Sometimes, life throws curve balls.Sometimes laziness overtakes me. Ain’t sayin’ which…

But I was jogged by my friend, the Banished One so I opened the neglected blog and found the WordPressians had staged a coup.I suppose I’ll figure things out  in my usual stumbling way…

Here’s something to look at while I have a stumble…004

It’s a Blue Tiger Tirumala hamata. Not so many of them in the cooler weather, but they are here in their thousands throughout summer.

I was sorting through a box of what cannot be labelled more kindly than “stuff” and came across something that made me think of a summer day, years ago.

I could hear children laughing and shouting as they played in the garden. Glancing through the window I could see one of the boys running around, one hand flapping at his trouser seat. The others were collapsed in giggling fits. Then the Resident Boy burst in, looking for a cold drink. I said they seemed to be having fun. “Yeah.Jason’s doing hippo farts.It’s brilliant!” And he raced out , taking the water bottles.

Hippo farts? I blame David Attenborough.

Geiger had a trip to Dr.Vet last week. A minor blip. A quick jab sorted it.Not that she thinks a needle in the nether end is minor! But the good thing is that the test that confirmed this infection also returned a negative glucose result. “Told you I wasn’t diabolic!”

And the new banner? That one, up there /\…it’s a native small tree, related to macadamia.Want to see more?IMG_1995  Buckinghamia celissima

Buckinghamia celissima  Commonly called Ivory Curl. It’s growing down near the beach; no room in this garden for it! Mind you, I’ve been wielding the big loppers to great effect…hmm, I wonder.

Not much of a post, but perhaps my mojo will return now that I’ve made some effort.




    • Hi, Scarlet. The dashboard thingy has been fiddled with;different lay-out (I’ll have to go and see what’s going on on the other sites, too….) If you find any more of those bottles, send them my way, please!


  1. From one slow blogger to another, welcome back! I seem to be managing one post a month, if that. Will try harder… Lovely butterfly, not sure if it comes this far south. How about a photo of your baby orbs for your blog? They are stunning.


    • You always seem to be doing other arty things.I can’t really claim that as an excuse! I did, however, take photos of my Bernina stitch patterns as the paint is flaking and I’ll never remember the numbers without the diagrams!
      Orbs another day, perhaps…


  2. Welcome back! Beautiful and inspirational photos…getting my garden wish list for next spring going…looks like yours way over there on the other side of the world is already well under way.


    • Nancy, my little patch of weeds-for-butterflies cannot begin to compare with your garden! Since our rainy season is not til Novemeber(if then!) our Spring involves a lot of hose-dragging…


  3. oh my, so many things to comment on. I noticed that tree immediately — thanks for letting us know what it is. It’s beautiful when in bloom.
    I laughed out loud when I got to the bit about the hippo farts! Kids.
    And that butterfly is beautiful. What a delightful post.


    • Always happy to make you laugh, Diane! I’m a bit of a butterfly myself – too busy flittiing about to answer comments as they come in! But I am beginning to reduce the work pile.Or am I merely relocating it….


  4. Welcome back!

    What a lovely butterfly. I hardly see the butterflies around these days. Are they becoming extinct??

    At first I thought Ivory curl looks like white bottle brush, but a close look made me think of wool and a craft project.

    Both of your stories [boys and cat] had good endings [pardon the pun].


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