A Clear Midnight

Once again, I am sharing a DIY post, this time from Byopia Press


I know some of you who stumble onto this blog will say “nope!” and move on.But I also know that some of you will make one of these cute little books.


Now, something a little different…the other night I went on a speed dating adventure. Yes! Moi, dipping her toe into that water! Imagine! Of course, knowing very little about this, I had to ask Uncle Google to clue me in…

Apparently, each person gets 10 minutes to ask questions about the “date” and then someone rings a bell and we all move along to the next “date.”

Now, there is no way in the world that you would ever see Dinah chatting-up  six different men, ten minutes at a time.NO WAY! But…turn those six men into artist books and Dinah’s in line.

The local gallery, Artspace, hosts these evenings, giving people a chance to see some of their collection. And, this being the Libris Awards year, the featured books were from the current exhibition. Gallery volunteers took us through each of the six books and, while I was less than impressed with some books, it was a good opportunity to see them “up close and personal.” Good, too, to hear differing opinions and gain new insights. Maybe you’d like a gallery in your town to run a similar evening? They can contact Artspace at the link and find out how.


Things are a little confused and crazy right now…we at Chez Dinahmow have been connected to Broadband, which is tickety-boo on this platform.But we have lost the landline telephone, our only contact with some people, which is making some things awkward.

But La Cave is stocked and we have jelli-meat on the feline shopping list so I guess we’re good.

I suppose you want to see a pitcha? Image result for pitcher

not the pitcha you had in mind? Here’s a pitcher of Sangria.  (found on Google images)

Image result for pitcher of sangria



16 thoughts on “A Clear Midnight

  1. I loved the link and read fascinated. And awed. I don’t think I have the fine motor skills but it made most excellent reading.
    And yes, that sort of speed dating is doable. The other? Run for the hills.
    We now have a landline through the computer. It mostly works better than the ‘puter does (which as you know is not hard).

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  2. I may have to look into that sort of connection…

    Speed-dating seems a very “clinical” thing. Dances, parties were more fun. And the books? I am working on something at present;nothing for show and tell yet.


  3. Thank you for the awesome link. I love origami, and this paper folding book is a wonderful way to send out notes! Art and Literature and Poetry in one!

    The art speed dating at the museum sounds neat. What a great and fun way to introduce people to art. Me? I like wandering about aimlessly and checking out the pieces. But a quick round robin intro is a fantastic way to get some details on the pieces I may never have picked up.

    Sangria. How fortuitous! I have three lemons left over and I was planning on making some Sangria!

    Speed dating sounds arduous–like serious work, turning meeting people in a social setting into a formal business meeting! I’d rather stick to the clubs and dances and parties when meeting new people. If you don’t click with anyone new, at least there’s good music and drinks!

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  4. I don’t understand what’s going on? You’re sharing a post and yet my sideboard is not filled by a giant “Starry Night” six-pointed star. What is Ms Scarlet to giggle uncontrollably at? This is a shambles! The “speed dating” has obviously affected you in some way…

    Seriously, I might just have a go at this star book thingy. Although, I prefer 5 to 6 so I may attempt the five pointed version.

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    • I think I can explain that…it’s something to do with the different platforms. In this case, my Canadian friend also posts on WordPress. But if I were to share something from a Blogger site, then the first image would be enlarged (grossly, in some cases!) when replicated on Blogger side bars.
      It’s a bit like two political parties mucking up things for others just because they can.
      But at least you are not distracted by over-sized frou-frou! 🙂


  5. I must admit, I skipped the link (which I will go back to after finishing this comment) BECAUSE the speed dating thing was far more intriguing! Well done you for a spot on hook into the post! (I just realized I’ll have to leave another comment after I check out the link!) I like the Artspace idea for info on artists one might not be familiar with! xoxo

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  6. You certainly had me there with the speed dating. I thought, what?
    Then you explained. whew.
    Actually, that sounds like such a clever idea for the gallery.

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