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Bruce Gets Paid


My friend in New Jersey has a lovely post up.If you like Broadway, theatre, Springsteen you can have all three courses.AND a fabulous dessert at the Botanic gardens of Deep Cut.

Oh, and tell the Banished One I sent you.

Source: Bruce Gets Paid


Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!

17 thoughts on “Bruce Gets Paid

  1. Desset was most definitely most to my taste. As it often is – just so long as a cheeseboard constitutes dessert.

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  2. How incredibly kind of you. Thanks. I still can’t believe that’s a moth. I thought it was a beetle!

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  3. Thank you for the introduction…such a pleasure to read a literate blog with something to say…and those photographs!

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  4. That was lovely – mainly the dessert, for me, too (but also the fascinating falcon in earlier posts). Thank you for the “heads-up”.

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  5. Bruce and Bugs! It was a great post!

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  6. Very entertaining blog, Di. You have some very interesting friends. Loved his photos, his “beetle” made me smile. Good id on your part.

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  7. Thanks for the link to those stunning garden and nature fotos. Marvelous and spectacular!

    I also saw your comment at Savannah’s. So let me say:

    Happy Birthday, Dinahmow!
    Cheers and Best Wishes for many more years of laughter, love, and lightheartedness!!!
    Good on ya!!!

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    • Oh, thank you! I don’t usually advertise it and I don’t list my d.o.b. on Farcebook, but I still seem to get lots of ads for stair lifts and mobility aids…hmm.
      Anyway, I’m already off on the next spin around our mother star.and don’t plan to hang up the nose-bag just yet! Cheers!


  8. Thanks for the link – a good read! And belated happy birthday to you.


    • Yes, he writes an entertaining journal.And takes some stunning photos.Thank you for the birthday wishes;spent a couple of hours over coffee, planning a day trip to …not really sure as the fire drill made hearing difficult! But The Man assures me he heard most of it.


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