Do you camp? Or do you run faster than Yusain Bolt as far from a tent as possible? Does “camp” in your lexicon mean blokes in ball gowns?

Well, this may not be your billy of bush tea…on the other hand, you might like to start your shiny new year with a new hobby.In which case, I’m happy to explain some of the terminology.


Once upon a time…when we “went camping” it involved a canvas tent, half a dozen wooden poles with iron spikes in one end (and if you didn’t have the smarts to know which end went uppermost…you found out the hard way) and fiendish fold-up camp cots whose hinges were known to sever fingers.After a few years of hauling small children and clumsy husbands off to ER for sutures, someone had the idea of sleeping on  a Li-lo, that inflatable bed which is more comfortable and affords a nice lie-down when you’ve come close to a heart attack after puffing into the damn’ thing for half an hour, before you have to wrestle with a folding card table whose hinges were designed by the cot people. (It might be a good idea to take a couple of bricks or off-cuts of timber because the odds against camping on perfectly level ground are roughly the same as David Cameron leading Britain back into Europe’s embrace.) All cooked food was cooked over open flame.No, Muriel, not a whopping great gas bottle-with-a-dish-rack. A proper fire of dead, fallen  branches with a cast iron pan for the frying of bacon.And a kettle big enough to boil enough water to wash the greasy pan and plates.Entertainment on such trips was very much d.i.y. Hiking, swimming in creeks or the sea, reading in the tent if it rained. Packing up the whole soggy mess if it kept raining and heading home.
And then came  “glamping.” This is a recently-coined term for “glamourous camping.” This new way seems to involve rather more money than I ever spent on a couple of days at a lake or seaside…For starters, one seems to need an all -terrain gas-guzzling behemoth to tow another behemoth which affords box spring bunk beds, slide-out table (ah! learned your lesson from those old camp cot hinges, did you?) microwave oven, TV/video,an extensive range of cookware, fridge,gas-fired cook top…Oh, you can have  an electronics chap sort out a suitable satellite dish to be mounted on the roof so you can watch the footy/cricket/ASE updates.
For only a little more money you could have ALL this in a single vehicle package. Big plus, you could add bike racks, allowing a BMX-y work-out before you sit down to your evening meal and the new season of  whatever TV show you absolutely must see.
Well, today I learned that an ancient tradition is being revived and is known now as “champing.”
In days of  yore, devout pilgrims walked miles to places of holy worship. Along the way, they were given shelter and basic food within the walls of monasteries, churches, convents. At no cost, though the wealthy hedged their bets with a donation of coin!
In England, You Can Camp in Abandoned Medieval Churches [article from twitter]
The Sunbirds have finished their nest and Mrs Bird is (I presume!) sitting on eggs. I’ll keep an eye on things. My camera software and computer are,apparently,not speaking so I have no new pictures today.If continued bad language still doesn’t work I’ll use a camera whose obsolete software is running on The Man’s computer…are you keeping up, you at the back! Here’s one from the other day…IMG_2615.JPG
And because “pretty” is important, here’s an impulse purchase of a Calla lily…Calla lily   IMG_0520.JPG
Oh! It’s December  the thirty oneth. If you’re off to drown the last of this decidedly iffy year, be careful. I need my readers to support my scribbling habit in 2017!
I wish you health, happiness and fewer idiots eligible to vote!

21 thoughts on “THE HAPPY CAMPER

  1. You may keep your camping, thank you very much. The last time I went, my husband, our 120 lb german shepherd and I ended up huddling in a 2-person tent while a skunk made himself comfortable outside of it.

    But I love your pictures!

    Here’s hoping that 2017 will be a better year than any of us are expecting!

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  2. I luv camping! Hiking! Climbing! Swimming! Exploring the woods, hidden canyons, and deserts and beaches. I have a tent and sleeping bag in the car at all times! National Parks are my favorite places to explore, and I live off canned food, esp. in areas that don’t allow open flames due to fire hazards from drought conditions.

