…and she has to sit down to put her pants on. Why? Oh, overdoing things, just a bit, when weeding. Think I’m coming out on the other side now.* And I channel the wonderful Anne Bancroft…Though I think me dragging on a pair of jeans is somewhat less sexy than her in that scene from “The Graduate.”

Related image

I note that it’s been a while since I blogged. What is the punishment for such dereliction? Are we de-blogged? Sent to Coventry? Probably just removed from reading lists…

But, since I’m here…I have a few pictures to share.

We had several trees in our not-very-big yard which needed to be quite severely “trimmed.” Not with any blades we possess. Oh, no, these gargantuans had gone ‘waaay beyond secateurs. front wall before the deed.jpg

The left side of the house had been hidden by a huge Cassia fistula; in this picture it’s already been cut and fed through the grinder. And behind the blue wall on the right is the next target, a whopping Scheflera actinophylla. Sadly, this one had to be permanently removed is its roots threatened to take out that wall, plus a fair chunk of the fence. There are others, but they are not yet flowering. And once they do flower the birds will feast like kings.And excrete seed-laden waste.

front wall after

The aftermath…

There was more, much more, too painful to relate…

But gardeners have an innate optimism and we are already making plans to replace some of what is gone.

And yesterday, as a pick-me-up after a week of creeping about like a wizened gnome, I went with a friend to the local Orchid Show.

Lots of lovely things! I think we did two circuits of the stalls outside (the dangerous area where things had price tags!) and then went into the orchid house, a more permanent display of orchids, ferns, bromeliads and sundry other lovelies. Yes, of course I had a camera…


A lovely Swamp Orchid, Phaius. No name tag.


Another tagless beauty. Isn’t that colour beautiful!



Paphiopedilum  “Wossner Black Wings.” What a cracker! One day…


Bulbopyllum graveolens No varietal name that I could see.


No, not a hand of bananas- flower buds and back-bulbs of the one above!



I get a bit rattled when there are no visible labels. This is a Phalaenopsis, but that’s all I know. (Ditto the yellow one behind this.)

A Dendrobium but I couldn’t read the label!


A collection of Phaius. One day…


And now, moving on to my purchases. Yes, you knew I’d be tempted, didn’t you? I love the Vanda tribe, but have always been told they are finicky and I’ve only ever seen them growing beyond any height I could provide. But I am now a delighted owner of Vanda sp. “Pat’s Delight” and assurances that it will grow happily “just about anywhere here.” And if those aerial roots become a trip hazard, they can be cut back. 20180923_071432

Also, this sweet little Phalaenopsis “Allura Crimson Glory.”



It’s lunch time. At least, it is according to Sporran and who am I to dispute that. Pasta, I think. I have some carbonara in the freezer…



*I could probably have phrased that a little more delicately. No offense to my gentleman friends!



  1. Well, this was worth waiting for (despite the eye-widening indelicateness)!
    Beautiful, beautiful orchids. “Wossner Black Wings” is very striking, but I rather like that crinkly one in the background. The Bulbopyllum graveolens appears to be a row of little Egyptian pharaohs in papooses – look, you can see the little golden cobras on their red hats sticking out the top (the back bulbs really do look like bananas in that next shot)! And thatPhalaenopsis underneath it is a bit blousy isn’t it?!
    Did you only come away with two orchids from your visit?!? After all your hard work in the garden – and with the extra space that needs filling up now the Scheflera and Cassia have gone – I’d’ve thought a bigger ‘reward’ was in order?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I feel your pain. And I am in agreement that your bushcraft deserved rewarding and what better than some silky delicate florals as there is no longer anything for them to be snagged on.
    Meanwhile, yep, I feel the need to write a post too!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sadly, there will always be snaggy things, but hey! a girl has to be resilient, right? handy tip: buy band-aids in bulk and wine, likewise.
      Oh, I think today, that would be called a “life hack” and someone would post it on twister and we’d all get a virus.
      See? I can rap with the kiddies…
      Now, about that post, dear…


  3. Oh, if only our “problem trees” were as exotic as Cassia, palm trees and Schefflera, rather than the ugly weed Sycamore that overhangs our garden! The Umbrella Plant (Schefflera) is a houseplant here, by the way…

    Speaking of which, I always drool over orchids – we’ve been to the RHS spring shows loads of times, and, of course the Kew Gardens Orchid Festival – but our North London environs don’t exactly lend themselves to keeping most varieties alive, let alone thriving to the point that the aerial roots become a trip hazard.



