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That might sound a little harsh. I love bats. Back in my London days, I had a bat box in Epping Forest. I’ve rescued bats. I find them endlessly fascinating.

But it must be said, they can be messy little beggars. They seem to be competing with birds and possums over who can make the most and stickiest mess. Of course, we have now paved the back pathway and we have  rather a lot of palms overhanging the garden and path…

But back to the mystery object of the previous post. It was a yo-yo. No, it’s not Johnny’s yo-yo. Did you ever play with yo-yos? When I was about 7 or 8 someone gave me a yo-yo and I spent hours trying to master it. I could get it to unwind in a downward motion.But would it wind back up? Would it heck as like! My yo-yo suffered from terminal gravity. Until…I had a brilliant idea. Actually, at that age I had quite a few brilliant ideas, not all of which were feasible.But I was hell-bent on beating that bloody yo-yo…

Convinced something was wrong with its cord, I scrabbled in my mother’s sewing box and found some shirring elastic. Bingo! I’d defeated  gravity! Maybe, if I’d kept practising I might have been as good as this

Let’s have a look at the local beach.Recent rain has washed away the dust and this is how it looked when I had lunch with friends at the “pub with the million dollar view.”IMG_4770

Turning South. My house is out of frame to the right and a few streets over.


And this little chap hopped out of my car the other day after I’d taken a load of pruning trash to the tip. I think it’s Litoria fallax. If anyone can confirm that, please do.



And in other news…I have been instructed in the starting of  the Mustang. First, I must connect the battery. And, once the engine turns over, I must shut it off for  few seconds. Then I turn it on again, this time running it for 15-20 seconds. Then I let it sit for a couple of minutes. And the next time I turn the key…I can actually put it in reverse and back it out onto the drive!

All this is so that if My Man is not home when the tow truck comes to collect the Mustang,I can line it up to be loaded on the truck. Yes! One of them is going to a new home.

That’s it for now! I’m off to stretch my legs while daylight lasts.

Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!

22 thoughts on “IN WHICH I GO BAT-SHIT CRAZY

  1. Yay! Beach pics! What an amazing view – I suppose you need somewhere to go and relax after a hard day of cleaning up bat shit?! Are those islands on the horizon (or the tips of penninsulas)?

    I’ve no idea about the frog. Although it looks as if it could be the young crown prince of Asturius? However, it’s been a while since that spell was wrought, so my eyes could be deceiving me.


    • If I could be fagged I suppose I could scrape it and bag and flog it as “Gotham City Guano.” Too lazy.
      There are 2 islands in that picture. Keswick and St.Bees. A friend has a house on Keswick. Hope to be going over in a few weeks.
      I don’t think that’s an enchanted froggy.I shall consult the magical tomes.


  2. That’s a hell of a view. You don’t want to see what I’m looking at right now. It ain’t blue water and pretty foliage, I can tell you that much.


  3. Wow on the view front. It is way too long since I have seen the sea.
    Smiling at the Gotham City guano. You could make a mint.
    And the car starting? Reminds me of a clunker we had years back. Petrol had to be poured into the carburetor at start up. With someone (me) ready to blow the flames out as he turned it over…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well, the ponies aren’t quite in clunker division, but (apparently) the damage from turning the key and revving the bejeezelhoop out of them is horrendous. They must be lovingly coerced into making that throaty growl…
      At least I don’t have to turn it over with a crank!


  4. Austin supposedly has the largest urban bat population. About 2 million of them live under a bridge downtown.

    Yo-yos! I had the most luck doing tricks with a Duncan Butterfly.

    Awesome views!

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s a lovely bat pic! The ones we have here roost in the mangroves, a few hundred metres away. Watching them fly out as the sun goes down is a great sight.
      I never did “get” the yo-yo thing;had more luck juggling tennis balls.


  5. The first time I saw a bat in close proximity was in a park in Sydney, what I thought was a tree with bizarre looking fruit on it, turned out to be a tree covered in bats, not any old bats these were the size of Chihuahuas, I was amazed. I made little pssp pssp noises to try to encourage one down. God knows what I would have done if they had all come flapping down, probably run away screaming, clutching my hair.

    What an amazing view reminds me of a bounty advert.


  6. We have bats in the bodega…in France they lived in the roof and hibernated behind the shutters.
    Mucky so and sos….we used to tell people to close the shutters on their bedroom windows before coming down for dinner…they did not and the early hours were rendered hideous by the screeches of those encountering bats in the stairwell on their way to the loo.


    • Sometimes “townies” don’t listen, do they? Your guests would have had a fit at my former neighbour’s place – a 6′ carpet snake draped over a roof beam and various critters taking a short cut through the house. Come to think of it, our place was much the same!

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  7. Ok, I give up. Which one of them is going to a new home? I can’t stand the suspense.


  8. Your mention of the bats reminds me of when some friends of ours moved into a beautiful lakeside home years ago. At first, they fairly waxed poetic about all of the beautiful… the majestic… Canadian geese that lived in the area, but it didn’t take long for their words of ecstasy to turn into strings of expletives. There was goose crap (very slippery goose poop, I might add) all over EVERYTHING. I’m sure you can relate.

    Your local beach is gorgeous. If I lived that close to water, I don’t know if I’d ever get anything done. Not that I particularly excel in that area now. 🙂

    Yo-yos. Yes, I had one as a kid, and I was fairly good with it, but not great. I could do an “around the world” maneuver and could “walk the dog.” That was my entire repertoire of tricks.


  9. Well, I’m packing my bags and coming your way….. yes, I’m determined to come and teach you how to play with a yoyo.

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  10. OH! Be still my thumping heart Do you mean it, Scarlet? Oh we’d have such fun!


  11. I haven’t read anyone’s responses but over here we simply call them tree frogs.
    I sure do love that million dollar view from your local pub — wowza.
    Oh I loved yo-yo’s when I was a kid. I am sure the cord is the key to it working at its best and best not to get that cord twisted at all either methinks ;-0


    • Yes, tree frog fits quite a few. This one hopped away before I clould get positive ID. And, with 2 days of heavy rain, we’ve heard a big tree frog somewhere near by 🙂


  12. Hello, Love! A few moments of respite in California, and I’m attempting to catch up – and what GLORIOUS views and news! Stunning landscape – AND you have been Given The Knowledge?!!?! Glory be!

    Liked by 1 person

  13. If you don’t delay too long, we might still have “Cindarella” when you get here!


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