BACK AGAIN. I THINK…or maybe not….I’m decamping

I’m not sure, some days, where I am.Or even what day it is. Time’s a funny old thing when we no longer slavishly follow him/her.

You’ll notice I give the gender option.Well, best cover all bets these days! But people have always referred to time as a masculine figure, though nobody ever told me why. Old Father Time, usually depicted in books as a wizened old man, possibly with a shouldered scythe, or putting his faith a dodgy-looking knobbled stick. But always masculine. Why? It could have been Old Mother Time.

Skirted or trousered, the old bugger leads me a merry dance!

I have been skipping about doing what passes for a happy dance all week. This is why.

The first flowers on the native swamp orchid,Phaius austalis opened last week.Two beautiful, tall stems, packed with blooms!

One or two other things in the garden are , what’s the phrase that tidy girl uses? Oh! They spark joy. Yes. Another plant that makes me happy is Iboza. Well, only the oldies still call it that. It was all over the map for years, but finally (I hope!) is now known as Tetradenia riparia. Iboza is the name given it by the Zulu people. Before I ever saw it, I smelled it and it took me back to my Granny’s garden. If you know flowering currants, you’ll know the scent of Iboza. That’s it, in my new header, up there.

Months ago, I took a few cuttings and poked them into one of the herb boxes on the back deck. And then we had some weird, unseasonal weather and the cuttings went bananas. At the time when I’d planned to get them into the garden along the back fence they put forth flower buds. Masses of flower buds.

Computer problems. Again. If I can find this tomorrow, I’ll be back …

Tomorrow has become today. All kinds of busyness here so I’ll just show you a few more pretty things before I have to dash off again.

pigeon pea
Brugmansia. There were NINE blooms.
Thunbergia laurifolia
Brugmansia. Not sure why this was white, but it became the apricot shade of the others after 3 days. Perhaps something to do with the weird weather Or some magician playing with his wand??

WordPress is annoying me to the point of frustration. I suppose if I spent more time here I’d become used to all its little changes. But I don’t so I haven’t.

I’m sorry for my vast readership if they are struggling to read this. But the vast readership should try things from this side of the veil!

I am decamping and you can now find me on what some people call The Dark Side. Ooh! And to kick it all off I’ve posted a little guessing game. I am still the same old dinahmow, but you can find me here. I hope you’ll stay with me. Like Pooh and Piglet, we’ll ALWAYS be friends.

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25 thoughts on “BACK AGAIN. I THINK…or maybe not….I’m decamping

  1. Yay! … love the excellent pics and really can’t comment on what’s what. It would also be interesting to have a debate about old father/mother time. BUT, whether s/he is masculine or feminine is irrelevant. Sex may reappear later…….

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  2. I love the Tetradinia! I want that in my garden! Your orchid is stunning, no wonder you’re doing a happy dance with these two.
    I’m a bit cross with Old Father Time! Zapping merrily through the year with me hobbling along behind. Even my 10 & 11 yr old g’kids think the year is flashing by. Crikey, it’s nearly Christmas again and all that brings. Is it our turn this year to have the mob?
    Spring seems to have brought bush fires to Queensland and New South Wales! Doesn’t auger well for summer…


  3. Of course, you are just about to have an exotic Summer, and already have exotic prettiness.
    I know what you mean about WordPress and the ‘Block Editor’ system. I’ve been forcing myself to use it, but it is truly vile and unintuitive. You can switch to Classic Editor, but it’s such a muddled pain in the butt.
    I too have been thinking of returning to Blogger, not only because of the Block Editor, but because my subscription comes up for renewal in mid-September and I’m not 100% sure it’s worth the money.

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  4. I love your new header image. The Iboza (can’t be bothered to type the other name) blooming out of the shade into the bright sunshine is delightful! Of course, your other blooms are gorgeous, too.

    I shall clear a space in my sideboard for your new Blogger blog. Although, I am a little disappointed that this means the end of gigantic, sideboard-squashing images of old ladies and/or pink!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh you’re just terrified of a Gigantic Babs Cabs thingy! ( Actually, so am i!)
      The Iboza makes me smile.And my swamp orchid almost splits my face.
      I do hope you’ll come over to the “other side” with me. Oh, wait! You are already there! Ooh, goody! someone else whose brains I can pick.


  5. Every time i see the photographs on your blog i get into a temper because the nurseries here are so disorganised that finding these plants is almost a lost cause before i start…tell me, how do i follow your new blog…I could comment but could not find a ‘follow’ thingy.

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  6. I couldn’t get the widget to load–maybe because my first template didn’t support it.Interesting that you have Firefox. I used to, but then Chrome wouldn’t work, which meant NOTHING googly worked…


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