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Hello. Dinah is feeling old today. Why? Oh, nothing that concerns you, my lovely blog friends.Well, the end of the carnival comes to us all, doesn’t it? C’est la vie.

But it is hard to hear, on a phone call from far, far away…


I was clearing out the cupboard beneath the (rather fugly!) shelving arrangement where we store tapes, CDs and records.Oh dear. I suppose some of you may not know to which “records” I’m referring. Not the 7 years’ worth of banking stuff that the Taxation Office (Inland Revenue or IRS, if you like) insists on.  The kind of record that delivered our music in what I now have to think of as the “old days.” See? Dinah’s feeling old!

Back in the decade that would spawn The Beatles and Hair and much, much more, there was a musical show that caught my attention. If I was a “proper” singer I probably would have auditioned for “Irma.” I’m not so I didn’t. But I have sung this song.



I only went to the library to take back a book.Look what was waiting in my usual parking space… IMG_4765.JPG

…my new car!*

Looks like a rubbish night on telly so maybe I’ll dig out the record player and start with this..IMG_4767.JPG

And then? Ah, who knows which road I’ll take.There must be around 30 old records in that cupboard.

But I’ll leave you with something to ponder. Any guesses? Answers on a postcard   in the comments,please.IMG_4766.JPG

And “for a friend” …looking vaguely in the direction of  MauiIMG_4490.JPG



*fat chance!


Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!

24 thoughts on “THIS AND THAT

  1. Just the smell of the vinyl takes me back! Nice post!


  2. Really sharp Vette! From the wheels and badging, I’m guessing 1974?

    Nice vaguely view toward Maui. [sigh]


  3. That view is more beautiful than the Corvette, which is mighty fine. So, an old pocket pill case?Thirties of forties?


  4. Kids today with their Kanye Wests and gravity waves and Deadpools and Snapchats will never truly understand the joy of vinyl.


    • Especially the single-play models.The delicate lover’s touch to lower that needle arm gently, with the softest sigh as the tip made contact…
      A million youthful memories in those old discs…


  5. Only thirty records? There are lots and lots here. Mostly his, but lots just the same.
    Love your musical selection. And am, of course, thinking of Ms No Regrets.


    • Oh, EC, there were many,many more! But we sold a large portion before coming to Australia as we’d already transferred a lot to the then-fashionable tape. But most of what I kept are really old classic cuts.There were a couple of Piafs, too, but badly marked so I only play CD versions now.


  6. The last vinyl record I bought was U2s The Joshua Tree, 29 years ago, ye Gods! Compact discs are considered to be old hat nowadays. Now I’m feeling old.

    A press stud? A yo-yo? A cyanide pill?

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Happy Birthday!!! I have no idea why I say this…. but one day I have to be right 🙂

    Drawer knob!!! Or a yoyo? – oh, Mitzi said that, I thought I was being clever.


    • Haha, saying happy birthday is a bit like having a broken clock – sooner or later you’ll be right.:-) And, yes, it’s a yo-yo. Good job there’s no prize or you and Mitzi might get into an unladylike stoush for it.


  8. I was going to say a silver yo-yo!! Good to know I was right. 😉

    I used to have lots of vinyl, exchanged everything for CDs (which I still have) but most of my music purchases are online these days and downloaded to listen on the go. I do have an excellent sound system in the house, though and often get the iPod hooked up to blast some tunes. (Being a teen in the 70s, I tend to like that.)

    I watched something on tv not that long ago where they took electron micrographs of vinyl records to show all the tiny little grooves with their dips and wobbles that somehow make up all the richness we hear coming from the speakers. Amazing how that works.

    Nice car, by the way!


  9. Yes, that old technology was top of the range in its day.mostly monaural, too, until stereo came in.But we had a tape deck and, if you were very careful with the timing, you could play the record in the sitting room and the tape in the kitchen!


  10. I was going to say a yo-yo, too – I should have got here earlier, I suppose. That’ll teach me for being blog-slack. I had a yo-yo like that when I was a young ‘un, but never really got the hang of it. More often than not I’d end up almost garotting myself…

    I hope the feeling of old has passed and you are feeling rejuvenated and young again!


  11. Oh, don’t beat yourself up about blog=slacking!Hell! I get woefully behind all the time.
    I was wondering if I should mention my yo-yoing days and you’ve decided me.Next post!
    And, yes, I’ve got over the recent blues, than ks for asking.


  12. I loved Irma la Douce. Still have a ton of records, too, both 45s and 33s. I’ve been slowly passing them onto our older son, who recently decided records are a “cool” thing to have. Unfortunately, he doesn’t want a lot of my favorites, so heaven knows what will end up happening to them. (sigh) I simply can’t bring myself to toss them into the trash bin.

    One of the classic cars we own is a ’76 Corvette. It’s a lot of fun to zip around in, but the fantasy is much better than the reality when it comes to getting in and out of it!


  13. Fabulous car! Though I agree with Susan about the getting in and out. I still have a lot of vinyl but often when I go searching for favourites I find I’ve already given them to my daughter or son. Both of whom, I’m happy to say, still treasure vinyl. I was a child of the 50s so still love rock and roll, I missed the 60s completely, then came back to the 70s. Not much else since then except for classical which has always been my first choice since childhood. We must have had the same Christmas bonbons – we got yoyos too.

    Liked by 1 person

  14. There was some good instrumental music in our younger days, but few good voices!


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