Or perhaps it’s been more than a week? Time slips by and I can’t always remember where I am supposed to be on the map of whatever month it is.

Oh well…I have some photos of that road roller print exhibition I went to see. I do know several printmakers who have used heavy machinery to print images, but I believe this a first locally.

The artists  “mixed it up” a little, using lino, wood-cut and collograph as their media.IMG_2571.JPG



And the artists, wearing their roller-printed T shirts.Yes, that’s the machine they used.

I was having a conversation, cyber-style, the other day about baking for Christmas festivities. Something I used to do, but have not done for years..

When I lived in London I used to bake mince pies to take in to share at work Of course, when it’s dark and snowy one feels more inclined to spend time at a hot oven! Here, in 30+Celsius? Not so much.

But going in to work one night with a basket smelling  like a distillery (my mince pies and fruit cakes were always liberally laced with whiskey or rum!) the woman next to me on the bus sniffed appreciatively. I opened the linen wrap and offered her one. She wanted to know if there were any vacancies at my work!

At that time I wore a dark red corduroy coat with a hood and colleagues took to calling me Little Red Riding Hood. A bit like thisIMG_0498.JPG

Perhaps I’ll make a tray of mince pies this year…

But I will NOT wear a coat with a hood!




26 thoughts on “A ROUND-UP OF MY WEEK

  1. I’ve made my Christmas cake and pudding and now you’ve encouraged me to maybe make some mince tarts. My kitchen already smells like a brewery so I can only make it even better. I do like your red riding hood picture. I think I had a red hooded jacket too, probably in the same era. Love those heavy machinery prints – well done those ladies!

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  2. “But I will NOT wear a coat with a hood!” You will if/when you next come to Blighty. Probably two!

    The road roller prints are great. I really like the swirls in the top right of the second image (above the cat) – they remind me of something I did years and years ago. I must try and find it.

    Your Red Riding Hood painting is very expressive (that’s not the exact word I’m looking for, but it won’t go away, so I had to use it) and has a wonderful Quentin Blake feel to it. I wish I could be bothered to draw/paint some pictures for the blog.


  3. Oh! Sweetheart! For likening me to Q.Blake I shall come back to England “in the bleak midwinter”. maybe even to Norfolk! I’ve been to Narf’k in December so I know..

    Yes, the girls did n’t do too badly with their roller effort. Of course, they had to have a licenced driver (bloody health-and-safety innit) so had limited control over some aspects. But they sure had fun!
    And now, I want to see what you’ve been up to.NO! No, Muriel, that’s NOT what I mean.


  4. I do like the textures in printmaking – they are very seductive.
    I also love the red coat drawing, and understand the Q.Blake reference.
    Whisky, you say? I’ll be over shortly!


  5. I make mincemeat tarts every year for Christmas (no, I don’t make the mincemeat myself… but my local grocery carries a brand that has a good bit of rum in it) and may make some fruit cake as well. Now THAT gets doused liberally with rum for sure once a week up until Christmas!. Very dark and moist, and well laden with fruit and nuts. Expensive to make but knocks most other cakes out of the park, if I do say so myself. 🙂

    I used to do pies but find tarts are easier to transport to wherever the family gathering is taking place. I occasionally make mince cookies, using my grandmother’s recipe… a sealed cookie rather like a perogy (not sure if anyone on here knows what that is). Perhaps I will do the cookies this year. A nice change from the tarts.


  6. Congratulations to the artists! What fantastic creations! Thanks for sharing fotos of their fascinating works. I like the prints and unique designs–some look very tribal and I particularly like the first foto with the yellow color–probably because I luv color! And speaking of colors, I like your red hoodie representation. Sorry to hear that you don’t have it anymore.

    Your mincemeat pies sound great! And I can relate to wanting to share food at work. I usually make something during holidays (any holiday I’m working) and like to share it with fun coworkers. Food has a very nice effect of making people happy and cooperative. Add me to the rare list of people who actually love fruitcake. And when it gets hot, ironically, I like to fire up the grill and make some delicious BBQ to take to work. I’ll use any excuse to have BBQ!

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  7. A few years ago there was a ‘roller art’ event here – had a friend involved, and i was sorry to miss it. Something about the combination of large construction vehicles and print making would make me very happy! I’m taking a year off from my baking (biscotti), mostly because of schedule and the fact that i’m throwing a gigantic birthday party mid-month that is taking my energy! i usually enjoy it – as you said, something about a cold, dark winter day that makes me want to spend it in the kitchen. i’ll get back to it next year, no doubt!


  8. One good turn deserves another…and I’m glad I did. I need to own that first print. Those ladies are something else. As for mincemeat, my mother, the food hoarder, had a jar of mincemeat that dated from 1968. It was prominent on the shelf, but not to be touched (It looked a little iffy anyway.) It was still there when she passed in 1999, unopened!, and I suspect it’s lying in wait for future generations to uncover and marvel at.


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