And in news just in...someone else has a map. (But tip-toe quietly as it’s night time over there.

…just something to get you guessing where I’m headed today. There may be photos…

mmm! who doesn’t love pizza!

Map of Victoria Park State School

13 thoughts on “ANOTHER MAP

  1. Also in the vicinity are The Cheesecake Shop, an IGA (Independent Grocers of Australia) and… well, quite frankly, bugger all else.

    I think we may have some orchid photos to come. YAY!



    • Looks like there’s also a dental clinic, which may come in handy if one succumbs to the “doorstop” cheesecake…
      Well spotted, my friend! But I am in no danger from their doorstops. Ooh! Maybe that’s why the dentist hung his shingle there!

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  2. Wrong date! Damn and blast! That was bad luck.
    However, I am home from my adventure in hospital and have to tell you that after hobbling around with a walking stick for years because of my dodgy knee, I now have a brand new knee and after 5 weeks I’m walking better than I have for years and no more stick. Amazing! Totally worth it. Just saying…

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