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Or perhaps it’s been more than a week? Time slips by and I can’t always remember where I am supposed to be on the map of whatever month it is.

Oh well…I have some photos of that road roller print exhibition I went to see. I do know several printmakers who have used heavy machinery to print images, but I believe this a first locally.

The artists  “mixed it up” a little, using lino, wood-cut and collograph as their media.IMG_2571.JPG



And the artists, wearing their roller-printed T shirts.Yes, that’s the machine they used.

I was having a conversation, cyber-style, the other day about baking for Christmas festivities. Something I used to do, but have not done for years..

When I lived in London I used to bake mince pies to take in to share at work Of course, when it’s dark and snowy one feels more inclined to spend time at a hot oven! Here, in 30+Celsius? Not so much.

But going in to work one night with a basket smelling  like a distillery (my mince pies and fruit cakes were always liberally laced with whiskey or rum!) the woman next to me on the bus sniffed appreciatively. I opened the linen wrap and offered her one. She wanted to know if there were any vacancies at my work!

At that time I wore a dark red corduroy coat with a hood and colleagues took to calling me Little Red Riding Hood. A bit like thisIMG_0498.JPG

Perhaps I’ll make a tray of mince pies this year…

But I will NOT wear a coat with a hood!





Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!

26 thoughts on “A ROUND-UP OF MY WEEK

  1. I’ve made my Christmas cake and pudding and now you’ve encouraged me to maybe make some mince tarts. My kitchen already smells like a brewery so I can only make it even better. I do like your red riding hood picture. I think I had a red hooded jacket too, probably in the same era. Love those heavy machinery prints – well done those ladies!

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  2. Back then, I even made mincemeat!


  3. “But I will NOT wear a coat with a hood!” You will if/when you next come to Blighty. Probably two!

    The road roller prints are great. I really like the swirls in the top right of the second image (above the cat) – they remind me of something I did years and years ago. I must try and find it.

    Your Red Riding Hood painting is very expressive (that’s not the exact word I’m looking for, but it won’t go away, so I had to use it) and has a wonderful Quentin Blake feel to it. I wish I could be bothered to draw/paint some pictures for the blog.


  4. Oh! Sweetheart! For likening me to Q.Blake I shall come back to England “in the bleak midwinter”. maybe even to Norfolk! I’ve been to Narf’k in December so I know..

    Yes, the girls did n’t do too badly with their roller effort. Of course, they had to have a licenced driver (bloody health-and-safety innit) so had limited control over some aspects. But they sure had fun!
    And now, I want to see what you’ve been up to.NO! No, Muriel, that’s NOT what I mean.


  5. I do like the textures in printmaking – they are very seductive.
    I also love the red coat drawing, and understand the Q.Blake reference.
    Whisky, you say? I’ll be over shortly!


  6. Norfolk in December….at least it cleared the nudist beach up at Holkham….


  7. What a remarkable likeness!!!

    I plan to make a mincemeat pie tomorrow. Most likely divided into four or five smaller rustic pielettes instead of one normal size pie.

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  8. Sounds like the perfect outfit for a festive delivery! Yum!


  9. I make mincemeat tarts every year for Christmas (no, I don’t make the mincemeat myself… but my local grocery carries a brand that has a good bit of rum in it) and may make some fruit cake as well. Now THAT gets doused liberally with rum for sure once a week up until Christmas!. Very dark and moist, and well laden with fruit and nuts. Expensive to make but knocks most other cakes out of the park, if I do say so myself. 🙂

    I used to do pies but find tarts are easier to transport to wherever the family gathering is taking place. I occasionally make mince cookies, using my grandmother’s recipe… a sealed cookie rather like a perogy (not sure if anyone on here knows what that is). Perhaps I will do the cookies this year. A nice change from the tarts.


  10. Congratulations to the artists! What fantastic creations! Thanks for sharing fotos of their fascinating works. I like the prints and unique designs–some look very tribal and I particularly like the first foto with the yellow color–probably because I luv color! And speaking of colors, I like your red hoodie representation. Sorry to hear that you don’t have it anymore.

    Your mincemeat pies sound great! And I can relate to wanting to share food at work. I usually make something during holidays (any holiday I’m working) and like to share it with fun coworkers. Food has a very nice effect of making people happy and cooperative. Add me to the rare list of people who actually love fruitcake. And when it gets hot, ironically, I like to fire up the grill and make some delicious BBQ to take to work. I’ll use any excuse to have BBQ!

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  11. Those roller prints are amazing — great art. And so too is your “red riding hood” sketch of yourself. You need to do more of that.

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  12. What can I do with left over mince meat, I hear you ask? Make a mince meat omelette of course. May all your cakes and pastries come out the oven, looking like Fanny’s.


  13. A few years ago there was a ‘roller art’ event here – had a friend involved, and i was sorry to miss it. Something about the combination of large construction vehicles and print making would make me very happy! I’m taking a year off from my baking (biscotti), mostly because of schedule and the fact that i’m throwing a gigantic birthday party mid-month that is taking my energy! i usually enjoy it – as you said, something about a cold, dark winter day that makes me want to spend it in the kitchen. i’ll get back to it next year, no doubt!


  14. One good turn deserves another…and I’m glad I did. I need to own that first print. Those ladies are something else. As for mincemeat, my mother, the food hoarder, had a jar of mincemeat that dated from 1968. It was prominent on the shelf, but not to be touched (It looked a little iffy anyway.) It was still there when she passed in 1999, unopened!, and I suspect it’s lying in wait for future generations to uncover and marvel at.


    • Hey! Good to see you here again. Might want to have the paramedics on hand if that jar is opened.I opened a jar of Aunty Sommeone’s jam and almost lost an eye when the lid flew off!


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