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But before I start on the one hundred + photos I took…

Updated with a link.See footnote

Mr.Yellow has gummed some leaves together and appears to have settled down to become his moth self.(This was in the making stage.Obviously.) I cannot find any accurate information on the duration, but someone up in the Northern Territory recorded it as being almost 3 months. Temperatures down here and August v March may make a difference. Stay tuned!IMG_0226  6pm Aug 27.JPG

The Sunbirds  are real characters – whenever I’m watering the gardens they’ll “ask” to be sprayed with the hose. The other day I actually managed to sneak back with a camera;this is the closest I’ve ever managed to get to the flighty little beggars!I hooked the hose in a branch and they took great delight in sliding down the banana leaves and flying through the spray.sunbirds bath 2.JPG

Banana leaf slide

sunbirds bath 3.JPG

Mr and Mrs Bird, drying off on the rose arch.


And now… a few pictures from the Libris Awards exhibition.

The major prize-winner, a collaborative work by George Matoulas and Angela Cavalieri

“Europa to Oceania” quarter cloth binding




Janice R Nedela  “Unreadable Book #2”  Acrylic sheets




Caren Florance. “Pleasure Demolition”  letterpress, paper, thread



Jack Oudyn.  “Keer-Weer -turn again.” Waxed Vietnamese paper.




Winner of the Regional Artists’ Award. May-Britt Mosshammer. “Tapping the Knowledge.” Books, bronze, paper



I’ll post more, but right now kitchen duty beckons!


Because so many are not only difficult to photograph as they are displayed, I’m not going post all of them. But there is a list available from the gallery’s website



Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!


  1. Books … pox on the inventor … one could be of different opinion what actually flows from the “knowledge” tap.


    • Well, yes, but for the most part books have always given me great pleasure.
      I admit though, as a maker of artist books myself, I often struggle to see what the judges see!


  2. Oooh.
    You are pandering to rather a lot of my obsessions here.
    The tiny birds make greased lightening look slow and predictable don’t they?
    Love Mr Yellow, and the books. Of course.


  3. EC, I think you’d like to see the books on display, but, like me, you’d want to be able to open them or at east have some explanation of their construction. Some, of course, are self-evident, but many are too “static” to be enjoyed.


  4. I do like the look of the wax paper book…. and also the unreadable acrylic book made me smile.
    I have decided to leave the nature pics to you and Mr Devine…. BUT, I do have something up my sleeve that will make Mr Devine sit up and take notice…. I just have to do the downloading thing, hopefully before the end of the week.


  5. If the “artist” had just taken the trouble to put that book water faucet thing on a chair…

    PS: The bird slippy slide is great! Well done.


    • O! It took me a moment to “get” the chair reference. Now I see what you mean. Once I’ve posted more of these I shall do a “book-on-a-chair.Always late to the party,aren’t I!


  6. Oh, keep the pics coming of Mr Yellow. Has he closed up the leaf or is he/cocoon visible. The Sunbirds are lucky to have their own hose servant.
    Thanks for the photos of the books. Great to see them, whether or not I “get” the meaning. I just love to see what people are making. I agree that it would be good to see more – I know actually handling of the books is too difficult to ‘police’, but sometimes I feel frustrated not to be able to get a closer look.
    To me, the Tap of Knowledge is interesting but I’d class it as assemblage art rather than a book form. Not that a book has to be a traditional book form, any more… Hmmm, I could get myself into a real hole here, so I’ll just go quietly away.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Carol, I’ve just updated this post with a link to a PDF of entries.Better photos than I can get! And, yes, there are not many that could be classed “codex” which is fine by me.But a large cloth patchwork? No, I fail to see how that is a “book.” Perhaps it attaches to a scroll which,of course, is one of the oldest forms of presenting a written document, but that is not evident. The artist is local so I may be able to find out.


  7. I hope you’re going to stalk Mr Yellow (not that he’s going anywhere, I suppose) like a paparazzi until he emerges? The sunbirds won’t try and eat him, will they?

