Please bear with me…my keyboard has what people these days call “issues.’ Funny word to describe a keyboard clagged up with biscuits crumbs and whatever the word is for rubbed-out-bits of homework…

But you can pop across to Scarlet’s place here and read what she has writ.

I do hope you’ll pitch in. There is no prize, no generous cash donation. A bit like “funding” pledged for Notre Dame repairs! Nope. This is all about having a bit of a lark. Come up with a map of…something and leave a link to your blog in the comments, either here or at Scarlet’s place.

I shall be back when I’ve scrubbed this recalcitrant keyboard with carbolic. No, Muriel, it’s NOT car bollocks. Drink your Horlicks and No! It’s not that! go to sleep …

23 thoughts on “JULY MAP MONTH

  1. Sigh on the PC issues. I have had to reboot three times and change monitors to be given access this morning.
    And am really, really looking forward to maps to pore over and marvel at. And the distraction they will give from real life.


    • Well, we all need some distraction, some more than most. I hope you can stay posted.

      A funny aside…a foreign friend , learning English idioms, used to say things like “keep me slotted.”


  2. Adevnturous people do put their keyboards into the dishwasher. Not so adventurous people open it, take out the keys, clean the rest, and wash them keys in the washing machine (In a little sack like the one you use for delicate textiles). Anyway, you’ll end up with a lot of umarked (in my case, blank black) keys – you can put them anywhere, makes writing a bit more challenging I think.

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