Well, at least now those  who were disturbed by the over-embiggifications on their side bars when I re-blogged posts can now see /\ up there, the giant Japanese Sunflower. Those who insist on Latin  names  can find it under Tithonia diversifolia.

IMG_0528 (640x480).jpgOr consult your local Weed Police list!

This is supposed to be our dry season, but we’ve been having a few showers.So some of the plants don’t know which page they’re supposed to be on! Here’s a grevillea which wasn’t sure whether to grow or flower or wither away.It rained and the grevillea decided to grow AND flower.


Grevillea, with rain drops.

Something else that has smartened itself up this year is this one. Dependent on long, dark nights, it’s always been somewhat confused, with a street light above it!IMG_0527.JPG

Euphorbia leucocephala. Sometime called snowflake bush. Yes, even by people here!

I have several things grown from cuttings.This one used to be known as a Justicia but seems now to be Odontonema cuspidatum. This one looks pretty much as it should.But it’s one of the plants that is prone to fasciation.IMG_0530

Above, mostly normal.

Below, distinctly weird!

Image may contain: flower, plant and outdoor


I’ve had a day of appointments and will you just look at that galloping clock! Good gravy! I’ll miss Happy Hour if I don’t scoot…

I may be back in a day or so with some artists’ books.Maybe…





  1. Okay, surely I am the only person to be stupid enough to think that the last plant is called a Galloping Clock?!! I despair at myself. My mind even went as far to believe that you were going to make gravy out of it…. It’s been hot and sunny here, so my excuse is that I’ve had too much sun on my head!

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    • Ah, the last rain didn’t. Last, I mean. But it was very welcome. The birds were going bonkers as the odd weather must have brought a windfall of bugs.Go! Birdies!


  2. What a gorgeous, vibrant bunch of beautiful, exotic flowers you grow! The Japanese sunflower stuns with its golden hue and dynamic radiating petals. The two tone Grevillea looks like its been studded with diamonds by the twinkling water drops adorning its glowing, marvelous flowers. And that snowflake bush is just lush and resplendent with the exquisite, pristine white blossoms. And I love the fantastic shape and otherworldly shape of the Justicia! So alien and intriguing!

    Enjoy Happy Hour! It’s my fave time of the day! Everyone needs an hour or three to experience happiness (or at least enjoy an incredible simulation, brought on by joy juice!). Cheers!


  3. It was only fasciation
    I know
    Seeing you alone
    With the moonlight above
    Then I touch your hand
    And next moment
    I kiss you
    Fasciation turned to love

    I thought Veronica and Veronicastrum were the worst for fasciation, but that monster takes the crown…

    By the way, the revered Monty Don consistently raves about Tithonia – which he grows as an annual in his garden in Herefordshire – on Gardener’s World.


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  4. Well I’m glad I’m not the only one who bursts into song in the garden. 🙂
    And, while I don’t rave about Tithonia, I do, like the Great Don (not to confuse him with the idiot in the White House), treat it as an annual.Or at least lop off the seed heads.


  5. It’s a thorny issue, isn’t it? They are particularly “hot” in Australia.But we still have people coming off planes from “dodgy” places whose shoes aren’t even looked at!And our northern coastline is littered with seeds that blow or drift from nearby islands.


  6. When we touched down in Sydney in 2002 we had to remain seated and wait for officials to come in and de-louse us all with aerosols and to add further insult we were made to stand in a drip tray just like cattle.

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    • They haven’t done that dreadful aerosol squirty thing for ages and I have not been through a foot wash.2002? About that time there was a Fire Ant scare. Then again- Sydney, What can I say. Remember , this is the airport where locals hand out leaflets warning of the dangers of Drop Bears! 😉


  7. I think it had something to do with the 2001 outbreak of foot and mouth disease back in the UK, it was a shallow tray and inside it was an absorbent pad that had been soaked in disinfectant we had to stand on it, with our shoes on of course. Are Drop Bears Koalas that have turned savage?

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  8. What amazing blossoms! That you grow such exotic looking plants in your own yard is even more impressive. Your thumbs must be bright green.

    Your comment about the plant being confused by the street lamp reminded me of a photo I saw recently. It showed a tree similarly situated below a lamp. All the other trees in the area were completely bare of trees, but the one under the lamp sported bright red autumnal leaves.

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    • Ye, certain plants, notably Poinsettia, need long low-light hours to produce the bracts/flowers. In this hemisphere the flood of Christmas-ready poinsettias is forced in nurseries.
      As for the thumb-colour? Nope. Nowhere near as green as it used to be, I’m afraid. These days I am happy to leave the yard tangled and, to many eyes, a mess.At least any bugs here will be safe from pesticides and will find food!


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