    I don’t know what to make of the meaning of the books? I’m a bit hopeless with all that. However, like Ms Scarlet, I do like the look of the acrylic book, and the waxed Vietnamese paper one. The “Tapping the Knowledge” one seems a little obvious in this company, though.


    • Quite a few people seem perplexed at the notion of artist books, which can cover quite a lot of ground and not always to the taste of “conventional” viewers! 🙂
      No, the sunbirds will not bother the yellow Fellow.They mostly go for small spiders.I can’t see into his leaf house without disturbing it, but I’ll be keeping my eye on things.


  8. Mmmmmm. Books. How did the exhibit smell? I like the fragrance of books. Paper and glue and ink. They should make a perfume.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. All new in here – re-decorating all over the world !


  10. Oh, you know how it is…the weather seems stuck no matter how hard you knock the glass so you redecorate the desktop! Change being as good as rest.Apparently.


  11. those sunbirds are quite the characters. I really loved the quarter cloth binding, “Europa to Oceania” and am assuming/wondering? if those are the fat quarters that quilters buy for quilting they have used. Hmm.


    • Diane, I’m not certain whether the terms are shared by binders and quilters, but I ‘ll ask around.In book biding it refers to the area of the cover which differs from the spine.
      This link might be helpful As far as I know, “fat quarters” is not a binding term, being the measurement of fabric 1/4 (square) of a yard as a standard in quilting.
      And the sunbirds? Yes, lively little things; the same ones as built a nest around a string of fairy lights!

      Liked by 1 person

  12. I looked at the list and found some entries very interesting. I do not know what “category 1 / 2 / 3” describes. But I know that I would not have given any prize to this “tab”-thing. Right – I have seen none of the objects really in front of me, and of course all of this statement is egoistical and selfish, but “wie ich es auch drehe und wende”, from what angel I look at it, this thing not.
    And the mean thing is that I am not really able to express why I do not like this object – what is a light expression. Tatsächlich ist das Ding eine Beleidigung. But I can give you no reason, not yet.


  13. Mr. Mags, the criteria for entry are as follows:

    The Libris Awards are open to artists living & working anywhere in Australia (must be an Australian
    citizen or resident in Australia for 12 months or more). Entrants may submit one entry only. All
    finalists’ works are eligible for acquisition by Mackay Regional Council & for the major Dalrymple Bay
    Coal Terminal National Artists Book Award (Category 1). Each entry must be the original work of the
    entrant & must have been completed since April 2014. Location of residence conditions apply in
    Category 2 (Applicant must reside in Mackay, Whitsunday and Isaac Regional Council regions in
    Queensland) & restrictions apply in Category 3. (To be eligible for Category 3 you must be 26 or
    under in 2016. Age restrictions do not apply if you are currently studying an undergraduate visual
    arts course. Course and institution name and student ID number must be provided)

    I often don’t like what other people think is worth a lot of money! 🙂


  14. I don’t know which I enjoyed more, your pictures of the sun birds or the pictures of the artists’ books.

    Both are fabulous.


    • The sunbirds are a delight, though they never allow me to get close.
      And the books? Some of them are beautifully crafted, but I would like to be able to handle them, examine their construction better.


  15. Thank you for sharing these awesome fotos. I especially love the header with the gorgeous white blossoms!

    The sunbirds look fantastic & fun! And I am excited to see the new moth emerge from the leaves! What a lively & lovely garden you have!

    I confess that I don’t always get art, but I love & admire the effort that went into creation. It may not be my thing, but live & let live. When I first read waxed paper, I automatically thought, ‘Oh, boy, we’re making sweet treats like cookies & candies!’ Then I saw the picture & thought, ‘Whoops! Not food, but more like gift wrapping paper.’ I don’t always get art, but I do what I like when I see it.

    Thanks for sharing these fabulous fotos!


    • Welcome aboard, Mr.Wings.We sort-of know each other from mutual friends’ blogs.
      I’m glad you like some of what you see here.And I know many people in the art world, some who make a tidy living in that sphere, and NONE of them has ever said “I like all art.”
      My white roses on the header? Ah, I wish I could say they’re in this garden! They were a froth of perfection in my sister-in-law’s garden, in London, a few years ago.


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