Just popping my head around the door to let you know I am still alive.

We , or as her Majesty might say, “my husband and I…” have been/are still very busy, doing all manner of jobs around the house. Busy, but utterly boring as blog fodder.

Mostly things in the garden.With the weather beginning to get warmer I needed to clear space for new plants. And, with The Man at home most days, we finally cleared the **$&! pergola of dead vines. The problem now is what to plant as replacement? I would dearly love Mucuna bennettii but fear it might be as rampant as the previous Petrea. And the same applies to the Jade Vine, Strongylodon. Ruddy great trusses of 3metres+ flowers might be a bit of a problem, given that the head room under the pergola is a scant 2m!Ooh!but I am so tempted…

Maybe I should just stick to the more manageable orchids…at the moment I have several Phalaenopsis in flower. (Not named varieties*)




and an Oncidium…a wonderful dark wine-y chocolate colour013.JPG

There are lord knows how many purple and mauve Spathoglottis in the gardens! They drop seed and from time to time I give away some or move them about.Consequently, until they flower I have no idea where each colour is! But I have just bought a white one and it is safely in a pot on the verandah!That’s it, at the back, in bud.014.JPG

Two more Phalaenopsis live in hanging pots, out in the garden.(*I see this one has a name! Phal. Brother Lawrence x Brother Taida…and some faded writing I can’t read.Hardly surprising since it was a gift almost 12 years ago!new orchids 002.JPG

A very brisk wind has sprung up so this one needed a steadying hand. A bit like raspberry coulis dripped on ice cream!

new orchids 005.JPG

A couple of years ago we acquired an Anthurium. Poor thing became horribly squished in its pot, but the other day I got around to splitting it.I think we now have seven or eight! It’s currently beneath the front steps but will need a new home orchids 006.JPG

And here is the newest Spathoglottis

new orchids 001.JPG

I know some of you would love to be “over-run” with things like bananas and tropical palms, but it’s not all beer and skittles, y’know. Mrs Next Door doesn’t like the bananas dropping their untidy stems over the fence. And Mr. Up The Back gets his shorts knotted if any of my plants put their heads above the parapet. So I’m stuck with an ugly, bare fence…

Banana bell dangling over the fence.

new orchids 009.JPG


29 thoughts on “NO LONGER M.I.A.

    • Ooh! That is a beauty, Jon. Sometimes they have a resting year, especially if they’ve had a really heavy show of bloom.See if there are any orchid fanciers locally who might have advice.
      Cymbidiums are not for this climate or I’d have a jungle!


  1. Mr. Up The Back gets his shorts knotted if any of my plants put their heads above the parapet.
    How peculiar….. perhaps dig a pond adjacent to this fence and install a crocodile…. he might realise he has a preference for plants.


    • He’s got a very nice garden (all laid out by the original owners) and he regularly goes around with his whipper-snipper, a mini chain saw and a lawn mower and a ruddy great leaf blower, tidying the entire yard.
      And a croc might eat the cats!


  2. How about growing something outrageous like a titan arum. If we had the right weather conditions for them here, I’d have a hedge of them just to piss the neighbours off.


  3. Well, there are always Triffids… They should rid you of your neighbour “problems”!
    Until then, orchids away!!! How beautiful they all are – I’m torn between the creepy yet intriguing Oncidium, and the ‘raspberry coulis’ ones.


    • Sadly, Triffids are not sold locally.

      The oncidium does look a bit shop of horrors, but it’s actually quite pretty.But this not the chocolate-scented one.I have one of those, but it’s a mere pup with some serious growing-up to do.


  4. I did the flower-sitting-thing for a neighbour here, and some of these plants are orchids – as I learned from yer pics. My neighbour did not leave me with a certain plan how & when to water them, she just saied that it would be okay to water them once a week.
    I think I did it so far. When I entered the appartement the last time, some days ago, I noticed that some plants had changed, I think they blossom. I hope it is a good sign ?
    I talked to them, like “Now here you have some water, make the best out of it !”, or “Don’t gulp it down, heck there is nothing for some days to come, so better be careful !” – perhaps they understood me ?!
    Anyway, the ones inhabiting my own appartement right now seem to be a special crop, they actually do their job – that is, no brown leaves or such, they even grow some protuberances, possibly again something called blossoms. I have no clue what their names are, i just call them “Hey, you, plant !”, give them some drink and I think it’s all right so far.
    The only thing I know about orchids is that they change colour over years. Sadly they do not smell. I’d crawl miles on my hands & knees for the scent of a Wachsblume, the marvellous fluid they produce even tastes gorgeous. Also Phlox. Ach
    Grow it , darling !

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  5. Wachsblume? I think that is Hoya, yes? Well, I’, about ready to crawl over broken glass for that.I have had one for years and it flowered but ONCE!!! It seems the ants love the extruded sap and they demolish the flower buds. I have seen some wonderful specimens, but not here! Perhaps I’ll try again…
    If you go to a grand Botanic Garden you might find Boronia megastigma. Not pretty (dark brown outer, acid yellow inner), but the scent!!!!!!!!!


  6. Apologies for the late comment. My reader inexplicably dropped your feed for some reason.

    Thank you for the lovely garden tour. Always a treat. I especially like Anthuriums.


  7. Just as I was reading this, a sweet comment from you flew in by email to my own blog! Thank you.

    I have an entirely undeserved reputation round here for being “good with orchids” – that means I can get them to flower again, and compared to the neighbours’ tragic offerings of half-dead specimens with wrinkled leathery leaves, which they give me in the hope that I can perform miracles on them, I suppose I am! But as I tend to buy the really cheap ones, I’ve never been tested on more exotic or demanding plants. But this year we have an echium in the garden – an ugly thing in a pot that The Gardener brought home last autumn, and that has grown rapidly to about 15 feet, perfectly straight until recently, when it has started to lean slightly, covered in small blue flowers and bees – absolutely lovely!


    • Snap! This comment came in as I was emailing…

      The local orchid fanciers are having their annual show in a couple of weeks and I may take Mr Plastic… I do like some of the taller ones, but really have nowhere for them. We had a couple of Cymbidiums in NZ, but this climate is too hot for them. Currently, I have pieces of the vanilla orchid downstairs, trying to get them started for a friend.


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