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The intention was for The Man to creep out in the dark of the pre-dawn to watch the World Cup Rugby match between Australia and Wales. On TV. Of course.

Well, that plan sort-of worked…but it might have been wise to rely on an alarm clock. Despite my channeling Max Boyce and singing “Hymns and Arias” we both over slept. And, anyway, The Aussies beat the boyos. I didn’t sing loud enough, isn’t it!

It’s been blowing hell west and crooked all week and then yesterday we had heavy rain. We stuffed as much garden debris as we could into the car and off I went… aren’t wing mirrors great!

I always have the car radio on and heard “Zorba’s Dance” by a full orchestra (turns out it was Montreal Symphony) with rather more brass than bouzouki but damn! it was good. So I turned it waaaay up. Such a cracking piece of music from a cracking film I thought I’d poke around on youtube and share it…

And, for a laugh, there’s this version…

And I’ve looked at this thing til my eyes hurt and I need to lie down in a darkened room.

Have  picture to take away the hurt!IMG_4617I spotted this magazine in the supermarket and it made me laugh…that’s an oilskin coat, known here as a Drizabone,  on the back of the chair.

It’s Wine O’Clock Chez Dinahmow. See ya….I shall give some thought to a blogiversary prize. Yes, this lame old thing has been running, albeit in fits and starts, since 2006!


Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!

17 thoughts on “A LONG SUNDAY…

  1. Nice to see one of the old guard chugging (or is that blogging?) along. I miss the old times of blogging. Even now , when it’s well past its prime, if I mention blogging or that I met someone that way to certain segments, the eyes glaze over with incomprehension, as if I’d just told them I invented direct mutual brain access and beamed my cyber friend down from outer space.


  2. I thought the Wales v Australia match was a pretty good one, even if Wales did lose.

    My husband has decided to forsake England and we are now supporting France in the rugby world cup. As I type, we are sat in front of the TV wearing Coq Sportif hats and attempting to sing along to La Marseillaise.


  3. I made an error. A big one. I watched your brain and eye hurting link. It is too early for me to need to lie down. But I do.


  4. Husband is rooting for South Africa, as always….it could be a tiddleywinks competition, he’d still be rooting for South Africa…..and that Drizabone reminds me of when he was in my black books for not bringing me one when he was in Australia…..

    Good to see that your blog is continuing…sometimes it seems that no sooner have i become accustomed to a blog than its author drops off the perch….most inconsiderate….and there don’t seem to be many good new ones about to replace them.

    Keep taking the tincture and all power to your blogging elbow.


    • Thank you. I will try to pop in now and then, in between the myriad other things I seem to have been lumbered with.
      You know you can buy Drizabones on-line? Oh yes, indeed! Just ask Uncle Google


      • Indeed i could….but it would not overcome my feelings of seventeen years ago when, instead of bringing home the Drizabone he filled his carry on bag with vacuum packed whole fillet steaks on the grounds that French beef was lousy.

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  5. When I was last in Oz, I visited the RM Williams store to admire those cool oilskin jackets and dusters. A bit more than I wanted to pay, so I just admired them.


    • Oh, I can understand that! They are a bit beyond my purse.But then again, I don’t need one;if I was a farmer it would be different! I know what it is like to be out in a storm far from the farmhouse.


  6. I stared at the video link – like watching a train wreck.
    I wanted to stop. I tried and tried to click away.
    Resistance was futile.

    I used to have a Driza-bone/oilskin years ago. I gave it to the op shop – not all they’re cracked up to be, unless you’re riding a horse for days on end – which, would’ve suited the task.
    But, not manual labour – working on vegetable farms, walking up and down row upon row upon row in the rain, within minutes working up a cold, clammy sweat, I felt like I was wearing a sauna suit from the seventies, lol.
    Pity, I should’ve kept it and put it on ebay – anything retro/vintage is so trendy and worth a small fortune these days.

    Zorba’s Dance is an awesome piece of music and always worthy of upturned volume. I feel that way about ‘O Fortuna’ 🙂


  7. I think watching that remainders thingy while listening to Zorba’s Dance just made it worse!

    Looking forward to seeing your blog anniversary celebrations.

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  8. hmm…I think I need a bigger thinking cap.Mr. LX’s spangelhelm perhaps. or a foil-covered colander!


  9. Zorbas are great, the mind blowing thing is truly mind blowing and annoying. I’ve sent it to my son to share the pain. Does your tip weigh the car as you go in, and then again as you leave so they can charge by weight? No fun any more…


  10. Charging by weight? Hell! no. Mind you, there is now what appears to be a security camera at the “office”(a donga where the little man sits) He notes your number plate and takes the money, according to car size.My s/w is $6 A car and trailer is $10 I think. Remember when it was free/


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