THE POSTMAN DELIVERED A LETTER…update and explainer.

…and I shall tell you about it later.Perhaps tomorrow…

And now it IS that tomorrow.

You all know me as “Dinahmow.” But I have an alter ego! I am the Aunt Clementine of Taramind, who owns “The Onion Gallery.”

Some of you may not be familiar with her or her gallery, but she is a very clever and astute person in the art world. A mover and shaker, I believe.

And my letter was from dear Tara. I had sent her a newspaper article about her Uncle Henry whose current work is being shown next summer  in Bristol.



She has had some hassles recently, with a strange person wanting to have work shown at the gallery. This “artist” is, obviously, not represented by an agent! But she seems undeterred. I think she lives in a village called Mogwash so there probably is no great call for galleries and agents…

Anyway, here are some photos of her “art.”IMG_0522.JPG


I do know someone locally who is very highly qualified to give advice.I shall write to Tara this evening and give her Ms. Labonne’s address. She may have some suggestions.


I’ll leave you with a spider. No, don’t run away! It’s a dear little spider…honest.IMG_0515

One of the cute little “crab” spiders, here on The Man’s finger. The best I could do as the camera batteries were dying.


26 thoughts on “THE POSTMAN DELIVERED A LETTER…update and explainer.

  1. The letter is lovely and beautiful to look at. The art is definitely unique (and disturbing).

    The spider crab looks awesome! So tiny! Great shot on The Man’s finger to give a good perspective on the size of the little critter. I love its matte white coloring. It’s like a little jewel!

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  3. A Loopy Letter! What a wonderful thing to come through one’s letterbox! And how lovely of you to share it with us – I had no idea you have connections with Mogwash, however tenuous they may be.

    The crab spider is cute. Although, I suppose it would be far less cute if one was small enough to be its prey…

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    • My letter is lovely! That woman must have spent ages emptying and assembling the bottles.Just not quite the “high end” that Tara wants!

      The spidey? Yes, a cutey, but I’ve seen them take down flies bigger than themselves.


    • Thank you, Susan. There was a time when I could turn out neat copperplate, but lack of practice (use it or lose it!) and stiffening finger joints have done for that.But Scarlet ‘s work takes some beating!


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