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Which, to some readers may seem a little odd.

Actually, it feels a little odd to me as we have had cool, showery days, which is not our usual weather for the season.

No complaints, though! The herbs have kept on keeping on, David Austin’s “Abraham Darby” has rewarded me with over 12 blooms, the best so far.IMG_2509.JPG

Over the past few weeks I’ve been  tidying and training   trying to train a runaway Trachelospermum jasminoides  to grow up to the verandah wires, instead of flinging itself into the clutches of the gingers and taking an orchid with it. Eventually, I saw sense and gave up trying to untwist its wiry stems.Out with the secateurs and damn the consequences! Two nights of rain and some warm sunshine and it was off, like a race horse on oats. And one flower already! (Though this picture is a wee bit of a cheat as it’s on a plant up by the back fence.) Everybody, clap your hands and shout “Hoorah!” for this little sweetheart.Why? The  nasty basta   neighbour over the fence doesn’t like it on the fence.In fact, he doesn’t seem to like anything in my garden! IMG_0376.JPG

I think I may have mentioned that the  &*&%#@***ing Eupanacra caterpillars had chomped ALL the leaves off ALL my Spathyphyllums? I have, over the years, mastered the “Gallic Shrug” as, I think , do all good gardeners. We suffer some predation and enjoy the resulting butterflies.Still, it’s  disappointing when one loses an entire flowering season! But, ta-daa! The rains and not-so-cold temperatures helped and  now I have blooms on 3 white  and one purple.IMG_2511.JPG

Pigeon peas. Being leguminous they are wonderful for fixing nitrogen. And their flowers are lovely, too. Beautiful dark shiny red buds…


…opening to a rich, golden yellow..


Petunias are a fantastic filler in blank spots. So many gardeners regard them (and other bedders) as too “municipal-type” plants.I can understand that, but I can also see beyond the the regimented colour bands. When I see broad swathes of red, white and purple petunias I feel as if I’ll be shot if I don’t sing  someone’s national anthem! Feel free to wander around my garden, with all sorts of bits and pieces. You don’t have to salute here. IMG_2487.JPGIMG_2492.JPG

Oops! Did I say “tropical” and then post petunias? My bad…Okay, here’s  something that is a tropical plant. A dwarf Heliconia. Sorry, if it had a varietal name, the label’s long gone.But I think it’s Jamaican Dwarf. The bright blue seeds are what draw my eye.IMG_2524.jpg

A few months ago, a friend dug up some Canna roots for me. I’ve long admired the brilliant red cannas in her garden. Well, the other day, the first flower bud opened. And there will be more!   IMG_2508.JPGThank you, Ali.

Other than grubbing out weeds that do not provide much in the way of sustenance for beneficial bugs, I have been busy elsewhere. But I’ll pop in again with, I hope, something entertaining.

What sort of elsewhere busy-ness, you ask? Well, still hammering the writer’s keys , but also reading. I seem to be on a fantasy kick…ask Uncle Google about David Mitchell.

Now…my glass is neither half full nor half empty.I shall rectify that!









Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!


  1. Hello Di, I do love your posts… Mine are sadly neglected (blog and garden) but I was out and about admiring jasmine, a rapidly fading azalea, Michelias and Cercis Canadensis along our driveway as I dead-headed jonquils. I love living in the sub-tropics: the mix of plants is mad! Thanks also for your post about the Libris Awards, which passed me by this year. Must. Get. Into. The. Studio. to make artists’ books, rather than concentrating on new business venture. Look forward to reading more as the year goes on, Sara xx


  2. Thank you for the trip through the flower garden. Excellent camera work!

    I am especially fond of the Heliconia as there were several varieties in my Maui garden. I have not seen that particular variety with the blue dot thingy. Very nice.


    • While I was away My Man rescued some Heliconia from the rubbish tip! So those will be planted-out soon.He thinks they are this

      H. psittacorum × H. spathocircinata cv. I hope so as I already have too many of the orange one!


  3. I keep wondering about importing some Austin roses…have even started preparing a bed for them….but I’ll have to brave the officials of the Min of Ag and Cattle and the Min of Health to check the permits…and risk the Customs holding the plants to ransom in their fortress outside San Jose….


  4. You seem to have plenty of pics for the annual Infomaniac gardening display! Please excuse me whilst I pinch a petunia, or two…


  5. Ooooh. My snotty self is loving your garden. And revelling in the quite different colours in mine. I am fond of petunias but haven’t grown them for years because they are thirsty. We have had a wet winter, and a damp spring so perhaps…
    And forsythia all over the street is blazing. Photos to follow. And if I can breave again I will go to Tulip Tops this week and photograph their forsythia avenue for you.


  6. I do love your garden. Especially since, so far, I haven’t killed a single plant remotely. If I were to get anywhere near the plants, however, it would be a different story.


  7. Ah, yes, I’m doing the best with what I have, too. Basically I have weeds, interspersed with very pleasing flowers, so I try to ignore the weeds and only concentrate on the flowers. Your rose is stunningly lush and I’m pretty sure I got a waft of perfume. I love the colour of that spathyphylum, it would look very nice in my garden. Thank goodness for spring, that’s what I say!


    • How’s your petrea doing????
      I made what may have been a tactical error this morning…I forgot to change lanes further back on the highway and found myself in the turning lane beside Bunnings. Oops! Unintentional, honest injun!Got a leptospermum (pale pink), 2 phalaenoopsis and some more dill.


  8. Oh no, LX. I was being very tongue-in-cheek as Carol knows I can’t drive past a garden centre. And if by a “hook turn” you mean a U turn-hell, no! There are a few places where they are legal, but anywhere else will cost you a lot of money, possible loss of licence.


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