Home, Home on the Range….

Borrowing someone else’s story today.Thank you, Terry.

The Dorset Rambler

Worbarrow Tout Worbarrow Tout with momentary brightness lighting up the sea

‘Home, home on the range’…..the MOD Artillery Firing Range that is 🙂 ! This week I made the most of the school holidays to walk the Lulworth Firing Range paths – these are normally closed to the public apart from some weekends and holidays, Christmas/New Year being one of them, so I made the most of it. It didn’t work out quite as I’d hoped in that the weather didn’t perform as forecasted, and my ankle didn’t perform as hoped either, but I didn’t care, I was out on the coast path again! In fact, the weather probably helped in many ways because on more sunny days, these walks can be very popular.

I set off on a very cloudy morning with the temperature barely above freezing, and I walked along a two mile stretch of the Purbeck Ridge, passing above…

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9 thoughts on “Home, Home on the Range….

  1. What a lovely and gorgeous landscape! And how brave, to walk in a firing range! Not me! No way. Not unless I’m in a heavily armored tank!

    I hope the weather doesn’t get too bad for y’all (and your lovely and vibrant plants). Stay safe and dry!

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    • I used to pick blackberries on a firing range!Not when there live shells whizzing around, of course.But the best berries grew there cos no one else could get to them.(We were friends with the CO’s son 🙂 )
      And we are fine. And drying out now.


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