    Liked by 1 person

    • It is, I think, typical of the human nature to covet the unaffordable, the unlikely and the downright raving bonkers. I find the Christmas season here particularly hard, recalling a friend driving back to London from his family home in Wales with masses of holly for me. And at this latitude, we cannot even think about snowdrops and daffodils and broad beans and horse chestnuts…
      But you have the RHS and Kew practically on your doorstep.And we both have the internet. win-win


      • Although I despise cold, wet and dank weather, I cannot imagine life in a place where one doesn’t exactly get proper seasons. North Queensland certainly wouldn’t get a year of contrasts like we’ve had – “The Beast From The East” just after we moved house this year, followed by a summer that topped 35C for weeks. And yes, if I lived there I would miss Daffodils, and Bluebells, and Wallflowers, and Hedge Parsley, and Foxgloves, and herbaceous Geraniums, Campanulas, Lupins, Penstemon, Phlox and Pinks, and, and, and… Jx

        Liked by 2 people

  4. Speaking as one found raving having caught the big toe of one foot in the elastic of the knickers I too hope to be over the worst shortly…
    The orchid shows here are at a distance….but we have visitors next year at show time so the journeys will be made and, no doubt, too many purchases made.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ouch! Many years ago a friend had a similar oops-a-daisy and limped around for a few days. Then had to have time off work. Eventually went back to work, moved sideways to a job that allowed him to sit down.It was years before they X rayed him-broken hip.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Hope the back is mended – so easy these days to injure oneseslf…
    The orchids are fabulous! And your choices are lovely, I’m a tad envious, I must admit. Those metrosideros are brilliant, they’d be great along a fence. I have a huge old one in my garden that I think is dying, probably from lack of water in this horribly dry spell. However the wisteria has taken over and the dead branches are draped in pale purple so I’m appeased enough to cope with losing it. You’ve got to be tough to live in my garden.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Love the new header pic!

    Thank you for sharing your fantastic fotos of such gorgeous and spectacular flowers. What magnificent colors and stunning shapes!

    I hope you and Sporran had a good lunch!


  7. Oh, we did indeed! We dined together-Sporran on chicken I on pasta carbonara. (guess who licked the pot!)

    When you see so many blooms in a big display house you do tend to get a tad carried away, but I managed to be restrained.


    • I know she was not really a “Mrs Robinson” but damn! she was good.

      Yes, some orchids can be tricky, especially if you try to grow them outside their natural habitat. I may have bitten off more than I can chew with the Vanda… but I grow mainly easy types. I can’t grow the cooler-climate ones as tropical summers do them in! My mother-in-law had some gorgeous cymbidiums (in Auckland, N>Z) which were in demand for wedding bouquets. I would not even try here.


  8. I can tell you exactly what happens if you don’t blog for ages…. no one reads you any more. Sob.

    If we lived closer, I’d send The Gardener over to help with your pruning. He loves pruning. Weeding and tidying up, not so much.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Your garden looks wonderful, so exotic and lush, I don’t suppose any of those plants and trees would grow here. Sorry about your back, but glad you were fit enough to go to the show and get some treats. I know nothing about orchids, the ones you can get in florists here always look a bit feeble, nothing like the variety and colour you show here, though we do have some splendid specimens in botanic gardens, which I should visit more often.
    Hope you’re fully recovered soon.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Thank you. I have regained enough mobility to get right back on that particular horse! So far, I am taking it slowly. And as soon as I finish my coffee I’ll be off to the Shop-That_Eats_Plastic to buy some more potting mix.

    You could probably manage a cymbidium if you could guarantee “some” winter warmth. Oh, wait! Your place is full of books! 😉


  11. The spirit is willing, but the body is weak. It’s annoying how easy it is to “overdo” it nowadays, isn’t it? On the inside, I can do it all… on the outside? Not so much. I’m glad your back is doing better.

    We don’t have any exotic-looking trees in our yard, but we have enormous gum trees. They tower over the house, and other than providing delicious shade and respite from the heat, their sole purpose is to drop weapons-grade pointy balls all over the ground… and to hold a million birds whose main goal in life is to poop on my car. Even though we have some concern about one of those trees toppling onto our house during a storm, we aren’t “allowed” to remove trees on our own property without getting permission and a license from the powers that be around here.

    Have a terrific weekend. (And don’t overdo!)

    Liked by 1 person

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