Yesterday, my car was in the shop for some work so I walked around to a friend’s place and we went for a drive, up the coast and I had the luxury of being a passenger.

The day was perfect; sunshine, blue sky, sparkling ocean, lots of laughter.

We stopped for coffee in the garden area at The Organic Store  and I bought one of the African baskets I’ve been wanting for ages. I may go back and get a second, bigger one…


We stopped for a while to exercise our cameras. Well, you can’t go to a beautiful beach and not record the event! This is Seaforth, looking NW…IMG_0498

And looking back the other way…


All that fresh, salty air makes a girl hungry! So we drove a little further along the road that leads, via the next bay, to Cape Hillsborough and stopped for lunch at The Old Station Tea House. A beautiful spot, almost in a jungle; last time I was there was high summer and the mosquitoes were  voracious! But yesterday was a perfect winter day. And the resident cat joined us on the old verandah…IMG_0511

I remember my grandmother having a telephone like this! IMG_0510.JPG

And today? The mercury has slipped a few degrees and we have squally showers. Certainly not a day for T-shirting around the beaches!

That’s all, folks! Domestic duties call…








24 thoughts on “A DAY OUT!

  1. Awesome fotos! The island and beaches and coconut trees all exude paradise! And that cat is living the good life! I want to be like that on my next day off.

    The African bag looks vibrant and spectacular. What a fabulous piece of art! But I have to ask, is that a fashionista duck next to the dancing Buddha in the display case? And does the phone work? And what did y’all eat at the teahouse? Tea sandwiches? Scones? And was there vegemite involved?

    Thanks for sharing your lovely day trip adventure with us. I hope y’all enjoy some pleasant weather soon for another wonderful beach day!


    • OH! I should have said – Heather opted for the mushroom soup and I had toasted panini with ham/salad filling. Delicious!
      And the duck ? I bought him in Urchfont, England, on my last trip.He wore a tag that read”Hello! My name is Angus McDuck.” And because his waistcoat looks like Ancient Buchanan tartan I added the name Buchanan.


    • Oh, Angus is, indeed, a stylish fellow. See reply (above) to Mr Wings.
      The moggy was pretty blase about it all. There were also two dogs that wandered around.Like the cat, not taking much notice of us.I guess they are so used to people.


  2. All so exotic, Dinah!! I love the bag – I would have been coveting it too, knowing full well I’d buy it eventually.
    The old phone is so practical – with the wooden ledge to rest the phone book, or a place to make notes… and the two bells at the top are always comedy gold!


  3. I have a hard time picturing you living in a tropical ecosystem but, clearly, you do. Just look at those trees. Why did I think differently?

    Your grandmother had a phone like that as a wall hanging? Like…sculpture? Or it was actually operational?

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    • Oh yes, I’m in the steamy tropics…just not right now. Cold, blustery rain.
      Granny’s phone was not an ornament.It was a real live working one. Although, she did have an upgrade when she moved into the house I remember best.Very flash, the new phone.Instead of the fixed speaking piece her “new” phone had a receiver, much like today’s phones.But you still hung it on the hook, at the side of the cabinet as the hook attached to a spring which told the exchange operator the call had been terminated.
      I’ve just noticed the silly dial on the phone in my photo.That would never have been on the original! All phone calls at that time were connected manually, by an exchange operator.
      I bet your girls would think it weird!


    • Welcome aboard, Ms Hawley! You may need to bail from time to time, but we try to keep this old blog afloat.
      That cat? Blase is the only word.

      You live in the land of some of my ancestors.My granny, the one with the phone, could speak Kernowan. That must have been a carry-over from her family when they left Cornwall for new Zealand.


    • Well, more beach, really. I’d like some palms, but I don’t think they’d last very long here…

      And you don’t have any groynes (or the like) on your beaches? Whatever does the sand and seaweed get caught up in then?


      • Doesn’t get “caught up” in anything! After a big storm the beach may be littered with the odd bits of weed and sometimes a dead gull and stuff. Different ocean currents/climate.And other scientific things…
        Doesn’t mean that I don’t love your shores!


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