Because  many of my photographs were waaay below par, I will give you this link to a PDF of the finalists.This also includes artist statements, which I could not accurately photograph without a tripod.

This year’s winners:


Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal
National Artists’ Book Award (acquisitive) $7,000

Clyde MCGILL Witness 2016, etching, letterpress, gold leaf, ink and graphite on BFK 270gsm, edition 3/6, 39 x 46 x 3 cm.
Click here to view  work

Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal
Altered Book Award (acquisitive) $3,000

Michelle VINE Contested Biography I (quadrat) 2017, cyanotype on altered book, stitched, 138 x 216 cm.
Click here to view  work

Mackay Regional Council
Regional Artists’ Book Award (non-acquisitive) $2,500

Jamian STAYT  Tagged 2018, photography, vintage library card, cardboard and cloth on paper, 111 x 68 cm.
Click here to view  work

Artspace Mackay Foundation
Tertiary Artists’ Book Award (non-acquisitive) $2,000

Jenna LEE A plant in the wrong place 2016, copper plate etching, image transfer, 16.5 x 13 cm.
Click here to view  work

Exhibition dates – Saturday 26 May – Sunday 19 August 2018
For all general enquiries contact :

Quite a few of the entries were  big. When I say “big” I mean greater than 50cms in one direction.Remember, these are artist books, not Monet-style paintings!

And some were, reflecting their intentions, small.

I have been down to Artspace twice to see the exhibition, the second time I had a gloved assistant to turn pages, hold items in better light. And next week I shall be going to a discussion on some of the entries from this year’s show. But for now, please see the catalogue for more detail.


In other, quite unconnected news…we seem to have acquired another cat. Well, a part-time cat! This youngster lives next door, but is waiting on the doormat when I get up. And he’s in and out most of the day. Come lunchtime, when The Man and I want to eat lunch outside, we have to evict Sporran and her ginger friend from OUR chairs.

IMG_0562.JPGSporran (black) is “modifying a cardboard egg box. Mr Ginger has found a cockatoo feather. When she was much younger, Sporran had a “thing” for shed feathers and brought quite a few home from her jungle (garden) expeditions.We keep them in a pewter mug , on the kitchen counter.Mr Ginger was pretty quick to learn this and now helps himself to a feather when he feels like playing. At least that’s less destructive than swinging on  curtains!


Now, being careful not to mention “galloping clocks” and causing Scarlet further confusion, I shall take my leave of you and proceed forthwith to the purveyor of pussy fare.






27 thoughts on “FROM THE LIBRIS AWARDS 2018

  1. “Modifying an egg carton”! That’s classic! What an artiste.
    A friend made me a joke tea cosy with black feathers for decoration. Our previous cat, Claude, loved feathers so much that it became rather well-sucked and had to be put away on the drawer for safe keeping.


  2. Ouch! Geiger was a holy terror on shoes and the sofa. She did finally stop hooking the sofa when I bought a corrugated cardboard scratcher. We’ve gone through several of them, plus egg boxes

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ooooh. When time and the computer are more on my side I will explore those links.
    Love that Sporran seems infinitely more accepting of Mr Ginge than Jazz would be.
    Jazz is both a lover of feathers and a confetti maker. Sadly he shreds me as often as he does paper/cardboard.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Oh, I bear the odd scar, mainly on legs and shoulders.
    I hope your temperamental pc lets you drift through those book links as there are certainly some that will “speak” to you.


  5. Judging a book by it’s cover (or art by it’s title in this case), I thought “A plant in the wrong place” was going to be my favourite, but the little “dinosaurs” amidst the brilliant and stunning blue of Michelle Vine’s “Contested Biography I” is my winner. Absolutely beautiful!

    The feather idea is a good one. I must tell my sister about it as Cedplop has brought in a deceased baby blue and/or great tit every day for her last week. It might save the next batch of tits?

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Yes, it is always difficult to choose a winner.Though the judges are allowed to handle the books and they have more time than most viewers. I liked “Contested Biography” as well.It’s enormous! Not surprised it won that section.

    A few years ago…I’d been punching holes in some coloured papers (for a book, or something) and when we got up next morning…Sporran has upset the box of confetti around her eagle feather. I made a print of it!


  7. My broadband speed is appalling and won’t allow me to open all the links… or any of the books! Perhaps the powers that be are aware that my hands are grubby.
    Sid loves collecting feathers – usually crows feathers, and he carries them when on a walk, and then he chews them up and tries to eat them.


  8. Oh. I’m sorry about your broadband.It sounds like the dial-up days!
    Oh, we had some crow feathers.Once.After being dragged around the garden and fought over with The Man they went to the Great Compost Heap in the sky.


  9. I think the cats get as much from the egg box as kids get from the Xbox!
    And browsing is a good way to get a feel for the books.not the same as actually seeing and feeling, but, given the distance… 🙂

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  10. Thank you for the fantastic links of spectacular artwork. They are amazing and such exquisite creations! You are so lucky to see them in person, even better, got a closer look and have someone flip pages for you the second time.

    But I confess my fave pics in the post are the two of the black and tiger striped cats playing side by side or just enjoying each other’s company. That little ginger cat knows what a great hangout your place is and what an awesome host y’all are.


  11. Thank you.
    Yes, Mr Ginger knows how many beans make five. And when his people come home, he knows the sound of the car and he’s off, over the fence in a flash.He’ll be at the door when I get up in the morning.


  12. Thanks for the links, Di, so good to see what people are making. I do enjoy the photos of the cats – so classic in black and gold! Mr G obviously has the best of both lives, a foot in each camp. But good for your girl to have him around, as long as she’s in charge…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh, Sporran’s mostly pretty laid-back. She stands her ground when she has to. Got into another battle with a neighbouring bruiser the other day and sent him packing,But she was a bit sore I think as she spent the next day on the heated bed! But she’s pretty good with the 2 youngsters.


  13. Pingback: A Little Catching Up | Byopia Press

  14. well aren’t you clever! What a great idea keeping those feathers for you cat. Such a great idea.
    Your ginger neighbour is quite sociable it appears!


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