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That probably means a lot of rum has been consumed by the electorate celebrating or drowning sorrows.

Personally, I find politicians irritating and politics, for the most part, boring. And now we’re on our, let’s see…fifth,is it?Sixth? Prime Minister in eight years. If they keep this up, it could well replace Australian football as the national sport!

If you’ve been hanging around this blog long enough you might remember that I introduced an old friend of mine a few years ago. And this week seemed a good time to get him back to the studio….

So, here’s a rat’s take on current Canberra politics.Take it away,Ziggy.Yes, really.We don’t want it here!


Once the llittle fella got started he was on a roll, but I’m restricting him to two.


Ziggy might have a more regular column.Or he might just loll about on his steps, dropping fag ash. (I might get him to tidy his lines;he’s woefully out of practice!)

I’ve started reading that much-touted newly-published Harper Lee book. The library has a loooong waiting list for it and I’m struggling to finish it. I think I’ll take it back to the library and maybe have another whack at it when I can concentrate. So far, it doesn’t feel “right.” Ms Lee is on record as saying she would not publish this [the first ] version of “Mocking bird” and I don’t have an argument there.

On the viability of tomato seed….this is IN my compost bin. The winter was just a tad too cold for my compost to heat up enough to stop seeds germinating.IMG_4581




Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!

14 thoughts on “IT’S BEEN A RUM OLD WEEK…

  1. I’m enjoying the anti Corbyn furore in the British press….you’d think he was a cross between Pol Pot and Vlad the Impaler – and that’s just from The Guardian….

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  2. Times change. As does the Guardian, evidently! 🙂


  3. I was so excited the first time I heard about the new Harper Lee book but then the truth started leaking out about how it came to light and the players involved (follow the money trail) and now I couldn’t care less. I might never read it.


    • I think, if you’ve read “Mockingbird” you should skip “Watchman” Your mind will be too coloured by the first book; you will already have placed Scout’s adult life in your own mind.In any event, DO NOT read any reviews.


  4. We’re stuck with our Presidents for four years, no matter what. ):


  5. Does Ziggy know where Charmaine and Harold are??? He seems the type to have insider knowledge???
    Talking of politics, allegedly… Putin and Elton John are partying like mad things in the Blackpool Tower ballroom for the Strictly Come Dancing Special this Christmas. Something to look forward to in any case.

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  6. I viewed our political upheaval as karma coming home. About time too. Some of us had been waiting for her for quite a while.
    Whether it will change anything for anyone who isn’t one of the players is a very different question.

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  7. Welcome back, Ziggy! Ah, yes, Karma, as EC says. Of course in the first day Malcolm has managed to disappoint me – goodness knows why I keep expecting better of politicians. it’s obviously very difficult to be a liberal Liberal.


  8. Ziggy could easily hold his own against other fine Australian political cartoonists. He should have his own strip 🙂


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