! Actually, I scooped some beautiful lilies the other day, as a little treat for us, to celebrate the fixing of the fridge.(see previous post)  And  then, knowing how quickly flowers can wilt here, even in winter, I took some photos. No, I don’t think that’s cheating. I call that smart! And a jolly good thing, too, as a couple of tearaways snapped a stem, rounding the corner into the home straight…Anyway, here are my flowers in the house for this month.002

Yes, yellow lilies.With some yellow roses, too. I was told, years ago, that yellow roses mean infidelity, jealousy and rejection, in the language of love. But some sources say  the yellow rose means friendship.I don’t hold with any of that nonsense! I like the colour and it goes with the decor, so there! I added some jasmine and some greenery and stood the vase in a blue ceramic planter.


And the orchid, still going strong 6 weeks later. Because I can!



Huge thanks to all those who have applied the brakes to Global Warming.I am pleased compelled to report that winter has hit us. You thought it was always hot and sunny in the tropics? Oh! Give your head a shake!

Hah! Jane has not yet set Mr.Linky for this month.Serves me right, I suppose, for trying to be on time. But this is where it all happens and as soon as I know I’ll update this post.


32 thoughts on “FITH. June

  1. Warmth is relative. In the winter months our maximum is frequently the smaller portion’s sister’s minimum (she lives in Brisbane). And her entire family takes to their beds to escape the bone numbing cold.
    Mind you, the furry fiends decided that half an hour outside this morning was more than sufficient.
    Love your lilies, roses and orchid.


  2. FITH time again! So soon… Yours are lovely, all I have is some Corriander flowers that didn’t get smashed up and have been gracing my kitchen for a week or so. I’ve dumped all my herbs into big plastic pots and have my fingers crossed that they’ll survive until I get a new herb garden. Waiting… waiting… as usual. Gardening here is sooo dangerous for plants but I relish the challenge. And yes, winter is here, almost too cold but bearable. I think…


    • Coriander! I’ve not had any in the garden for years;it used to self-sow all over the back yard at Tamborine.You’ve had a trying year, but now that your NBN is “done” and the spiderman has been banished you’ll be able to plan for spring.


  3. Wait a minute, aren’t we in totally different time zones? I set my post time for 1:30am EST on Monday, what time and day does that give you? It’s 7:00 am here just had first sips of coffee…

    I love your happy mixture, yellow is quickly becoming a favorite flower color of mine and throw in some jasmine…..I’m sold.

    Thank you for your advance prep. I love to wake up to sunshine.

    xo J


    • Your 0700. Monday is my 0500,Tuesday. I guess I jumped the gun .Had to race out and buy a new coffee pot and The Man had to get some bits of pipe for a cracked garden drain…
      Your last-minute sunshine vase is gorgeous!I have nasturtiums trailing over the deck rail and, while I snip a few for salads, I prefer to leave them out there for bees.:-)


    • 0700 Monday is 0500, Tuesday.Yes, almost a day ahead.I think I hit publish as we had to go out and do various things yesterday.
      I love your last-minute kitchen bunch!I was tempted to get some nasturtiums, but I really like to leave them for bees, though I do scatter some in salads.


  4. Yellow lilies and roses are a lovely treat for any household appliance repair! I have to wrap my brain around your winter-our summer! The sunny yellows and the beautiful orchid should warm up any space. Stay cozy… Susan


  5. Lovely flowers… Enjoy the cooler weather while it lasts. Much better than searing, steaming heat, in my opinion!

    And I’m glad you have a fridge again!


    • Oh, yes! I fare better in temperate climes. In fact, today has been , for local conditions, “bloody cold!” Fine by me outside. But my house is built for steamy tropical conditions so I’m about to snuggle into bed with a book!
      I’m pleased you like my flowers…yellow sunshine tones work everywhere!:-)


  6. I’ve heard the winter’s gotten quite cold down under! But you can still have flowers in winter, isn’t that lovely?

    When I go back home [I’m on a short break in Florida], I will put a few tiny flowers in the home too!


    • GG, yes I saw you were Floriday-ing 🙂 Go for some flowers, by all means.You can play at Jane’s place, Too

      On 2 July 2014 09:18, Moreidlethoughts Weblog wrote:



  7. Lovely sunny colours. Just as well if it’s winter. We’ve got next door’s sweet peas but they’re two days old and wilting. I hope to have more soon 🙂


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