Perhaps. Maybe. I hope so!

Yes, it’s no secret that I do not cope well with extreme heat. So the current cooler nights and bearable days are very welcome.

Now…let’s see what I’ve been up to since I last popped in here…

Blimey! Two months ago! Well, we had more rain. Not as much as some badly-affected folk, but things were a little soggy. And many plants were confused, believing they’d had their wet season, albeit drier than it should have been.But hey! RAIN. Come on, flowers, go totally bonkers, bloom like crazy then set seed. Weeds, too! Homage to St Fiacre.

And so they did. Every. Single. Thing.

The Man and I seemed to be constantly sharpening blades and hacking our way out to the shops, then hacking our way back in again.And in between the hacking it rained.

So we finally got a couple of small areas cleared and I nipped around with a camera….

The golden thread on the web of a Nephila pillipes

As The Man cleared some of an overgrown Hibiscus and even more overgrown weedy stuff…he exposed this. Nope, nothing to do with me! It just appeared on the stem of a huge palm.

Another big one -this is one of the vanilla orchids, heading for the sky!
A Natal Plum (Carissa)
The miniscule backyard after a make-over

Because it’s been two months since I touched this blog, I am having all manner of trouble with bloody WordPress’ changes, damn them!

I expect I’ll figure out which finger to put on which key…eventually. Someone reckoned change is as good as a rest. Well, I’ve had “change” and it’s left me in need of “rest.”

So I’m heading for the coffee pot. A bit too early to start on the vino, darlings!


37 thoughts on “SUMMER’S SWAN SONG

  1. I would love to hack away some weeds and find a beautiful Stag’s horn fern growing as a weed, or a vanilla orchid anywhere!

    As you head for what is laughingly described as “winter” there in the tropics, so we are tenderly nursing seeds by the one slightly sunny window in the kitchen, hoping they don’t get too “leggy” while waiting for the moment when we can safely transport them outside without fear of frost. And still your temperatures are more than double ours…

    It all looks very lush.


    PS Never too early for the Vino, dear!

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  2. Oh, I know i should shut up about the weather…but…
    You may be right about the vino, but I do still have things to do.
    And I used to live in London so I know all about “bottom heat” For those not in the know, it means starting seeds and cutting on top of the fridge.


    • Yesterday, I started pruning the jasmine on the back deck and-oops! accidentally cut a stem that held one of that web’s guy lines. Poor spidey was shanghaied across the path.But The Man carefully found the end of the guy and re-attached it to the jasmine. She tidied-up the ragged bits and all is well… πŸ™‚


  3. This post could have been titled: I’m a Blogger get me out of here! I keep thinking I should get out in the garden and give it a Spring-tidy, but then it rains again. I’d like to achieve a tidy lawn like yours [no innuendo implied!]

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    • Well, after I stopped spitting coffee and laughing…I have composed myself sufficiently to reply. That “lawn” is the only even patch in the entire yard. And it’s “just grass” that gets a swipe with the mower once in a while.
      Yes, in this picture it does look like lawn. Strange, because I’m not a lawn fan,especially in a climate that is not lawn-friendly! My policy is to ignore the grass until it’s mowable.


  4. Here in the centre of Canada, the snow has finally receded enough that I can see a patch of grass in the middle of my yard! The high today was only +1C, a little below normal spring temps. But this weekend is predicted to be +11C so that should see the heaps of snow that had been shovelled into piles melt down quite a bit. There is nothing green here except the coniferous types. We have leafless and brown environs.

    If I walked through a web, it never causes guilt… just outright horror and panic! As in, the web’s resident might have hitched a ride to save itself, and that is one passenger I don’t want! (Yes, I know, I know… they are beneficial creatures and I am a blubbering arachnophobe!

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  5. Your lawn looks like a lovely litle island of civilisation amongst a gloriously rampaging jungle! Ideal to sit out on while one partakes of a coffee/wine/massive gin. Are you able to sit there for long before you’re enveloped in the undergrowth?

    P.S. Beautiful golden spider web.

