here we go again…

You know that feeling of “been there, done that” that is somewhat more prosaic than deja vu?

Well, chez Dinahmow, we’ve hit the “repeat” button. In 2008, when still a very young cat, Sporran broke a leg. 

And on Tuesday, Mr Ginger Stanley, who is/was the neighbours’ cat, broke his leg. Same leg, same break, same repair. Because the neighbours were at work, I took him to the vet, suspecting possible fracture or ligament damage. Yep. X-ray confirmed that the tip of the femur was broken. And the only solution is surgery to remove the hip “ball” as there is no room to pin the break.

A simple enough matter, but the vets were crazy-busy with several emergencies so Stanley was given pain relief and settled in a cage til his op. on Friday morning.

We brought him home late Friday afternoon. “Home” now being here, at our place. He’s on meds til the stitches come out next week and so far, is taking it all in his slightly wobbly stride.


Sporran was not at all pleased with the “stink” that came home with him! But he’s managed to groom most of the hospital smell away.

We are in for some more rain this week, though not the volume expected north of here. Serious flooding already and worse expected.

Meanwhile…Tasmania and Victoria are battling fires. And dead fish continue to float to the surface in the Murray-Darling debacle.

Let me see if I can find a “pretty” for you.

Allamanda in a corner of the front verandah. We eat breakfast and lunch here most days, though by evening its NW position is too hot to be out there. But the scent of the flowers is reminiscent of daffodils…

32 thoughts on “here we go again…

  1. That cat is doing a “Betty Page” pose! Jx

    PS I love Allamanda, but never realised they were scented (we only ever see them in the Palm House at Kew, and since they flower there about twenty feet up it is rather difficult to get close enough to sniff them.

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  2. Stanley is a beauty. And I am glad that he is taking his adventures (and his medication) well. Vet stink is a remarkably pervasive pong isn’t it.
    The Allamanda is a beauty. And yes, I needed the pretty distraction. Thank you.


    • I’ve just taken the “hipster” for a walk around the yard, on a lead, or he’d be off like rocket! The growth (mainly of weeds) is impressive. And several neighbours have been revving their engines, mowing the wet grass. I think our grass will have to wait as it’s downhill from the run-off and will be too soggy.


  3. Poor Mr Ginger Stanley. Although, he looks like he’s making the most of your attention in that photo – And manages to look like some 70s strumpet in fur coat and boots (I couldn’t find a reclining pose photo, so this will have to do).

    P. S. You time-travelled three and a half months too far back for Ms Scarlet and Jon’s #adecadeago meme. Perhaps your flux capacitor needs seeing to?
    P. P. S. I’m glad to hear you’re not flooded out like those poor sods in the North – I saw it on the BBC News site yesterday.

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  4. I suppose Oct 2008 is close enough to 2009…. and it’s a good repeat – looking after a furry friend!
    Stanley is gorgeous, Dinah, I hope he makes a speedy, full recovery.

    Yes, the news has been full of extreme weather from around the globe, so I am going to enjoy my sun and frost this morning and count myself lucky.

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    • The news on TV is horrifying, which is why I retreated in here.
      And Stanley is doing well.A bit shouty, ‘cos he wants to go out, but that’s not a happening thing.
      I rather envy the frostiness. Right now. Just a bit. 🙂 See my link in your comments box.


  5. Yes, I often wish I had a cat’s suppleness and agility.
    The Allamanda is not is good as some years.Probably because it was hot and dry for so long.But it makes a lovely little corner for us.I also have a Petrea and a jasmine tangling their way along that wires.hTink: triffids!

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  6. He reminds me of Ajax my gran’s ginger tom, he broke his leg that needed pinning, the vet wanted £150 a lot of money in 80s so she had him put down for a tenner (folks weren’t so giddy in those days) and bought herself a King Charles Spaniel the next day and later paid £50 to have it’s vocals cut, it would still bark but in a quiet rasping asthmatic way.

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    • Yes, I can understand when some people just can’t find that sort of money. I’ve told both these cats that they must die quietly of old age cos we’re now on the pension! Do they give a toss? Doubt it!


  7. Thank you for being good to Stanley. His pose makes me think: It’s the morning after a wild night out partying and drinking and doing things he doesn’t remember or will regret the morning after.

    I’m glad he’s getting better. And that y’all are safe. Those yellow flowers are gorgeous! What a lovely adornment on your veranda!

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  8. Oh the poor guy. Thank you for taking him in so quickly. I’m such a softy when it comes to animals, especially if the are injured. Bless your heart!


    • A youngster deserves not to lose all nine lives at one blow.
      Mind you, as of right now he is pushing the friendship! 4am he tipped my waste paper basket over, scattering chewed-up bits of scrap all over the place.


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