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Not necessarily the author, although after the last few whirlwind days, that descriptor may apply.

Nothing much blog-worthy, but minor domestic upheavals.

And an orchid show! The Man and I went to see the hundreds of blooms on Sunday, along with hundreds of people. Someone, who shall be nameless, left the cameras at home.Twit!

But on Tuesday, after an early morning walk around The Gooseponds  I redeemed myself and went back to the orchid show with a camera. Yay! Hardly anyone there.Double yay! I took over 70 pictures! Oh, it’s alright, I shan’t flood this page. Here’s a Vanda, with a hand beside it for scale.If I had the room, I might try growing these beauties.


I suppose most of you know what “baking weights” are? No? Oh, well they are[usually] small ceramic marbles, used to weight pastry when blind-baking.Oh, google it! Anyway…once upon a time, I used to have some proper baking weights. But I moved house and went on journeys to too many places to take such non-essentials. And then, when I did settle (sort-of,I’m a vagabond at heart!) I simply dumped a load of dried beans in my pie dish. But when we moved to the tropics I found that so many things went mouldy I might be risking Ergotism.So I improvised.How? I plonked a handful of pebbles from the back yard in a pot of boiling water to kill any germs and have been weighty my pie crusts with them for 15 years.

My stone pastry weights, looking remarkably like a Bora ring!


What’s that, you say? You’d like to see more orchids?

A Cattleya. (I think!)


This beauty IS a Phalaenopsis .IMG_1813We have several,much smaller varieties.

And I’ll stop with a picture of a once-common, now-endangered native swamp orchid, Phaius australis I bought a young plant, not yet flowering, but it will look like this…the tall flower spike on the right of the picture.


And now it’s lunch time! It’s also asparagus season….yum!


Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!

22 thoughts on “A BIT OF AMIXED BAG

  1. I’m hoping to make an orchid area when we finally move to the new house….somewhere away from the dogs…and the sheep…and the horses …and the cattle.


  2. And the men! Unless they know what’s awful lot of orchids look like rubbish when not in flower! 🙂 or 😦


  3. I love orchids, and at last have learned how to keep them alive! The moth orchids are still my favourite, even if IKEA and our supermarkets sell them at knock-down prices.


    • Oh, the Big Grocers also sell them here and a miserable, un-watered lot they are, plonked on a shelf where shopping trolleys can knock them.I keep wanting to move them to the racks of lettuces, which are being drowned.That said, I must say I have sometimes “rescued” one or two 🙂
      Unrelated – are you a Granny yet????


    • Oh, the supermarkets and hardware stores sell them here, too.Usually small “moths” But they are often very tatty and in need of a drink.So I rescue them!
      Unrelated, but are you a Granny yet????


  4. The Gooseponds look fabulous! A place I’d visit regularly for sure.
    Wow, that Vanda orchid is a stunner. And the creamy white orchid is swoonworthy.
    Back in W.A., little wild Donkey Orchids would pop up each spring. So cute.
    I’ve had little luck with cultivated orchids, and over here, they’d freeze to death in winter, so it’s a feast for the eyes to see these here.

    Usually, I blind bake with beans, but the stones are a great idea.
    I watched The Great British Sewing Bee series recently and was amazed to see a guy using similar tumbled stones instead of pins to keep the pattern paper on the material as he cut out his garments. I never would’ve thunk it.

    I hate it when I see a perfect photo op’ when out and about, and realise I’ve left my camera at home. Then, I prod poor hubby to get his iPhone out to snap pictures – he acquiesces, but sometimes grumbles that I shouldn’t forget my camera 🙂


    • Yes, the Gooseponds is a great place to walk/cycle.After the last cyclone, the Council did a lot of work, replacing foot bridges and extending pathways. Before we bought this house, we had a tiny flat a few minutes from there and I walked there most days for 2 months.
      Surely you could do well with cymbidiums(they hate my climate!) if you could give them frost shelter?


      • I’ve considered them, and will give them a try… at my next property. We are downsizing in a big way before we move, and plan to take little with us until we once again settle. There, I hope, I’ll begin a new gardening endeavour, and cymbidiums will be on the list 🙂


  5. What lovely orchid pix!

    I didn’t try to grow orchids when I lived on Maui, but I did admire the ones on display at the county fair each year.


    • When you said you’d had frangipani on Maui, I automatically thought of orchids growing under and on them! I guess you’d have been almost surrounded by them? When I flew Honolulu-Auckland, the airline gave all pax an orchid flower.Charming, I thought and was disappointed that the Customs chap wouldn’t let me keep it! 😦


  6. Ooooh. And ahhhh.
    Such amazing things.
    Hope the unspecified domestic upheavals have stopped.
    And I am always a mixed bag.

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  7. They are beautiful orchids. We’ve had wild orchids grow sometimes, but only for a year and then they disappear again.Elusive.


  8. Yes, some of the tiny, delicate ones are lovely.I know Cattleyas are very showy, but they always strike me as a bit flashy, like an over- cosmeticised woman.Is cosmeticise a real verb? ‘Tis now!


  9. A collection of delicious tiny morsels can equal a proper meal.


  10. I have a white Phalaenopsis exactly like that blooming in my kitchen at the moment — first time I’ve ever got one to rebloom! Now why didn’t I think of your clever idea for pastry weights?! Just bring in some stones from outside, clean, polish and no need to buy the ones from the store! Super idea.

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  11. That swamp orchid is gorgeous! Now I just need to find something similar that will cope with the cold, wet, British weather…


    • Um…the native orchids do wonderfully well, but…they are terribly secretive and it’s illegal to go tramping around collecting them.I suggest a nice artificial one.(No, don’t laugh -I have one on my desk!) 🙂
      goes back to mutter at designs for a shiny helmet…


  12. Lovely photos! I have such bad luck with orchids, I dont’ buy them any more as they die so fast it feels like murder…


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