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…the things that you’re lib’le to read in the bible, ain’t necessarily so.

If that were the case, today I’d be dead!

About that half-arsed promise to come up with an idea to celebrate the blog’s birthday…um. Sorry. It’s been a bit manic  Chez Dinahmow. I didn’t forget, I just had rather a lot of more important stuff that required my attention.

Growing up in a much cooler climate there are some things about life  north of Capricorn that I miss. Cherry blossom, for one. So yesterday, The Man got behind the wheel and I snapped some pink-blossomed trees from tourist class. Pretty ropey pics, but every spring, when these Tabebuia  are in flower, I’m reminded of cherry blossom.IMG_4625


Now, needs must…back as soon as this busy-dust settles. Actually, busy-dust is a bit like bloody glitter – you can’t get rid of it!

Someone has been to look at one of the old cars! Please cross whichever bits of anatomy you think will be helpful. (Muriel, NO! Oh dear.Nurse!)


Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!

31 thoughts on ““IT AIN’T NECESSARILY SO…”

  1. Yes, happy blogaversary. I only know mine rolls around because Facebook reposts a picture I put up of a kitten I rescued and used as the topic of my first blog venture. Thus, I also know how old is my cat, facts that cannot remain in my brain.
    Here’s hoping the old car goes to a new home!


  2. Someone looking at the car sounds like cause for celebration in itself….if it’s an old car it could be my husband…old cars seem to be the only type he looks at…


  3. Happy blogoversary.
    You are sooooooo right about busy dust. Who ever invents a way to elimate it will definitely get my vote… And perhaps even money.


  4. Happy blogirthday!
    I forgot my blog’s – it was in September.
    Glittery busy dust – in your hair, in your ears and everywhere unmentionable… I know that gritty feeling 🙂


  5. Happy blog birthday, and: Good luck with the car (I’ve crossed my fingers and eyes)!

    Oh, and the pink of those Tabebuia against the lovely blue sky is just divine!


  6. Ah! Pretty pictures! We have had a pretty Autumn, which makes a change…. but I am now girding myself for the filthy Winter ahead…. so a Blogversay competition would be an excellent diversion…. just so long as I win 🙂
    Happy Bloggyversary!!


  7. Be careful what you wish for, Scarlet…the prize might be some home-baked goodies and you know what could happen if it goes missing in a mail bag!


  8. Hi-ya. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. My turn now.

    As soon as I started looking at this post, you had me smiling. I happen to be listening to one of my favorite CDs right now: “The Glory of Gershwin,” and the song that’s currently playing? You guessed it! “It Ain’t Necessarily So.” Must be kizmet. And who am I to fight kizmet? I have no choice but to sign on as your newest groupie. 🙂

    Good luck with unloading that old car of yours. Seems like WE keep acquiring more of them. My hubby has several project cars, my favorite of which is a 1930 Model A rat rod.

    Nice to meet ya.


    • Welcome aboard!Anyone who brings Gershwin can’t be bad.An old Model A? Been a while since I saw one of those.And there can be no more cars here until the Mustangs have gone.


  9. Oh dear, I’m late to the party : Happy Blog Anniversary ! I hope it was an easy birth …
    I like cherry blossoms – and together with the cherries there are these other blooming things whose name I always forget, they look gorgeous. We have a little garden for them here in town, aptly named Kaisergärtchen.
    I do not get the reference to the “old cars” – ? Rust bloomers ?


    • Thank you. I googled Kaisergartchen, but it didn’t really help!(Munich is all about the wonderful schitzel and Oberhausen has a nice fountain)

      And the old cars? My Man has two restored Ford Mustangs.Both for sale. I’d like to sell them before they become rust bloomers! (Here, we say rust is caused by a “metal worm” Eisen verm)


      • Try this, for your viewing pleasure. It is a small square opposite the main station. There are Japanese cherries and these other ones – Magnolias, as I read. There is a small window of time in the early spring when this is the loveliest place one can find, perhaps in whole Southern Germany. It is really great when they are in full bloom.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Thank you.Magnolia! Looks like M. soulangeana.I have a Michaelia figo (which is small) at the back gate.If I had room I would LOVE a M. grandiflora.


  10. Mustangs! What years and colors?

    I restored and drove a 1973 Mustang coupe. It was ginger color, but really it was a metallic brown. I had it repainted yellow and it looked much better.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Ooh! My Man’s last Mustang was a ’73, the last of the old V8s;he sold it to a friend and it still goes!These are oldies, a 1965 and 1966.Both now restored, Wimbledon White and the 65 has the classic Pony interior in pale blue/white. Here’s a link


  12. That blue Pony Interior looks awesome on the 65. Well done on both machines!

    Two pix of my 73 Mustang are shown in this post.


  13. Greetings Dinah,

    Thanks for the messages. I would have visited you before now, if I had known your wonderful blog had existed. I’m so used to clicking on blogger content warning (you know the types *purses lips*) anyway I found you now, so here I am.

    Beautiful blues skies, Oh to be in Oz for the winter. It’s Grey here with bare branches of the trees rattling in the wind but surprisingly mild for November.

    Happy Anniversary!


    • Welcome aboard, Mitzi. WE hope you’ll enjoy cruising with us-oh wait! you actually do the real thing! Oh well, grab a paddle and give us a hand;we seem to be stuck up the creek!


  14. Hello Di, I’m finally getting around to reading some blogs. Well, yours at least. About to batten down the hatches as we are promised temp of 41 today so I’m going to keep the house dark, and me safely inside. Kids have gone to school but if temp goes over 41 they’ll be sent home. Happy blogiversary! Maybe I’ll get to mine soon.


  15. Those look like pretty blossoms. Pink has a way of really getting our attention in spring. And Happy Blog Anniversary. I have no idea when mine is though I suppose there is some way to figure it out. I’ve been on a blog-writing kick lately but that definitely is an anomaly! Can’t say how long it may last either. Cheers 🙂


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