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    • Yes, I suppose it does look like the sort of “lawn” where a lady, in a ” florissy,morrissy gown” might take tea.Or Pimms. And on a cool day that might work, but it’s on the western side so gets pretty hot . Also, to the left as you look at it, is the House of Bob the Builder. …
      blimey! That bloke has a tool for everything. On Fridays he starts with his chain saw (talk about over-compensating masculinity!) and prunes things. Then he whips out his whipper-snipper and screams around his yard with that. Then, the *&##!!ing blower. And finally, his lawn mower. And on other days, if Mrs Bob sees leaves or petals on her grass, he’s at it again.And then he builds things.No idea what, but it involves sawing and hammering.
      So we mostly sit on the front deck,amid a clutter of orchids, with a ceiling fan whirring and a glimpse of the Coral Sea.
      Perhaps, next time, I’ll show you the pergola, with the ceramic table and chairs.Barely room for a small plate of crustless comestibles…

      And, yes, that golden web is stunning.I couldn’t bear to turn the miles needed into a Bishop’s cope, though it’s been done


      • That cape is something else! Although, I think they could have fashioned something a bit grander and more elegant, maybe? But the colour is gorgeous!

        Your solution to avoid your noisy neighbour sounds pretty good to me. Except for the seeming lack of space for more than a modicum of crustless comestibles (my new favourite food/saying – I’m imagining a small spread of finger sandwiches and cakes). And, yes, I’d love to see your orchid adorned pergola!

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  6. GOd – it is all so green ! The weather here has mood swings, perhaps the divine entity in charge has something like an “episode”, I don’t know. But plants are budding, some already have blossomed, and I put my nose onto any marvelous florescence in search for magnificent scent. There are encouraging results, of course I have no clue about them blooming names.

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  7. Ah! But you did get it right with the waxenblum (my German has rusted away!) Hoya. Sadly, mine died.

    The thing that I miss most is the four seasons. What a good thing we have memories, ja ? πŸ˜‰


  8. So much rain! Ours is nothing compared to yours, but I’m a bit over it. And the temperature is up and down like a yo yo, very hard to know what to wear on any given day. But it seems to be autumnal at last, thank goodness, so much better than last year when it forgot to happen. And daylight saving is over from today which is giving even more of an autumnal feel this early evening.
    I love your photos of your garden, esp the plants that have gone troppo. The vanilla orchid is fabulous and that baby staghorn! I have a couple that have just appeared on trunks of trees and I really feel privileged that they have chosen to pop up like that.
    Hope all cyclones have done with your part of the world. Stay warm and safe…

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    • Oh, Carol! (sorry!) I have been meaning to write to you.
      Yes, I’m LOVING the cooler weather.And we’d had so much rain, quite a lot of it heavy, that today I went around with a big sugar scoop and a bucket of Rooster Booster for the things that can take it. Even “Abraham Darby”! Well, I thought all the rain had probably washed his goodies out the drainage holes!
      I’ll email tomorrow…


  9. Hello, Mike – I’ve just been reading about Southwold’s beach huts and pubs!

    Yes, I think change is the only constant Plus ca change, or something. Oh! It’s just started to rain…


    • I know. Everyone is commenting on odd weather. Yesterday, we set off to walk down to the beach…only got to the end of our (short) street and a squall sent us scurrying home. But it does feel autumnal so I’m happy.


  10. It all looks so green and beautiful. Where I live, we are just starting spring after a difficult winter, so I am all about Mother Nature getting some color and the temperatures creeping up a bit. I have plans to visit Australia one day soon. I found your blog through a comment you made on Ellen Hawley’s Notes from the UK. Nice to “meet” you.



    • We did, indeed, do a bruising stint of yakka (an indigenous word meaning hard work)…and the rain continued so it’s likely to be a work-in-progress for a while yet! I have cuttings that have waited soooo long to be planted-out one is now taller than I! I’m only 5’2″ but that’s one heckofatall cutting! πŸ˜‰


  11. SIGH!! That backyard looks like bliss!!!

    I miss hacking away at plants and working in a garden. I only have my little verandah now. Whenever I visit my sister in Florida, I spend days in the garden!!!

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  12. Your back garden looks very English that is until you look over the fence at the exotic palms.

    I’m growing hibiscus from a seed pod I plucked from a bush in Tenerife, I only planted them a week ago and they’re already an inch tall, they’re rampant.

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    • Love hibiscus! I tried growing one from a cutting I took in Gran Canaria – it grew fine until I left it out too late in the autumn and it got killed by the frost. Jx

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    • Oh, they are rampant! Just you wait til yours is taller than you, in about ,oh, let’s say…after lunch! Maybe I’m exaggerating a wee bit.But watch out for frosts! I’d keep it in a pot that can be moved indoors


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