Spiraling Paper Ornament

Paula has (as usual!) an interesting paper construction.If anyone out there has more information, feel free to jump in.And, if you make one, please come back with a link.

Playful Bookbinding and Paper Works

I came across this complicated looking but simple paper structure and have been happily playing around with it for days.

I’ve been able to locate only once source for these, which is at http://hattifant.com/triskele-paper-globes-flower-edition/, an exquisite site by German artist Manja Burton. Fact is, her site has enough about these globes that, really, no one else needs to ever write about them again ever, but, oh well, here I go.

Manja calls these Triskele Globes. I have no idea whether these are a traditional paper-folding design, or if she developed it herself. “Triskele” is a symbol which depicts three interlocking spirals. These paper globes appear to be interlocking spirals, but the spiraling is simply a wonderful illusion.

Bonus Update: just as I was about to hit the Publish button for this post, I received a note from Manja, responding to my questions about this structure.  I’ve added her response…

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19 thoughts on “Spiraling Paper Ornament

  1. Oh, I have a vague recollection of making these when I was very much younger. I had a book full of papercraft thingies, and I’m pretty sure this was one of those thingies. I’m going to have a go at making one – if time permits (I’ve got to finish off colouring a Beluga whale first…).
    Thanks for sharing this, Dinah!


  2. I’ve always liked paper creations–like origami. Mostly, though, I enjoy making paper airplanes.

    Your creations are spectacular! Thanks for sharing these wonderful works of art! Luv the way the colors enhance the dynamic energy and inherent intrigue of the shapes and the mystery they radiate. Lovely, lively, enchanting ornaments!

    May I suggest making as many as you can and selling them as holiday ornaments? Perhaps you can donate some to charity for fundraising. Or just make a stunning mobile or string ’em up to make garlands or leis to share for the holidays or a party?

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  3. They look so intricate and fiddly, the tutorial video made it look so easy. I might have a stab at making one when I get back from my hols. That’ll be the maid’s Christmas present sorted.


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