Or, as is more likely to be heard in the northern parts of Australia: “Strewth! It’s bloody hot already!” Indeed it is. Some areas are getting the storms and some are getting left out.

I went with a couple of friends yesterday to see some linocuts which had been printed by a road roller. We drove south, watching the darkening clouds, quite expecting to get wet, but the clouds rolled away and dropped their load somewhere else. What I call Clayton’s storms.*

And the prints we’d expected to see were not on display!  We’d got the date wrong. Oops! So next week, perhaps we’ll try again.

There was a small exhibition by two local artists and the local handcraft store was open and we found a place to have some lunch so it was not a wasted day.

We were having lunch the other day when the garbage truck roared up the street and it was not our usual platypus-decorated one.So I grabbed the camera and raced out, bare feet hopping on the hot stones,just in time to catch this


A bit fuzzy, but this truck ‘s scene depicts the Mackay Marina. I wonder how many cities have such swish garbage trucks?

In my last post I didn’t think to mention how I carry my alcohol. Literally speaking! In England a few years ago, I often popped into a small supermarket near my bus stop and got a couple of bottles of wine and some cheese, olives, grapes. The small necessities of life. And this supermarket is one that sells mostly “Fair Trade” comestibles.They also sold strongly-made cotton canvas six- bottle bags and I brought two back with me.They’ve been in regular use for over three years and show no signs of wear.Wish I’d brought more as everyone seems to want one!

Anyway, yesterday, I spotted thisIMG_0497.JPG

A two-bottle wine bag with a sense of humour. Mr LX, I’m sure your machine could do this! 🙂

I’m on watering duty for my neighbour and it’s time to swap out some hoses so I’ll leave you with a quick pic of a new Callistemon in my garden. It’s called Taree Pink, should any locals want to plant one. This is an accurate photo of its colour.IMG_0495.JPG


And the title of this post? Here’s a little musical accompaniment. I think you can follow the old English.Feel free to join the singers. Perhaps even skip about.

I’m going to christen my new pizza stone. Thanks for the tips, Mr.LX




*the storm you have when you’re not having a storm  see here:

18 thoughts on “SUMER IS ICUMEN IN

  1. The bottle bag looks most excellent. I am impressed at your garbage truck. Ours are not nearly so decorative.
    Of course I love Taree Pink – but you are more than welcome to keep the heat. Yesterday was hot and windy. Today is intermittently damp, cool and windy. And I much prefer the latter.


    • I was tickled pink when our pictorial trucks came on the scene.I daresay it came out of the rates, but damn! we need things like this. I think there is still one “picture” I have not photographed. And just wait til I manage to snap the mobile library! It’s a …oh you’ll have to wait!


  2. Nice bit of civic pride. Our garbage truck just look like they need to be washed.

    I was admiring the stichery on the bag. I think our Miss Scarlet would like it as well — a bottle bag with bottles! Perhaps a new meme!

    Best wishes with the spiffy new pizza stone!


  3. Civic pride…yes! Too many places get caught up in ritzy-glitzy EXPENSIVE trumpery.But we see these trucks on a regular basis and, for me, at least, it’s uplifting.
    A new meme? Oh! Splendid idea. And one in which The Mistress could participate. Mind you, it might be a tad tricky to squish a vodka fountain in! 🙂


  4. Comestibles! One of my favourite words, and not used nearly enough in my opinion so, thank you, Dinahmow!

    Beautiful Callistemon and garbage truck! I wouldn’t mind paying a bit more for public services that are a bit easier on the eye.


  5. Oh my word! We are brewing a new business!! I’ll write the slogans, Mr Lax on the embroidery, and Dinah selling to her local friends!! Superb.
    Thank you for the pink, Dinah, a nice break from the orange that has been breaking out everywhere.


    • I read this and was not sure what you referred to.So I did what any smart girl does…I asked The Font of All Knowledge and apparently they had another big ‘quake in the Shakey Isles.
      Up here, we did have some lightning and some rain sing cucu!


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