The summery new header is not only for me- I understand things have been “terribly English” in the land of my forebears.

Last week we had what the Met. Office calls a “cold snap.” I take that to mean snap as in the quick-freeze method of preserving vegetables. Damn’ near worked on me, I can tell you!

I went to the emporium of domestic appliances, looking to buy an electric blanket (yes, it was THAT cold!)…apparently everyone else in town had the same idea and I spent the morning burning up fossil fuel (probably now responsible for global warming single-handedly!) and finally managed to get an electric blanket.

The sun came out. The sky was blue. I shed three layers of clothing and turned on the fan…

But I’m not here to do a weather report. Oh no! Some of us who faff around in the cobwebbed corners of Blogland have been talking about maps. And someone (I think it might be the Inexplicable One) suggested a challenge, in which those bloggers who are so-inclined come up with a map of…well, we haven’t defined the thing yet!

But it involves drawing a map of somewhere, real or imagined, to be posted on your blog. We haven’t nailed down dates or anything sensible yet, but it might be a good thing to sharpen your pencils and wits…

Here’s a picture of a Macrozamia in our garden.Shame there aren’t any dinosaurs left to eat it…

Possibly Macrozamia miquelii

27 thoughts on “SOME WINT’RY SUNSHINE.

  1. Hello Di, your map idea sounds like fun! Coincidentally I’m teaching at Sturt again in January, making personal maps with folded artists books! 😁 Love your Macrozamia photo… Ours flowered earlier this year too… 🦕🦖🐊🦎


  2. Wintry sunshine here today.
    Following fog.
    Love that plant and suspect it has remained much the same for many generations.
    Maps? I love them. To marvell at rather than create. I particularly like those with warnings ‘he be dragones’ and the like.

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    • I think we could let it run right through July, but The Inexplicable One has done this sort of malarkey more often than I have, so I’m also waiting for his guidance. Ooh! Maybe he could get that groyne-measuring fellow involved!


    • Well, I hadn’t thought too much about it, to be honest. All I’ve got written in my little blog notebook so far is: “Map should be an event/exhibition, not a compo”, and “Where is the treasure on your blog? Is it hidden, or in plain sight? What kind of map will lead us to the treasure?”. And, it doesn’t have to be a treasure map.
      Perhaps you should host a map-making event, Dinah? You have many more readers than me, and they seem to be interested (and creative), so it would probably be more successful than if I host it. Plus, I’m considering hosting another Tin Foil Hat compo in the not too distant future (late summer or autumn, maybe). What do you think?

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  3. Oh, I loved drawing fanciful maps, too.A group of friends used to dream up stuff and write stories(with accompanying maps) and send them to each other. But mostly on rainy days. 🙂


  4. Your Macrozamia looks great! I think we have one out in the jungle, but I can’t go looking for it as I’m forbidden access to the rough area. I’m (finally) having my knee replacement on Monday and if I get any cuts or scratches on the leg they won’t do the operation! So I’m being very cautious.
    I look forward to seeing your map and perhaps other maps that join in.
    Very autumnal here, rather than wintry, even though the winter solstice is almost upon us. I’m not complaining …

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    • Oh! So pleased to know you’re getting that troublesome knee re-knee’d.Or whatever the terminology is.
      And staying away from Zamias is wise-very scratchy things, they are.


  5. I didn’t have my lookers on when viewing that picture of the Macrozamia I thought you had found a nest of baby mice in the bushes.

    My maid of all work Carmen dreams of owning an electric blanket. I told her it costs around 5p a night to run, I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night knowing that. When the temperature drops to a single digit I permit a hot water bottle.

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    • Gloriana! I don’t have it on all night! Just switch it on long enough to warm the bed.And, the law of Murphy’s Averages being what it is…it’s not been as cold since I bought it! C’est la vie.


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