I’m near enough to be able to hear it, but today it was exceptionally quiet at 5am.The wind, which has been shrivelling gardens and fraying tempers for weeks had dropped. Even the cats were eating their breakfast quietly!
I stood on the front deck, listening to the quiet soughing of the tide.

And then I brewed some coffee and came in to do some work…

Ye gods and little fishes! A month since my last post! How can this be???

Well, I do have a better-than-usual excuse. We’ve been renovating! Oh! The excitement! The thrill of seeing glossy new floor paint, almost dry enough to move the furniture back. But not quite dry enough for a cat to walk on…

So, I’ll spare you the dreary details and show you some of the things that have survived the blustery wind.

Terminalia,the closest we get to fiery “autumn colours.”
Dendrobium crumenatum Also called pigeon orchid. A sweet little thing, only flowers after rain and blooms don’t last long, but such a sweetie!
Phaius australis, a native Swamp Orchid. It flowered for weeks and this is the best picture I managed, as it neared the end of its show!

I have several jasmines in the garden and have to say this one, Trachelospermum jasminoides is a cracker. Here, it’s growing from a shrub tub below the back deck and this year has extended several metres along the rail.I will have to give it a very severe “haircut” when it finishes flowering, but for now…we love it.

Trachelospermum jasminoides

Maybe I’ll get back to this sad old blog a little more frequently. But don’t hold your breath, m’dears!

26 thoughts on “TODAY,I HEARD THE OCEAN

  1. It is waaaay too long since I have heard the ocean.
    Loving your garden – and hoping that the renovations are over soon.
    We have had wind too. Wind what flattens flowers and tears branches from the eucalypts. It is relatively calm at the moment, but is expected to return.

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  2. We’re much to far away to hear, or even smell, the sea – and even then, it’s only the North Sea, hardly the Pacific…

    I love Trachelospermum jasminoides as well – a beautiful scent! Jx

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    • Yes, the TJ is fabulous and in this town we see it almost everywhere; even as unruly “hedges”
      This morning there is a light breeze, just enough to make the palms swishy and the wind chimes jingly…so no sea sounds.But I can see it!


  3. Friend coming over in February…then off to the seaside with her. We might even organise a boat trip. And to think I used to go sailing most weekends…life changes.
    Envy you that little jasmine…time to pluck up enthusiasm and hit the garden centres = much easier now that Leo has his electric scooter as otherwise Danilo and i were continually running over t the car with plants for his inspection, rather like high priests producing offerings which the local deity would turn down…

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    • I should think those scooters are a boon to the partners of those who need them.I’ve had to push a wheel chair in a shopping mall and it aint easy!
      Good luck with the garden centres!


  4. To all you people who live in my opposite climate, please show us your spring and summer, to keep me going until my next spring and summer.


    • Well, EC beats me into a cocked hat for Spring beauty, but I’ll what I can find…This is our dry season and we’re warned that the monsoon will be late, so best not hold your breath, Joanne!


  5. Love the Phallus australis with it’s lovely mauve heads.
    Oh I do like to be beside the seaside, oh I do like to be beside the sea, sadly, I have to travel 20 miles for a stroll along the prom prom prom.

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    • Hahah! Mitzi, I think you need specs, honey.That’s Phaius, with an “i” not phallus with an “l” But I know what you mean.

      No brass bands playing tiddly-om-pom-pom here, thank goodness.Though I did once see a chap wearing sandals and socks.


  6. only one month gone? bah! it’s been six for me — will make another attempt to hit it weekly, but you know how that works. also renovating (master bath), but slowly. started this project in MARCH. seems i’m just poking at this and that and yonder most of the time – but i’ll attempt to stay caught up.

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    • And this reply comes from a borrowed laptop-I get mine back, all shiny and upgraded tomorrow.
      And Things Have Been Happening here. The Man has re-surfaced almost all the floor and, while not perfect, it is a milklkion* times better.

      I meant 1,000,000, but the skipping keyboard made it look very foreign and more impressive!


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