Dashing in to the office before I have to dash off to The Big City. But I shall need a fortifying breakfast first…my car goes in for service (and, actually, that sort-of bothers me as it’s a new car. What can possibly need “servicing”?) and I’ll have an entire morning fill.

While I was tinkering over at the Dark Side, Jon remarked that it was a bit like watching “Tomorrow’s World” with all sorts of experiments taking place.Live.Before the very eyes. Hmm…

Back after lunch m’dears.

Well, that was a harrowing morning! Competing radios, blasting from, it seemed, every shop doorway. I sat in the library, reading for a while until a very noisy dispute broke out in the creche area.Little kids could shatter glass.

But my car was ready to go by the time I walked back down the street and the harrowing morning is behind me.

One of the (many)  jasmines, a Trachelospermum jasminoides, scrambling up a tamarind tree. And if you look closely you can see a thick stem just behind the flower. That’s a vanilla orchid, also racing up the tamarind’s trunk.

One of many flower buds on a Syzygium wilsonii. I stopped counting after twenty-something!

And some cheerful sunflowers I bought when I collected Sporran from the vet where she’d been for some dental work.

That’s enough for now…domestic duties beckon.

17 thoughts on “STILL EXPERIMENTING.

  1. I seem to have sorted things so you’ll be stuck with me for a while yet!
    I adore sunflowers.Sadly, the cockatoos thought they were more deserving than I. Vandals! But a “grocer’s bunch” is cheap n cheerful 🙂


  2. Love your blooms. And you know how I feel about the sulphur crested vandals. Yesterday I spotted a beautiful anemone. I must take a photo of that I thought. And returned after my mornings walk to discover anemone (and jonquil) confetti.


  3. You have a rather camp plant, there! Syzygium wilsonii is apparently also known as ‘Powderpuff Lilly Pilly’ – which is either a drag queen name, or else the nom-de-plume of rather fey author of children’s poetry from the 1920s… Jx

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    • Yes, and our mutual friend is “locked and loaded” 🙂
      But far worse, at this time, are the fires tearing through the southern part of Qld.I’m 500miles/800kms north of Brisbane and we have smoke being blown here.


  4. I find navigating around the city is always a harrowing experience. I don’t know what yours is like, but although small, and not too busy as cities go, Norwich is always so people!
    Still, your garden – with that beautiful jasmine – looks to be the ideal tonic to get over it.

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    • Oh, this city is not really big and, in fact, it’s looking very tatty these days, with many shops closed.But there are still people.People all over the place!
      Yes, it is good to come home to the calming…building sites! Two new places being built. So, yes, the flowers help. 🙂


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