    It’s always a fun adventure, though last time, I opted to sleep inside the car instead of the tent–there was a bear and cub sighting a stone’s throw from my tent area, and a puma ran through the same area hours later that evening. It was thrilling to see those powerful, majestic animals so close! And while I love nature and getting close to wildlife, I was not taking any chances to end up as a meal for them critters should they get the munchies late at night. So in the car I slept with the windows cracked open.

    Still, I’ve experienced some wondrous marvels while exploring the magnificence and miracles of nature. And your bird visitor is just fantastic! Wow! And your flower is so vibrant and beautiful! Thank you for sharing your fotos with us. They are lovely snaps of your enchanting (and to me) exotic lands!

    Happy New Year to you and yours, Dinahmow! May the New Year surround you with a bounty of good food, good company, and good times! Cheers!




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  3. Add me to the non-campers. Camping beside slag heaps as a child still haunts my dreams.
    Love the sunbirds. And the calla.
    The new year will find its way in without me, but I will raise a glass to it in advance.
    And yes, here’s to good food (including good drink), good company, and a well funded research project to identify and cure the causes of idiocy.


  4. Oh! This is one of the better things about blogging. We don’t all have to do or like the same things, but we can enjoy the recounting of others’ tales. I’d have slept in the car if bears and cougars were prowling, too!
    But I dislike crowded camp sites with competing radios.
    We spent our first christmas day here with a picnic lunch and bubbly, at a local beach just 20 minutes up the road. And had it all to ourselves for a couple of hours.
    May the new year be good one for you.with all those good wishes for you, too.


  5. I find the idea of Champing appealing. I have no idea why. I have never camped in my life, probably because I like a bathroom to be within stumbling distance and without hidden extras such as huge spiders.
    Mr Blue makes yurts for glamping…. I might consider staying in one of those if it had a wood burner and an attached pod with toileting facilities.
    I have slept on a lilo though…. it sprang a leak and I woke up flat on the floor.

    Happy New Year, dear Dinah!!!!

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  6. We drove up to Brisbane from Sydney years ago, in a campervan, which looked so like a bakery van people would come knocking ,asking to buy a sliced loaf and a bun!
    The drive was fun and some of the places we stayed were lovely, but I think I’m over that now…Camping in a yurt? I suppose that would be yamping? 🙂
    Here’s to a much happier year for you, too, Scarlet. Cheers!


  7. That post made me smile.

    I camped a few times as a youngster, but the last time I slept under canvas must be 35 years ago. However, the husbear persuaded me that we should take up caravanning a few years ago. This is far more civilised than camping, although not exactly cheap.


  8. Hello! I had to stop for a minute and sort out which “Liz” you are.But the “husbear” set me straight.

    Which is why I now have this daft image of you two,hauling your caravan…with a motorbike??? Must say, it’s a rather splendid image!


  9. I love the outside, but I wouldn’t want to live in it. Not overnight protected only by a scrap of cloth, anyway! The only time I’ve stayed in a tent was as a very young child in our garden, but, a few years later, The Parents did keep insisting on hauling us all around Great Britain in a little Talbot Autosleeper. They soon learned their lesson after getting wee-ed on inside by my middle sister (who slept in the pull-out bunk above them), and wee-ed on outside by the good old British weather. I think those hinge people may hav had something to do with it, too!

    Beautiful calla lily, and I hope your bad language gets your camera to buck it’s ideas up for some more sunbird photos.

    Happy New Year!


    • I can understand your reluctance to go tenting in your neck o’ the woods-cormorants, witch wringers,naked swimmers and Red Arrows! Fraught with dangers!

      My software problem will be hauled off to the computer shop. And now, to add more spice to things, the fridge-freezer combo is on the fritz! And one of the cats may need to visit the vet. Everyone, let’s make that EVERYONE is closed til 3rd or in some cases, 4th of January. And it’s summertime in the tropics.:-)


  10. Sorry, no tents in my rooms at the Adlon.

    Incredible to see that this thing carries & keeps two birds and eggs, soon two large birds and some smaller ones.

    Happy New Year !


  11. I’ve not been camping but I have slept rough in the garden shed, I wanted to teach my parents a lesson after receiving a pair of boxing gloves and a punch bag for my 11th birthday.

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