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Well, ready to do battle with a couple of onions and some parsley…


We’ve had this magnetic knife holder for a couple of years and today The Man installed it.Why did this take so long? Mostly we were not certain where any live wires might be! And that short bladed chap on the left? Used to be longer until She Who Shall Not Be Named used it on a coconut…

Not a lot to write about , but I thought I might show some recent pictures.

The passion fruit vine which was slugging it out with the wisteria and Petrea volubilis is producing fruit.In fact, we’ve eaten several already and might have had more were it not for some late night thievery.I suspect possums.empty shell.JPG

Several empty “shells” litter the garden…  

Here’s one that we’ll have!IMG_2488.JPG


Two of the jasmines are doing well after the unseasonal rain.


Jasminum officinale (above) and J. sambac (below)


The Man called me outside this morning to see this…IMG_0206.JPG

And here’s a finger (mine) for size comparisonIMG_2480.JPG

When I find out what it is I’ll let you know.Meanwhile, if any of you can ID it, fire away! 

Mr Google tells me it’s the larva of the Four O’Clock or Peacock moth  we found a few weeks ago! Dysphania numana for those who need to know.



Callistemon. I think its label called it “Green Ice”



I’ll leave you with this Dendrobium orchid. Mr/Mrs Caterpillar has munched through its leaf and now it’s our turn to eat…




Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!

22 thoughts on “ARMED AND DANGEROUS?

  1. Love those well-used knives. And the cattypilla. And what it will eventually become. Ephemeral magic.


  2. Not a classic set of chefs’ knives, but they work well enough for me. I, too, hope to see the moth hatch. Funny story: about 10 years ago I planted the Carallia as a host tree for this moth and this is the first time we’ve seen one! 🙂


  3. Yikes! I take back what I said about dressing up for a ride in Car back at my blog. You can dress however you like!

    Beautiful garden photos, as always. Despite the destruction they can cause, I like to see unusual caterpillars, and that 4 o’Clock moth caterpillar is stunning.


    • I do dispatch some critters – mozzies and ticks.But prefer to leave it to the natural order. I told The Man to stand guard against any Spangled Drongoes while I ran for a camera!


  4. Ooh, now I’ll have to magic myself over to Narf’k and see what you said…
    Yes, all the wildlife gets a free ride Chez Dinahmow. Well, everyone else in the suburb sprays the hell out of things.


  5. Nice cutlery collection. Do you have a favorite that you use most often? I personally find that I use the Santoku most.

    Nice garden pix!


    • I probably used the long straight blade most.And the black-handled parer. But the best tomato knife I ever had seems to have gone. And I CANNOT FIND A REPLACEMENT! I bought the original in K-Mart, years ago and Mother in law loved it so much she bought one (in the old days when you could take such a thing on a ‘plane without being hauled off by Border Security!) and brother in law now has it. A brilliant knife, with very,very fine serration.


  6. I did like the batterie de cuisine…I have my old favourites too…but Leo recently bought ceramic knives for general cutting work and they are super.
    You open coconuts…I break knife points by opening recalcitrant jam jars…


  7. Always enjoy reading your posts, entertaining and great photos with information.


  8. What kind of camera are you using? I forget.


    • Hello! Um…there are several cameras here.I think I used the little Canon pocket camera (the one I was using when we went to the Brooklyn Museum) for the caterpillar as it was on the table.But I fired up the bigger Canon Rebel for the other garden shots. You’ve reminded me that I should check all the others’ batteries!


  9. Well, I shan’t be breaking in to your house anytime soon. I shall be civilised and use the door knocker… I wouldn’t want to end up on the sharp end of anything and go the way of the coconut.


  10. I make do with a knife drawer. Mind you, there’s no room for a rack like yours here.

    Love your plants!


  11. The knives used to live in the cutlery tray in a drawer.Health-and-Safety would’ve had conniptions! Mind you, the julienne peeler and a small grater are still in there, making teaspoon foraging a bit of a bloody hazard!:-)

    How are things progressing for you guys?


  12. I love my magnetic knife holder – but I’d like a couple more for all the smaller bits that inhabit the drawers and cause damage to fingers. Great caterpillar, stunning colour. And your orchid is beautiful! Oh, and we only grow our passion fruit for the possums and fruit bats, it seems. We are very generous…


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