So…a little more tinkering and tweaking and I think we can call it done.

But I should back-track a little…I have also tinkered with some photos .

My friends’ Eden garden.

Dendrobium speciosum
Here’s a link, should you live in a suitable climate
A pretty little grouping of soft pinks on the front terrace.Perfect for that early morning cuppa.

Castanespermum australe.  This is down near our beach and is what my “bean trees” would grow to if I let them!

Acacia holocericea spent seed pods. Known as Velvet Wattle for its very soft leaves.

And we had a visitor! A niece was over from NZ for a conference in Sydney and she spent a few days with us. We took her out and about, walked along the beach, paddled in the sparkling water. And decided a swim would be just the ticket! So good, we did it again the next day!

That pesky cyclone that was hanging around finally went out to sea after making a bit of a mess up north. No serious damage here and most of us were very happy with the rain!

My sweet little Pigeon* orchid, Dendrobium crumenatum,  was, perhaps, the happiest- it produced 7 sprays of flowers! True, they do not last long, but they are so delicate.

*And I’ve been calling it a “dove” which is the common name of a different one, a Peristeria. Mine is the “pigeon.”

Well, folks, in my world breakfast beckons. And I have a busy day ahead…

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    • Some are fragrant. Sadly, I don’t have any flowering..Mind you, right now we have a LOT of perfumes drifting around! 🙂 I’ve just checked – the photo of Marg’s orchid is a D. speciosum, not kingianum.
      My favourites tend to change with the seasons.


    • Oscar was like the proverbial kid in the candy store- couldn’t make up his mind what he wanted.
      But we dodged trouble this time and the rain was welcome.
      P. bought another bag of orchid mix this morning so I’m re-potting some of the lovelies which have finished flowering.


  1. Relieved to hear you escaped the worst from cyclone Owen, who seems to be hanging around way too long. We are having bad storms too with hail – not good for the garden. Love the little pigeon orchid, so delicate and pretty. Have a wonderful Christmas Di, you and the Man, and May 2019 bring health, happiness and better weather. xxx


  2. Excellent tweaks! Just coming up for air over here by the Aegean… Mom and baby sleeping, Dad in Ankara on a business trip, and Gamma done cleaning the house. Have enjoyed this moment of “normal” amidst the sleep deprivation!


  3. Insert balloons, fireworks, hearts…
    So pleased all is well. Expect next photo to be of Gammarea and Katie and little un in stroller, down by that amusement park. Oh, wait! Stopping for gozleme! 😉


  4. What beautiful and lovely flowers (and niece)! I’m glad you got rain instead of a hurricane. A little water and a light breeze is always welcomed. Too much of either is a problem. I hope you had a happy holiday season.

    Happy New Year!!!


    I wish you and your loved ones a Wonderful and Amazing New Year! May the New Year bring you lots of joy, laughter, and love.

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