Sundays, for many people, are a time to cheer on the local team. A day when the family all gather for a big lunch. A chance to put up the feet and read the weekend newspaper.

Or, perhaps, head down to the Council car park, all roped-off with bunting and glow-in-the-dark road cones. And a crew of women in hi-viz vests, inking HUGE pieces of linoleum, ready to be printed…by a chap (also in a hi-viz vest) on a road roller.






Yes, just another Sunday here… with members of Printbank Mackay.

The weather while not conducive to racing down to the beach has been relatively warm this month.Note that word”relatively.”  On the night of the Blood Moon I was out at 5am to gaze skyward, dressed in jeans and a sweater.

And the sky was filled with stars! I don’t remember ever seeing such a clear night sky here! And, yes, I did see the Blood Moon. And Mars. No photos though, as I am thwarted by street lights around here  and those orange-y sodium lights at the intersection down the road. But the weather was, that night, favourable.

So…no astronomical wonders to show. How about some orchids? Not mine. I do have some in bud, but they’ll be in bud for a while yet.

However, a friend across town has a collection  and quite a few were flowering so I popped in while The Man was in the dentist’s chair. Not all had name tags and Vic, the orchid man, was not there so …I’ll do my best, but I’m flying blind with some. 🙂


A brassocattleya


This looks like a Cattleya…


And this…


This I do know...Phalaenopsis though not its varietal name



Vanda. .jpg

Epidendrum radicans  Common as…I have several.But guess what? Not one of mine has flowered! Known as Crucifix orchids, they do come in other colours, but this is the most often seen.


Let’s have another Phalenopsis …20180719_104948.jpg

Vic also has pawpaws! (note to self: see if any nurseries are selling plants yet)


Yes, mid-winter, folks! My last tree was flattened by a cyclone and I haven’t bothered to replace it.But I do so love fresh pawpaw…not those poor, sad things the supermarket staff treat like footballs!

Off to don my chef’s hat!








  1. That’s not what mid-winter looks like here!

    Are they lawbreakers who are performing their community service sentence? Out here, that’s the usual reason for people in orange vests working outside.

    I visited a botanical garden yesterday. The structure and grounds used to belong to a high-level mobster. The state confiscated the property and gave it to the public.

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    • Ah, thank you, Scarlet, but I was not one of the artists this time. My best effort in the unconventional stakes , a few years ago,was reversing the Toyota over an etching plate!


  2. Epidendrum radicans: Common as..? I wish! I have never seen one on sale over here…

    Phalaenopsis, Dendrobium and Cymbidium, on the other hand, are everywhere. Even in Sainsburys. Jx

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  3. WOW! just WOW! Like Bro. Exile, mid-winter looks very different here in Savannah. It’s been so blasted hot here I haven’t even bothered to hit the market for some orchids, I’ve been content to delight in AC and binge watching Netflix! xoxo

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  4. Thank you for sharing these stunning fotos of such vibrant, colorful, spectacular flowers! Gorgeous!

    And what fun it looks like to create that fantastic and really marvelous steamroller print! I love the design and hues! And the artists look like they’re having a blast!

    I love papaya ripe and I’ve had it as a custard. But until I made some Laotian friends, I had no clue that papaya could be eaten raw! My friends made a spicy dish with a green papaya as noodles!

    Do your palm trees bear coconuts or dates? I love coconuts, but I do worry about a heavy coconut conking one’s head as it falls down. Even more exciting/frightening, is having a huge coconut crab up your coconut tree. But I’m betting those big coconut crabs must be delicious!

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    • Thank you. know about those ENORMOUS crabs.But we don’t have them here-they are on Christmas Island, a long way from us.Closer to Indonesia, in fact. Regular coconuts? Yes, though that’s about the only wretched palm I don’t have in my garden.I know people who have parked beneath cocos and suffered expensive panel beating bills!
      Pawpaw is delicious, raw and plain, or with a squeeze of lemon and it’s a wonderful gravy with steak! I might give the green noodles a try=thank you.


  5. That road-roller print is lovely! Sea and shore? I spy a turtle and some fish, anyway…

    The orchids are also lovely. I am intrigued by the first Phalaenopsis – the flowers look like they might do an adequate impersonation of the night sky if the colours were reversed. And that last one looks a bit alien!
    I grew some seedlings from the seeds scooped out of a supermarket-bought pawpaw once many moons ago. They didn’t survive for long, though. I might give it another go if the weather we’ve been experiencing lately is going to turn into a typical state of affairs here!

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    • Well-spotted, Sir. Yes, the three groups all cut lino plates on the theme ‘River to Reef.’ So turtles, fish and gulls do feature.
      And the colour scheme echoes the Council’s logo.
      I see what you mean about the “Night Sky” Phalaenopsis! I think that may have been rain/hose splatter, but I’m happy to go with constellations!
      Good luck with your pawpaw orchard!


    • I’ve just realised (after a turn on Wikipedia), that they were papaya seedlings that I managed to germinate, not pawpaw. Which probably explains why they all died as they don’t sound suited to British weather at all (don’t like being wet or cold)!


      • Well, pawpaw seeds germinate readily enough (provided they are not from treated fruit, sprayed to delay ripening, or sterile hybrids) I usually have dozens popping up here and there if I’ve been eating the fruit outside. Even so, an English winter would be too much for the poor things.You’d need a heated conservatory at least.And don’t forget-they can grow 15′, easily! Then, having grow them that far you’ll be battling to beat the birds, bats, possums, squirrels,cheeky kids…
        My biggest battle has always been male and female trees flowering at different times.When I need a male, there isn’t one close by.Typical!


  6. A very interesting Sunday indeed.

    We’ve had weeks of clear night skies here but on the very night of the blood moon, thick impenetrable clouds covered the entire British isle. it was sod’s law at it’s best and it pissed it down.

    No A-frames warning the general public of the dangers of extreme printing?

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    • Oh, the vagaries of the weather, wherever one happens to be are ALL, EVERYWHERE in the remit of Sod!
      No, there were no “danger” signs ;I suppose there was enough day-glo bunting fluttering in the breeze.Anyway, people don’t take much heed of signs!


  7. A perfect Sunday! Art and adventure, with some glorious flora! Love, love, LOVE the roller print idea! A bit of performance art!

    i’m trying to catch up, always the prodigal blogger, i do miss my friends out here when i’m buzzing around with all the projects and travel lately.

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    • You are right! I did write about the first time my friends did this, a couple of years ago. They had so much fun and learned a few “tricks” that they held a workshop for other people and this was the result.


  8. So now you put that “soda cracker” tune back in MY head and it won’t go away!
    But, seriously, thank you for paying us a visit.

    Art with road machinery – my imagination is boggled…….

    Followed by Nature’s own special art form expressed in flowers. Incredible!
    And what nice pawpaws!

    Thanks to the lovely EC for sharing blogging spots!


  9. Lovely post, Di! The printing must have been great fun with a wonderful result. Vic’s orchids are gorgeous. We lost most of our cymbidiums through neglect and lack of rain. We do rather expect everything here to look after itself but sometimes that doesn’t work… Strangely, I’m not really a pawpaw fan, never taken to it. Very unAustralian of me.


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